Best Power Towers Over 700

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Best Power Towers Over 700

Everyone loves to build muscles but it isn’t always possible to visit the gym every day. But a consistent workout is the key to get the best muscles. If you are one of those persons then we have the perfect solution for you. Power towers can be the best alternative for the people who want to build muscles in the comfort of their home. The best power towers can help you to work out every inch of the body muscles ensuring that you don’t lose a thing even though you are at your home.

There are a lot of power towers available in the market right now and if you have a fitness goal then it will be easy for you to pick the best power tower among them. The best power towers over $700 for the home are a good choice if you are looking for an average price tag. In all cases make sure that the quality of the device is optimum. If the stability and sturdiness of the device are affected, then you won’t be able to perform pull-ups at full capacity confidently.

Top 3 Power Towers Over 700


The Benefits of a Power Towers

The list of advantages that come with power towers is very long. They are good fitness equipment when we see their functions and also when we look at the convenience that comes with them. We will let you know some of the best things that we felt about it. So, let us check out the features listed out below to find out the best power towers.

1. Versatility: The design of the power tower is its major attractive feature. Unlike many other types of equipment, we have reviewed which have a masculine design; power tower keeps a design that is favorable for both men and women. Being unisex equipment it has easily become the favorite among the gym users. Women can easily use the grips and do squats on their own convenience.

2. Condition and Tone: As we have already told power towers are best for building your body muscles from the core. It can equally be useful for exercising the core muscles and upper body improving your overall body shape and strength. Power towers utilize your own body weight to shape your muscles so you can go to the intensity you like for shaping up your body.

3. Controlling Weight: Power towers are good for muscle training and for the same reason; they are optimum for controlling your weight and reducing it. Muscle exercises actually help in burning up your calories than the fat content in your body. So, with the daily usage of power towers, you can easily control your metabolism which will be quite useful in controlling your weight.

4. Spot Train: This equipment is now gaining popularity among the people who suffer serious injuries. Because of its capability of spot training, it is quite useful for people who have got injuries like a torn rotator cuff. Just like that, you can also focus on different muscle groups in your shoulder or biceps, making it the best choice if you are looking for customized workouts.

5. Core Stability: Core workouts or midsection workouts are one of the specialties of power towers. You can easily isolate your midsection which is used for maintaining your body shape and for controlling your movement. The benefit of having a strong core is having improved stability and balance. This will also help you improve your agility reducing the chance of injuries.

6. Convenience: Power towers may look and feel like huge equipment but the best power towers 2021 are really compact. They look tall and easily fit into any kind of space that you can find for it. Whether it is your basement, room, office or any place you like, leaving you with no choice for excusing away from workouts.

Features must for a Power Towers over 700

We will list out the features that you must be looking for if you need to get the best power towers for your home over 700$. Check the features below:

1. Build quality: Nobody likes to see a broken back or broken equipment so make sure that you are getting a highly durable power tower so that you won’t regret the decision later on. The best power towers over $700 are made of strong materials like steel which is really a good choice even for people with heavy body weights.

2. Stability: Stability of the device is mainly dependent on the quality of the build. The best power towers that are well designed and are structurally strong will surely stay stable on the ground. It won’t wobble and stay sturdy giving the users maximum confidence to push their limits. So, any kind of exercise can easily be done on a stable power tower without the worry of injuring yourself while trying to shape your body muscles

3. Capacity: Always make sure that the power tower over $700 you are getting has a high weight capacity. You will never know when you are going to gain weight and also it is not possible to assume the variety of people he may want to workout on your power tower. So, make sure that the versatility of the power tower is ensured with high weight capacity. And not just that also keep in mind that you will be using additional weights apart from using the power tower.

4. Ease of assembly: If you can’t assemble the power tower properly then no matter how much money you have spent on them, you only possess the pieces of good equipment. So, make sure that the power tower can easily be assembled or else you might even risk injuring yourself while making an improper assembly. The installation guide can always come in handy during this kind of matters.

5. Extra features: Extra features can always make us happy and they are always useful too. In the power towers available for over $700, you can get additional features like sling traps and sometimes the ability to hang punching bags on them. This might not look like a direct feature but it can always make your power tower more useful.

6. Height: Most of the home gyms are made in the basement of home so height is a major concern for anyone who is choosing a power tower. Because power towers are tall, they may not fit into every place that you want them to fit. Note the height of your basement roof then you must compare it with the height of your power tower before making the purchase or else you will be left with a piece of equipment that you can’t take to your home gym. And not just that the height also matters for the people who are taller than the average people as the power towers can be short for you.

7. Movability: Most of the people are now living in cramped up apartments where space is a big deal. So, nobody might be having enough space to reserve for the power towers and might want to change its position after the workout. People like these must choose power towers for over $700 that can easily be moved around so that you can move it away once you are done with the workout.

8. Price: If the best power tower you found isn’t affordable for you, then there is no point in praising the features. So, always fix your budget first so that you won’t feel disappointed when you find the best equipment that matches your needs. It doesn’t mean that expensive equipment is the best one.

All you need to do is find the best equipment that fits in your budget and that provides maximum benefits. You can prefer buying the best power towers under $500. On the contrary, if the budget is not a concern, you can go for best power towers over $700.


If you have gone through our article well, then you must have gained knowledge of what you must be looking for when you are in search of the best power tower over $700 for your home. The list made by our experts has some of the best power towers available in the market right now so anything that fits in your budget can be a good buy. You might get confused with the plethora of good devices. So, make sure to ask yourself why you are getting this equipment so that you could make a proper fitness goal.

This will help you narrow down most of the options available. Understand that finding the one that fits in your budget in no way mean that you must go for the cheapest one because what you are making is an investment in your health and not luxury equipment.

Also, make sure that power tower you buy is having a sturdy built or else you will end up breaking the device rather than building your body. You don’t need to worry much, just ensure that all the features that we mentioned are there on the power tower you choose. Buy the best one and start building muscles.

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