Bowflex BodyTower Review

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Bowflex BodyTower Review

The lives that we lead in the present day are so busy, and there is hardly any time that we get to devote to the fitness of our bodies. So, here is a way to tone up that extra flab by getting the time as and when possible. Home gym equipment like the Body Tower is an excellent way to exercise at the convenience of your home whenever you find the time.

The name Bowflex has been an important one in the health and fitness industry with their main focus always being on home gyms. They boast of durable exercise equipment, flexibility and also delivering the quality that they promise. Here are some reasons why I feel that the Bowflex Body Tower is the best choice for you.

This Bowflex Body Tower Review highlights the outstanding features of this great exercise equipment like the fact that 18 plus exercises can be performed with it. You can go full scale with this body tower and perform chin ups, pull ups, push ups, dips, etc. All these exercises help in building the strength of your upper body.

The Vertical Knee Raise station gives you the option to target the key group like triceps, pushups, chin ups, abs, etc. It is called the VKR station that comes in this stand alone arms body tower.

Smooth Machine

The horizontal bars can easily move up and down, and this motion helps you to perform all exercises like dips, leg raises, push-ups, etc. smoothly. Other strengthening exercises, as well as those which target the core, can also be performed with ease. This is a multi-station tower, and this is the most sturdy free-standing equipment available for you.

More than 20 Exercises

The body tower comes with sling grips that are ideal for performing inverted rows. They are great to target each and every part of the back in a much better way than a straight bar. The body tower has a manual that tells you the ways to perform 20 varied exercises which are can help you get the intensity levels that you want.


  • The sling straps are padded with foam for added comfort, and one can perform leg raises and crunches quickly with their support
  • The Bowflex tower comes with a five-year warranty on the frame which is great. Also included is a one-year warranty on the parts which is decent enough
  • The EZ adjust arms can be set to multiple positions
  • The maximum user weight that can be taken up by the hand grips is 300 pounds.
  • Its assembly is easy, and it takes not more than half an hour
  • There are many different stations that this body tower features and each of them can be adjusted so that you get the level of workout that you want
  • It is made up of a superior quality steel that is quite durable
  • A large number of body weight exercises can be performed on it
  • The dimensions of this body tower are: 50″L x 50″W x 77″ H and it has a weight of 120 pounds.
  • The tower has an extensive base that makes it stable to perform all the exercises with ease.
  • The horizontal bars are a great advantage with this Bowflex tower since they can be positioned in the seven slots provided for ease of exercising
  • The tower is constructed of steel of a commercial grade that doesn’t let the tower move so that you can comfortably carry on your exercise routine.
  • It has an easy assembly and can be administered easily by anyone on his/her own. It doesn’t take more than half an hour in any case.

Customer Reviews

Demanding exercisers feel that his Bowflex tower gave them the freedom to do all kinds of exercises like pull ups, chin ups, dips and other abs as well as back exercises. So most of the customers rated this Bowflex equipment like that which gives a good performance. It can help you to perform all the activities that you wish owing to the horizontal bars that can be put according to your needs. You can keep changing the position of these rods as per your convenience.

Drawbacks of the Bowflex Body Power Tower

Some tall users were of the opinion that they required more space while performing dips. Some also felt that the length of the pull-up bar was not enough. These drawbacks are very minimal and individual based. Practically speaking, I believe that they can be worked upon, and the vigorous exercisers may always find an issue with any machine that they will exercise on.


At such a decent price that it is offered, the Bowflex BodyTower happens to be a wonderful choice for exercisers who wish to get better quality equipment than a gym. Its design is something that most of the users rated as excellent. If you want to have a tower that will fulfill all your home gym requirements, and also be used as a gym in itself, them this is the best choice for you.

Also, you will get to burn those calories and shed the extra pounds that you always wanted to get off your body. You will look your best after regularly exercising on this Bowflex tower within a few weeks!