Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review

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Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is one of the multi-workout stations which is a free-standing one which has been designed to work on the muscles of your lower body, upper body and the core.

It is quite affordably priced and can be used to perform all kinds of workouts ranging from Dips to Pull-Ups, Leg Raises, Vertical Knee Raises and many more. Performing various exercises on this Power Tower is quite comfortable. Read through our Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review 2021 to know all about the equipment, its features, and specifications.

Though this power tower may not be of gym-quality, it has a few features which place it above many models which are in the same price range. The most useful feature of this model to many people is the multiple-grip option capability. This feature makes the workouts more comfortable and also ensures you get the best position to do a specific workout.

It makes your workouts more easy and comfortable. It allows you to also continually target various muscle groups, in order to get a thorough and effective workout. You can have a look at our list of best power towers 2021 which will give you the details of all the models currently available.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is a piece of very simple and straightforward equipment that is designed for home fitness enthusiasts. It is best suited for those on a budget as it is quite an affordable piece of fitness equipment.

It helps you work out on your upper body, lower body, and your core. If you want a piece of fitness equipment for your home gym, then this one is a perfect choice. Check out some of the best power towers for home use.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is not a very complex piece of fitness equipment. It is quite simple and easy to assemble. It is always good to have someone to assist you in the assembly of any fitness equipment like this power tower.

However, even if you have to set it up on your own, the process won’t be tough. With as assistant to help, the assembling process would take you about 45 – 90 minutes, however, if this is done by yourself, you would have to keep aside a good 1 – 2 hours to set it up completely and have it ready to use.

The assembly instructions which come with the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower package are not that great. It appears to be translated from Chinese into English, taking into consideration that the equipment has been manufactured in China.

However, despite this issue, since it is quite a simple machine, even people who aren’t manually inclined must be able to figure out how to fix it up quickly. The equipment manufactured by Body vision is quite compact, however, it is advised to assemble it in the space allotted for it.

Once assembled, it is not very easy to pass it through the doors or take it upstairs or downstairs. Also, disassembling and reassembling it is quite a hassle. There are a few tips which you could consider to put this up quickly:

  • You will require your own tools like a socket set, an adjustable wrench or even two of them and a Phillips screwdriver.
  • All the bolts should be left loose until the power tower is completely assembled. Once the assembling is done, you can tighten all the bolts – start at the bottom and move upwards.

This will ensure the tower is leveled and stable. This helps in case of uneven floors ( for instance, concrete floors in the basement). This applies to almost every fitness equipment that needs to be assembled.

Design and Build Quality

If you are on the lookout for an inexpensive as well as compact power tower, then the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower might be a good pick. The PT600 comes with a footprint of about 43 inches long (3’7 ft; 109 cm), 42 inches wide (3’6 ft; 107 cm), and about 86 inches tall (7’1 ft; 218 cm).

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower has been designed in a way as to make sure that all the exercises are done on one side. Therefore, in case you have a small workout space at your home, this tower can be pushed against a wall and this can save you a lot of space.

The power tower has been given width in order to reduce the instability, but this has not solved the problem. When you use dip and pull-up bars of this tower, you will observe a bit of instability in this machine, especially back and forth.

This instability can get a bit worse in case you are on the heavier side. For instance, if you are about 160 lbs (72.5 kgs) or less, you will not feel a lot of rocking, however, in case you are more than 220 lbs (100 kgs) you may feel a lot of rocking.

Most of the multi-station power towers similar to the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower always have stability issues. Most of the ‘entry-level’ stations will wobble a bit while in use, especially when the user is performing dips and pull-ups. This is mostly unavoidable and you will have to bear with this.

Power towers like the PT600 Power Tower by Body vision are made mainly for home use, and hence they are supposed to be light in weight so that people can move them in and around their home and assemble it. Lightweight power towers mean there will be a few issues pertaining to stability!

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Features

Weight Capacity Rating

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is constructed from sturdy, yet lightweight steel which can hold a user weight of about 250 pounds. Additionally, the arms and back cushions have been padded with resistant material which gives you all the necessary support and comfort required by your body in order to perform at its highest capacity.

Frame Gauge

The frame power tower is constructed out of steel which makes it durable, sturdy and lightweight.

Footprint (width and depth of frame)

The PT600 has a footprint of about 43 inches long (3’7 ft; 109 cm), 42 inches wide (3’6 ft; 107 cm), and 86 inches tall (7’1 ft; 218 cm)

Internal Dimensions (width and depth within the rack)

At the widest point of this tower, where the frame’s base angles outwards, the tower measures about 42 inches, and the dip bars are around 25 inches apart.

This is quite wide in comparison to the Weider 200 Power Tower which has about 23 inches between its dip bars, the Xmark XM-4434 which has 21 inches between the dip bars and the Stamina 1700 Power Tower has about 22 inches.


The footrests of this tower are very comfortable for the user to place their feet. They are not extra wide to create issues of overstretching for many people.


The cushions of this tower are of the perfect size and softness. It offers the perfect amount of padding. You can be assured that no component of this power tower will pierce into your body or cause any kind of discomfort to your body.

Power Rack Weight

It weighs about 64 pounds. The dimensions are about 42 x 43 x 85.75 inches. This indicates that the equipment will not require a lot of space. It comes with some simple silver rods and padding which is black in color. For comparison, you can read through our review of the Weider 200 Power Tower.

Pull up bar

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower has only one straight pull-up bar instead of two separate bars. This gives you a lot of variety when it comes to the choice of exercise along with the possibility of an efficient workout for those users who may not be of the same height and/or weight.

Handle Grips

The PT600 Power Tower has some comfortable handle grips which can be adjusted as per the user’s height. These are constructed using a stable and resistant base for the safety of the user. It has comfortable pillows that give the user firm support and protects the arms and back while you work-out.

Oversized End Caps

These safeguard the floor surface of your home from any kind of scuffs and scratches.

Dip bar handles

The dip bars are very high above the ground, however, this can be easily solved. All you have to do is face away from the equipment when you do your dips. This is a flaw in the design which is due to all the stations being on only one side of the tower to help the user save on space.

Push- up handles

These are located at the bottom for the user to use them while doing their push-ups.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Workout Programs

Range of Workout Programs – When it comes to most of the power towers, they consist of a vertical leg or knee raise station (for instance, you can check out the Weider 200 Power Tower, Stamina 1700 Power Tower and Xmark XM-4434.

This feature in the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower lets you perform a wide variety of bodyweight exercises for both your core as well as the upper body. Mentioned below are some of the main exercises that you can do with this tower and the muscles they work upon:

Pull-ups or chin-ups – The pull up bar lets you perform pull-ups as well as chin-ups – these exercises mainly focus on your latissimus dorsi (lats) as well as biceps and also the trapezius, abdominals, posterior deltoids, and pectoralis muscles (pecs). It allows the user to change the width of the grip between regular, wide, and narrow.

This changes based on the extent to which the muscle is worked on (for instance, narrow grip pull-ups focus intensely on the upper portion of the lats and biceps than the wide grip pull-ups). You can make use of the pull-up bar to perform hanging leg or knee raises and these will give an intense abdominal workout.

Dips – The dip station works on your pecs, triceps and anterior deltoids. By changing the angle of the dips, the extent to which the different muscles are worked on is also altered. By bending the torso forward you can focus more on your pecs. By keeping the torso upright you can work more intensely on your triceps.

Vertical leg or knee raises – In the leg station, the back and armrests are padded and you can use this to perform many back-assisted vertical knee and leg raises, and this will help your abdominal muscles get a good workout.

Additionally, if you have enough strength and can support the weight of your own body, you can make use of the dip bars to perform unassisted vertical knee or leg raises, as these will help you get an intense abdominal workout ( this is quite similar to the hanging knee or leg raises).

Platform push-ups – The padded foot grips located below the pull-up bar can also be used as push-up platforms. These platform push-ups let you lower the body below your hand level, and this works more intensely on your pecs, triceps, and deltoids than the regular push-ups that you would perform on the floor.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Warranty

There is a manufacturer’s warranty on the fitness equipment which covers frame for 1 year and parts for 90 days.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Pros and Cons


  • It comes with comfortable padding
  • The equipment has a sturdy design
  • The Dip handles have been positioned at a distance apart which is quite comfortable
  • The power tower PT600 is quite easy to assemble
  • It has a small footprint and is very compact
  • It is good for small spaces
  • It is an affordable fitness equipment


  • At times when you perform the dip, your head might touch the pull-up bar
  • When performing dips, the equipment wobbles a bit
  • The power tower has a few design flaws
  • Some components of the fitness equipment are of low quality


Overall, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is a great piece of fitness equipment. If you are on the lookout for a power tower that is compact, inexpensive, and easily movable which will give you a variety of bodyweight exercise options, then the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is definitely worth a thought.

On the contrary, if you are looking for equipment that is heavy duty and has top-quality components then this machine may not be the one for you. In short, the PT600 gives you a lot of exercises but lacks in its design as well as the quality of materials. But it is quite easy to assemble this machine and fits any budget.

Read through our list of best power towers under $500 to get an idea about the various models available in the market.The padded back and arms give you a very comfortable experience at the time of long workouts. The product is quite inexpensive in comparison to its competitors.

Many other stations might have the dip bar constructed on the opposite side in order to avoid hitting the head against the bar while performing pull-ups, for instance, the Stamina 1700 will cost less than $300. Hence, these factors make the PT600 a better choice, especially when you consider the cost and features.

FAQs of Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

What are the dimensions of the PT600 tower? What is the distance between the pull-up bar and the ground?
The dimensions of the equipment are 42"x43"x85.75" inches. The top bar is just a few inches lower, which makes the distance between the pull-up bar and the ground about 80" approximately.
Whats is the footprint of PT600 Tower?
The PT600 tower is about 3 feet / 8 inches side-to-side at the widest point, right from the tip of the front of the left base (it flares left) to the tip of the front of the right base (it flares right). The tower is about 3 feet / 6 inches considering the back of the bases which are perpendicular to a line which would probably lie between the two tips of the front. It can fit in a corner quite conveniently and gives the user a lot of exercises.
Is the PT600 power tower comfortable?
If you have used fitness equipment which pierces you on every move, you will know that such equipment can be quite uncomfortable and demotivating. The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower would never give the user any such issue. It has very thick padding along with an ergonomic design that will support the back and arms during the most intense workouts.