Best Power Towers for Home Use 2021

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Best Power Towers for Home Use 2021

You might have seen many power towers in the gyms you visited but the chances are you might not even know about the potential capabilities these have. Because of this, nobody even thinks about getting the best power tower for home use. The best power tower utilizes your body weight and helps you in working out a lot of your body parts like the upper body, arms, and other parts.

If you ask the best trainers, you will understand that the normal crunches and sit-ups you do are not enough for building the perfect abs. We are talking about the magical device that will let you make your abs good. Power tower is the best equipment you can use to focus on all your abdominal muscles which also includes your normal abdomen which is actually the core.

Power towers are the key to building the perfect abs. With a lot of varying exercises, you will be shaping your abs from every side into complete perfection. And please don’t think that all power towers are created equally so getting the best power tower will only do the job well for you. So, your selection counts in getting the best features suited for your needs. Don’t worry much because our experts have created a list of the best power tower 2021 to narrow down the choices for you.

Top 3 Power Towers For Home Use 2021


Power Towers Buying Guide

We expect you to be ready on the journey towards getting a healthy body. Then the best way you can do that is by getting the very efficient fat burners that is the best power towers for the job. They are very slim devices and there are a lot of exercises that you can do on them focusing on different muscle groups especially your abdominal muscles. And as we have already told don’t expect all the power towers to be performing the same. So, making a random buy will ruin your experience.

Some power towers come with adjustable height setting which increases the flexibility of usage between different people.  There are power towers that come with attachments that will help you do resistance training on them. Some of them have racks that you can use for storing your extra weights.

These are some variations we noticed like these there a lot of difference in between power towers so it will be difficult for you to get the best power towers by random choice. Yeah, we know it irritates you a lot when all you want is killer abs and the plethora of options are restricting you from getting them. This is the perfect guide to help people like you.

What is the Power Towers?

We have discussed a little about the abilities of the power tower but we know there are still people who don’t know much about the features of a good tower. A power tower is undoubtedly one of the most useful equipment in a gym. Power towers are a lot similar to a table. The only difference is that they are slim and they have two legs located on the sides A horizontal bar is used for connecting both the sides together to enable the users to perform a variety of strengthening and building workouts.

In the middle of the power tower are located two hand grips and arms rest and two other handlebars are at the bottom of the tower. You can exercise your back, abdominal,  shoulders, muscles and triceps all with the help of this single unit. Generally, there are four basic stations in a power tower.

  1. Pull up station
  2. Push up station
  3. Dip station
  4. Knee station

1. Pull up station as the name suggests is mainly for doing pull-ups. There is a horizontal bar on the power tower which can be used if you need to do chin ups. Doing proper pull-ups can strengthen your back muscles and shoulders.

2. Power towers can very effectively become a good push up companion. It has two low bars that can be used for doing push-ups. Because of the intelligent positioning of the bars, you can easily get intense workouts out of them. And not just that you can even do shoulder taps that can improve your heart and core strength.

3. Good dip exercises can help you in developing your triceps muscles and shoulder muscles along with the chest. For this dip station utilizes two hand grips that are positioned at the bottom of the pull-up dip station.

4. Vertical knee station or as it is commonly called a knee station can you help in doing exercises focused on your abs as leg raises and knee raises. The armrest, hand grips, and backrest must be utilized in conjunction for getting the proper result out of the knee station. Knee station can be found near the dip station.

Why should I buy a Power Towers?

You might have already understood that with power towers you can isolate muscle groups and focus on each of them with a variety of workouts that you can use depending on your fitness levels. This will take you to the next level of working out. The best thing about these power towers is that they can easily fit into any space in your home because of their compact size.

For those who cannot afford to buy different fitness equipment at home or have little time to exercise at the gym, these power towers are best suitable for you.  Having power towers in your home, you can work out to your heart’s content. If at any point you think it is difficult for you to exercise with Power Tower, you can invest a little in resistance bands or sling straps that will aid you in increasing your stamina and you will be able to push yourself even more.

How do I know which Power Towers is for me?

1. Function: First of all, you must decide which muscles you are aiming to build then fix the exercises you are planning to do with the power towers to strengthen those muscles. You will anyway require all the four stations that are available in almost all of the power towers. You can target design the workouts to focus on areas like:

  • Abs
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Forearms

Despite your present strength level, you can use the exercise equipment to increase your strength and stamina easily. As all the exercises are based entirely on your bodyweight, you can easily set each of your workouts according to you. If you are a person who requires more features then you have to check out the models that have built-in in racks, detachable weight bench and power towers with the option to hang your punching bag just like the Stamina.

2. Fortress Power Tower: If you are tight on a budget choose the basic power tower with optional attachments to add them later. Fixing your needs will help you cut down features and cost. With a basic power tower, you may start with your exercise routine and later when you get into the groove then you may invest slowly in the attachments.

3. Space: Power towers for the home are slim equipment but you must still take space into consideration. Reserve some space around them for ease of usage. Nobody wants to move their equipment every time they need to take a workout or push up. So, consider the space well and do understand that all the power towers do not have the same design. Some users prefer to keep these in their garages, while some love to keep in their living rooms. You may select as to your space constraint and requirement.

If you have tiny toddlers at home, we would recommend you to keep them at your garages. Some can be kept close to the wall because the feature is on the side while some of them like XMark Power Tower XM-4432 that has features on both sides and require more space. Make enough space in the rooms and check the height of the ceiling and compare it with that of the power tower. Most of them have a height of 2.2m or 7 feet. For example, Info X Power possesses an adjustable height that varies from 5’4” to 7’.

4. Stability and Sturdiness: Your whole body weight is used for exercises on the power towers so it is a bit risky too. The best power towers will be built well and have a solid construction with solid steel construction and could easily handle your weight. It is significant to check the quality of hand grips and padding before decide your power tower. The foam, padding vinyl and the rubber used must be of an optimum quality so that won’t wear off fast and will stay healthy for a long period.

Out top 3 power towers are the best in terms of stability and are sturdy enough for you to try out varied exercise routines to target your different muscles. It must also be stable with no wobbles so that your productivity won’t be decreased and you won’t risk injuring yourself. The best Power towers 2021 with the heavy weighted base are a good option to choose. As these won’t fall off if you happen to perform an exercise in a wrong way.

5. Price: Power towers are not that expensive. The best ones like Stamina 1690 Power Tower cost around $100. They lack the knee station and hence the lower price. You may find many options for power tower under $100. If you need four stations, then more than $500 is needed to buy devices like Body Champ VKR1010. The best power towers will go over $700 and not above.

It’s not that costly compared to the gym fees you pay and the equipment you get. Doing workout in the comfort of your home is worth the investment. Thus, invest in one of the best power towers for home without splurging.

6. Body Size: Power towers can accommodate almost all kinds of people but if you are a large individual then you might need a custom one such as Ainfox Power Tower. Always check the maximum weight capacity of the tower. In our product research, we have written the maximum weight allowed in a power tower, which is the most crucial component to check before you finalize the power tower for your home. It must handle your normal weight and also more weights like that of vest and ankle weights. As you might use these weights to increase the intensity of the workouts.


After reading the guide, you must have understood what you will be getting with the power towers. They are really good for pushing your limits and building your muscles. An investment made on them is worthy enough for perfectly shaped abs, muscles, shoulders, and back. As we have already told power towers are not equally build so choose the equipment that fits into your needs.

So, fix your needs first then search for the best power tower for a home that will fit in. We can guarantee you that all the money spends on them can be made useful if you are ready to workout properly on them. A properly planned workout can leave you with a well-built body in no time.

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