Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review

This Body Vision Power Tower Review can make you do all kinds of exercises right from pull-ups to dips to leg raises; vertical knee raises etc. It is very reasonably priced and also has the option of getting multiple grips. In this way, you can get to know the position that you are most comfortable in, thereby targeting varied muscle groups for an intense full body workout.

Read on learn more about this superb machine in this Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review like its features and other specifications.

Padded to provide comfort

It is very uncomfortable and also irritating if your exercise equipment hampers your movement or pierces you somewhere in your body. Such is never a problem with the Body Vision PT600 as it is well-padded and has an ergonomic design. These features ensure that your back and arms are well-supported while you are performing high-intensity workouts or strength training.


It is no doubt that the Body Vision PT600 has the option of giving its user the liberty to do a plethora of exercises. It has five exercising stations and helps to strengthen the core muscles the most. It is also very intensive and gives a great toning up to the shoulder, abs, back, triceps, biceps and the quads as well.


  • Weight: The PT600 Power Tower has these dimensions: 42″ by 43″ by 85″ and weighs 64 pounds. It can take up a weight of about 250 pounds.
  • Adjustable height: The height can be adjusted which adds on to the versatility of the machine and makes it more comfortable too. One can correctly target the muscles that one wishes to by adjusting the height according to oneself.
  • Reasonably priced: This power tower comes at a very reasonable price, especially considering so much that it has to offer.
  • Solid Base: The base of this PT600 power tower is very sturdy and made of a solid material. You can set it up anywhere wherever there is space enough for it and can be rest assures that the platform will not wobble while you work out.
  • One Pull-Up bar: There is only a single bar rather than two pull up bars in this power tower. These help in a superb grip so that you are in a state to target a greater number of muscle groups.
  • Compact Tower: This tower is quite a small kind and can be put in the corner. This can be done as all the exercises that are done on this unit can have the user facing in one particular direction.
  • Foot Grips: The foot grips come much in handy for those users who are short since they can make use of it as a brace. In case you wish to work on your triceps and pecs, these foot grips can be made use of at some other level.
  • Easy Assembly: To assemble this power tower, all you would need is a wrench, screwdriver and a spanner. It takes not more than 30 minutes to make it ready for use.
  • Safe Tower: This exercise machine has sturdy foot and hand grips and is slip-resistant. Therefore, you can quickly perform your workouts without any tension.

Customer Reviews

Customers are mostly happy with the efficient workout that they can get with this tower. Assembly is also another thing that the customers feel happy about as it takes barely any time to come together. Its compact design and the fact that it is easy to move around is another plus for most of the customers.

Drawbacks of the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

  • One drawback that this tower suffers from is that the users who are beyond 220 pounds don’t feel very comfortable with it. Some customers have also felt that the rods were shaking while they were performing their pull ups. But it is a fact that this power tower claims to take up a weight of up to 250 pounds. .
  • Heavier individuals mostly face problems with this machine since it may not be stable when the weight threshold of 250 pounds is crossed.


If you are looking to buy equipment that can give you good strength training but you also have a tight budget, then the Body Vision Power Tower will fit the bill for you. It will also barely take up any space in your household. It is one machine that can give you a full body workout and you will end up saving money to help you cash in on the home gym that you can create. It is a durable and a reliable thing to possess and will help you have a great workout and transform yourself completely. It gives you a comfortable workout and is easy to assemble too. The majority of the users have found this product to be the ideal fit for their exercise needs and preferences. Buy it and you shall never regret it!