BodyCraft Power Towers Review
BodyCraft Power Towers Review

BodyCraft Power Towers Review

About Brand

BodyCraft is a renowned name in the fitness industry that is acclaimed to deliver the quality fitness equipment for the past twenty-five years. The brand BodyCraft is known to manufacture the superior quality fitness equipment that accompanies versatility, precision, affordability and design. The brand is motivated to create the equipment that always stands up for its excellent service and results.

The BodyCraft’s factory outlet and headquarters are based in the Central Ohio area and aim to procure the high-end fitness equipment to the users. The brand manufactures a wide variety of fitness equipment including, power towers, functional trainers, home gyms, and a lot more.

Each piece of equipment of the brand is built to last for a lifetime and assures productive results in the long run. Overall, a reliable brand that offers nothing but exceptional and affordable fitness equipment to its users worldwide.

Why BodyCraft Stands Out Among The Rest?

BodyCraft is undoubtedly one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers of the fitness industry. The quality that makes it different from its contemporaries is its consistent efforts to deliver quality equipment to its users.

Moreover, the brand aims to provide durable fitness equipment that offers a longer shelf life and constant results. Each time a user engages in the workout with the BodyCraft fitness equipment, there is a motivation to do better and enjoy the workout for having the optimal results.

Additionally, the users get the reliability of BodyCraft’s patented designs to offer an impressive workout experience. The power towers of the brand are meant for high-end performance as they offer infinite workout possibilities.

The power towers of BodyCraft are designed with a polished look and robust build quality. The sturdier frame and innumerable exercise options make this equipment more result-oriented and durable.

As the brand offers a substantial warranty on each of its fitness equipment, it speaks a lot about the commitment of the brand to procure excellent equipment. BodyCraft Power Towers are engineered with user-friendly features, safety provisions, numerous workout options and sturdy build quality.

The BodyCraft Power Tower and its comparison with Top Two Power Towers of 2020 are mentioned below:

BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower

The BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower is viewed among the best power towers for home use as its sturdy build quality, and unique features make it stand out among its contemporaries.

It is revered as the total training tower that offers 100+ exercise options. It is considered perfect for beginners, intermediate and expert users as well. The beginners can initiate with basic workout and can progress to intermediate and expert level with workout sessions.

The experienced users would also find this equipment highly result-oriented as they can even pace up their workout with its impressive range of workout sessions.

Users can optimize their workout with its bodyweight training, and it is available at less than $900. Read the detailed review of BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower here.

BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower vs. Stamina 1690 Power Tower.

The BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower offers the total body training with its impressive features. But if you are looking for a simple, durable and inexpensive power tower, then you can go with Stamina 1690 Power Tower.

The Stamina 1690 Power Tower offers exercise options that include dips, knee raises, pull-ups/ chin-ups, sit-ups, and platform push-ups. On the contrary, the BodyCraft T3 model offers the cumulative benefits of functional, core, stability ball, power band, and bodyweight training.

If you look at the price, then the BodyCraft T3 model is on higher-end with a range of less than $900 and the Stamina 1690 model is available at less than $100.

Whereas the BodyCraft T3 model offers the comfortable movement of the body, the users have to be careful while using the Stamina power tower may tip over if the balance of the body is not maintained during the workout.

Therefore, BodyCraft proves to be an excellent choice if you look forward to having total-body training sessions. However, the Stamina 1690 model is recommended for having basic workout sessions at home without going to the gym.

BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower vs. Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower

The Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower is considered as a perfect addition to any home gym. It helps to maintain the muscular and lean body with exercises like a vertical station for leg raises and knee raises, dip station, bar to do pull-ups, bar for push-ups. But, the BodyCraft T3 model offers the total bodyweight professional training at the comfort of your home.

The Body Champ model comes with a D shaped base that helps to add stability and remove the non-essential movements of the body. It’s cushioning provides comfort and protection to the users. The BodyCraft power tower, on the other hand, arrives with abs slings that are comfortable and adjustable to fit the user’s body for ultimate support.

The Body Champ model is inexpensive as it is available at less than $150, and the BodyCraft model is a high-end model with less than $1000. Overall, BodyCraft is meant for total body training with versatility and Body Champ is recommended for users who require basic workout training.

BodyCraft Power Tower Pros & Cons


  • The BodyCraft power tower is a sturdy equipment
  • Offers gym-like workout training
  • Versatile exercise options
  • Valid warranty coverage
  • Provides full-bodyweight training
  • Meant for both beginners and pro users
  • High-end performance


  • Some users view it as an expensive model at less than $1000


BodyCraft is recognized as one of the top-selling manufacturers of power racks with offering the best power tracks for home. Its key selling feature is the sturdy build quality, aesthetics and versatile workout options. The users prefer to enjoy reliable and well-designed fitness equipment that is known for its impressive performance and features.

Therefore, if you look forward to having a performance-oriented and multifunctional power trainer, then nothing can beat the BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower.

The BodyCraft T3 Total Training review states that it is the most recommended choice of users who prefer to have a gym-like quality and performance in their power rack with safety and reliable warranty coverage.

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