Best Power Tower Reviews 2021

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Best Power Tower Reviews 2021

The Power Tower, like the Power Rack, is an essential part of every home gym. It is a simple standing structure with arms (extensions) for different exercises. It is primarily designed to support a total body weight workout with an emphasis on building upper body and abdominal muscle strength. If you’re looking for the best product out there, our recommendation for 2021 is the Bowflex Body Tower Home Gym.

This Bowflex body tower is a great multi-station power tower for exercise and offers one of the longest warranties in the market. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, but you nonetheless want good quality, we recommend the Stamina Power Tower. The Stamina power tower has been a household name for over 25 years in the fitness industry, so you can trust that their products offer superb quality.

The power tower was designed keeping in mind the hectic pace of modern life to provide people with the opportunity to get fit and build muscle from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Power Tower is a versatile piece of exercise equipment that can provide a full body workout within as little as 20 minutes! In this article, we will look at the benefits of using a power tower and guide you to choose the best product for your home.

We have also included various muscle building exercises as well as different workouts that you can perform with the power tower to build strength and improve fitness. Finally, you will get all the information you need to pick the best tower in our Power Tower reviews. So, don’t forget to give them a reading.

Best Power Tower for Home
Best Power Towers Over 700$
Best Power Towers Under 700$
Best Power Towers Under 500$
If you love your body and want to stay fit, then you will surely find ways to workout every single day. When people find it too difficult to visit gyms, they end up equipping their homes with gyms. But this is not as easy as it sounds. It has a lot of hurdles for you to overcome before successfully setting up one. First of all, buying all the fitness equipment will require a lot of your cash. If you can’t afford to spend a good amount of money, then a home gym will be beyond your reckoning. And the second problem which is actually the most common issues these days is having very little space inside your home. When the house is already crammed up, it will be almost impossible for you to free up an entire room for placing your fitness machines. It is during these situations getting the best power tower can rescue you. Power towers can be used for doing a variety of exercises and they are affordable too.
If you have any plans on setting up a home gym, then it will be a good idea to start your investment on power towers. Power towers usually are enough as they have multiple stations on them for different workouts. They are equipped with dip stations which can be used for doing full body workouts in the comfort of your home. They aren’t much expensive but if you want the best in the category then spare some time and check out the best power towers over $700 selected by us. Having one of these at your home gives you the flexibility of working out at your own convenience.
If you are a fitness enthusiast who wants a good power tower but doesn’t want to spend a lot of cash, then choosing the best power tower under $700 can be a good choice. They are not the cheapest ones and they lie in the average category. So, you can expect an above average performance and build quality. If you research well, you will know the workout possibility with this equipment is unlimited. You can do all kinds of workouts that can make your body lean and strong. The power tower is expected to hold your weight throughout the workout so make sure that the frame is built strong to handle your total weight. Continue reading our article to get proper idea about them.
If you don’t have a lot of cash to shell out on fitness equipment, then this is the category you should be looking at. Getting the best power tower under $500 will give you the total experience of a power tower and won’t make many sacrifices that will hurt your health. There are many exercises you can do on them. Choosing the right variety and working out in a disciplined manner is necessary for building up your physique. There isn’t much technical aspect to it so as soon as you get one you can start working out on them. Be careful while selecting from this category as there are chances where you will get poor quality equipment. Carefully go through our power tower guide and pick up the best one for your gym.

Best Power Towers – Top 3 Favorites for 2021

Why buy a Power Tower?

1. Several Workout stations in one: The best power tower is multifaceted exercise equipment that can be used to train the entire body. Instead of going to the gym and using a variety of different equipment the power tower provides several workout stations in one. So, you can exercise different muscles groups or emphasize a certain muscle group. It all depends on what your workout goal is.

2. Gain muscle and lose body fat: Perhaps the greatest benefit of the pull-up bars is that it provides a strong foundation for training in compound movements. It is designed to leverage the user’s body weight for effective and comprehensive exercise. Unlike lifting weights that target a single muscle group (isolated exercise), compound movements are exercises that involve the use of more than one major muscle group at a time.

For example, the Bicep curl is an isolated exercise that specifically targets the bicep, while pull ups or chin ups bars are a compound exercise that engages more than one group of muscles: back (primary muscle group) and bicep (secondary muscle group). Since compound exercises give you more bang for your buck by targeting more muscle fibers, they are the ideal exercises for gaining muscle fast as well as losing fat.

3. Ideal for beginners: Too many newbie weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts looking to gain lean muscle and build a strong physique are under the illusion that doing lots of different isolated exercises are going to help them build muscle. You will find these people performing a variety of different exercises for each body part on different days. Their week might look something like:

  • Mon: Legs; Exercises: Squat (smith machine), Leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises.
  • Tue: Chest; Bench Press (Smith Machine), dumbbell fly (cable/machine), decline dumbbell press
  • Wed: Rest
  • Thur: Back; Lat pulldown, Dumbbell rows, cable rows, overhead dumbbells
  • Fri: Arms/ shoulders; Bicep curls (barbell, dumbbell, cable or machine), triceps extensions (barbell, dumbbell, cable or machine), Lateral Raises or Front Raises (dumbbell, cable or machine) for shoulders.

Now, although such a routine (as the one described above) can be useful for making minor tweaks to established muscles, it is rarely beneficial for beginners. As a beginner, you need to focus on developing core strength and increasing the overall output capacity of your body. Compound exercises like the ones supported by the pull-up tower engage more muscle groups, which in turn allow you to lift more weight, which in turn allows for faster and more consistent progression.

4. Reduced time was working out: Because you will be engaging more muscle fibers with each lift during your workouts on the power tower, you won’t need to spend as much time working out. 20-30 mins of relatively intense training are more than sufficient.

5. The Greater release of hormones: The more intense and tiring the exercise on the pull-up station, the greater is the release of hormones. Since you will be performing compound exercises that target the largest portion of muscle fibers, they will cause the greatest release of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and HGH (Human growth hormone).

6. A variety of exercises: With the pull-up station, you can perform a variety of exercises to build your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, forearms, chest, abdomen, and your obliques. The best power tower is equipped with a pull-up/ chin-up station, a dip station, a leg raise station, a vertical knee raise station, an ab station and a push-up station. Check out the following video for a demonstration of all the various exercises that you can perform using a power tower.

Buying Guide for Buying the Right  Power Tower

Part 1: Deciding your Considerations

Are you a Beginner or “Pro”?

There is no point in investing all your money on a fitness machine if you are completely new to the fitness segment. Getting the right equipment for the right person can only put out the best effect on the users. In order to find your equipment, you need to figure out your level in workouts. Going for a beginner option will be the best choice to make if you are a total newbie.

Setting up a fitness goal will also make the situation much easier. Knowing where you stand and where you want to go will decide the power tower you need. If you are not the pro user who needs to build a ripped up body, then you won’t even need the max weight capacity of 400 pounds. Also, fix your budget and find something that fits in well with your budget and fitness level.

How much space and height do you have?

The space you can afford in your home will decide the size of your power tower. Some people use crammed up rooms or convert their basement into home gyms. Then you will need to measure the space available before going out for the purchase. If you are getting a double-sided power tower, then make sure that you can reserve around 8′ x 10′ in your home.

If you find it too much, then you can always go for the single-sided power tower that can fit in a space of around 3-4 feet in the front and a few feet of space on both the sides. Power towers can be really tall. So, if the place you choose to workout is having a smaller ceiling then you will need to measure them out to check the compatibility to make sure that you can actually take it in.

Don’t go for the exact measurement. You will need to leave a space of around 12″ above the pull-up bar. This is the common case but if you are a challenger and has the habit of bringing your chest close to the pull-up bar instead of the chin then you will need a lot more space. In a rough calculation, we found that the majority of the power towers fit inside the 7 feet mark. So, make sure that the ceilings are more than 8 feet for perfect compatibility.

What do you want to do with it?

Generally, the power towers are designed for calisthenic workouts. This simply means that you will be a getting a good combination of pull-ups, vertical knee raises, push-ups and dips. Only a few among the power towers will give you the ability to do inverted rows and more advanced techniques. Power towers made by Bowflex Body Tower and Stamina X Fortress will let you do inverted rows.

It is very much true that it has a lot of workout potential but doesn’t take it for a piece of ultimate workout equipment. If explosive bodyweight workouts are your cup of tea, then please stay away from this. This is not the place for you to try it out as you might injure yourself. So, never even think of doing kipping pull-ups and front levers on them.

If you are that adamant into explosive workouts, then you will need to get power towers like Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower that can hold out to that kind of workouts. They can be bolted to the floor so chances of you falling down are very negligible. If you are among the group of pro users in the fitness segment, you will need something more. You will always prefer to push the limits of the equipment and your body.

So, it is quite natural for people like them to work out with additional weights on them while doing pull-ups and dips. The effect of this hard work will easily be reflected on your body in no time. Consistent weighted workouts can increase the enduring capacity of your body and will soon make free workouts seem like a child’s play. But like we told earlier not all the power towers can sustain that extent of harsh usage.

So, make sure that you are picking up power towers that can withstand that much pressure. From the many power towers we have reviewed we found Stamina 1690 Power Tower and Progear 275 Power Tower to be the best power towers for this purpose.

What floors do you have?

Power towers only have a small area of contact with the floor. This literally means that your whole body weight will be concentrated on those points. So, the floor must be strong enough to take that kind of pressure on it. To prevent your floor surface from getting scratched and damaged, most manufacturers have made sure to put rubber coating or foam feet that can protect your floor from getting damaged.

This is not a total remedy and in most of the cases, they exist for namesake and do no good in protecting your floors. This is especially applicable for the power that you have used for a long while. If your floor is made up of expensive materials and is easy to get damaged, then you will need to get additional gym clothing to put under your power to prevent damages. There are many options for you to choose from. The most common ones people use these days is the foam matting.

What’s your height and weight?

Power towers are made in such a way that it will fit almost all the people but there are cases where people find it too small or too big for workouts. Never try to adjust yourself to the extra size. Never choose something uncomfortable for you to workout with. You will find it surprising when you understand how common this problem really is. To put this into perspective, take Bowflex Body Tower for example.

They are designed with their pull up bars reaching only a height of 6’5″. This comes to a big issue if you are as tall as 6’4″. Without even extending your arm much you will be able to reach the pull-up bar. This way it will be almost impossible for you to pull-ups on them. There are many power towers designed with the pull-up bar set at a height of 7′. If you find yourself taller than average people, then this is the one you must go for.

Just like their height, your weight also carries an important position in deciding the power tower for you. The power tower is a skeletal system that carries your whole body weight during the workouts. If the frame is not built with good quality materials, then it will get unstable and will flex causing damages to your body. This won’t be a big concern if you weigh like the average person but if you are overweight then take something that can manage your weight.

To make the separation easier, if you are heavier than 100 kg, then stay away from the standard ones and buy heavy duty power towers. This will not only prevent the power tower from shaking and wobbling during workouts but will also prolong the life of your workout machine.

What’s your budget?

Power towers are capable of letting you do a variety of exercises in the comfort of your home. With the flexibility these have and the durability these provide, power towers are not among the cheapest of the fitness equipment. Setting up a home gym is costly and you will mostly be having a fixed budget for that. So, the price of the power tower will matter a lot when you are in search of finding one for your home.

As a general rule, you can expect the power towers to be having more features and quality with the increase in price. It will be a wise choice not to go for the cheapest option if you can afford an expensive one. Well, if you have a lot of money to spare, then don’t make a big fuss out of it. Just keep in mind that you are not getting overpriced but are getting something that gives the best value for money and that fills in all your needs.

If you are on a tight budget, the cost will become a major concern. In that case, you must first lay out your fitness goals and set out your priority list. Check out the cheapest power towers that have all the features that you need and get it. But don’t settle for a low-quality one just because they are cheaper. Our experts have put their best effort into making this short yet useful guide.

We expect most of our readers to make the buying choice ones they have gone through our guide. But buying fitness equipment is not an easy affair and we can certainly understand that. If you are among the people who are still in doubt, then don’t jump into a random choice. You need to make yourself educated more about this. Or else you will be left unsatisfied with the purchase later on.

The next thing you must do is actually go out and talk to the people who have really used this product. Getting the first-hand user experience both online and in person can help you gain much more insight into the efficiency of the product. You can do the same with gym owners who have worked with different kinds of power towers. They could also give you positive advice.

If you find it difficult to go out, then don’t worry as the internet can still help you. We have selected a few reviews that will help you find the best power tower available in the market right now.

Part 2: Power Tower parts


Getting the best power tower involves checking out many factors for confirming its quality. But, if you ask us which is the most important one among them all, the only answer will be the stability of the frame while working out. Power towers are more of like a stable structure that will help you for working out. They don’t have any mechanical parts that are susceptible to damages but remember your whole body weight is supported on the frame.

If they are made of cheap materials, then the power tower won’t last you long and will ruin your workout experience. So, be a lot careful when you are in search of the cheap power towers. Your weight becomes a major concern here. If you are overweight, then go for something that has a higher maximum weight capacity. If you are into weighted explosive workouts, then also you will need a more than better power tower.

A rough analysis can be done by checking out the specifications but what you need is real customers experience reviews or first-hand experience. So, go out and ask people about their experience with the product. Finally, go to a shop and start working out on the equipment that you like. If you find it ok for your workout style, then make the purchase.


When you are into the workout regime, you are entering a completely different world. The kind of variety in workouts is so much that you will be amused when you start. When you get the power tower, you must be able to do all of these workouts on the same equipment for a good experience. Check out your fitness goals and find out all that you want to do the power tower.

Then check out whether you can do all of that on it. Generally, the power towers are equipped with different workout stations like raise stations, dip stations, pull up stations and push up stations, arm slings. Almost all the workouts can be done on them but if you have some specific kind of workouts you are interested in, then check whether you can do it comfortably on the one you buy. Some power towers will even have heavy bag hanger.

The things we mentioned above are the most significant parts you will find in a power tower but these are not it. It has many more features that will raise your eyebrows. They might be simple but still, they matter. The structural build of the steel structure is significant for the durability and also the placement of the power tower.  Some of the powers are equipped with rubberized grips or foam pads at the bottom where they touch the floor.

This small addition can prevent the power tower from sliding over or from damaging the floor when you put your weight on them. The same way the best power towers will be having rubberized grips on the handles where you hold for workouts. This will prevent your hand from getting hurt during intensive workout sessions. There are different kinds of power towers based on their attachment to the floor.

Some of them can be screwed to the floor which will keep them stable. This is useful if you want them to be in a permanent position. Or else you can go for the padded ones that are totally portable.

Planned Exercises

Different manufacturers take different approaches to the designing of power towers. Some care about aesthetics while others give importance for the addition of multiple exercises on the same machine. Innovative designs will make it easier for you to do multiple workouts in a small package. You must be choosing the power tower based on your fitness goals.

The more workouts you want to do the more complex you can expect the power tower to be. If you are getting a basic power tower, then it will be enough for doing the common exercises. You will be able to do knees raises, push ups, pull ups dips and other common exercises. If you need more specific exercises, then you will need a more advanced model. This will increase your total expense on your power tower.

Like we always tell there isn’t the best equipment there can only be the right equipment for your purpose. So, put your priorities first and find the best power tower that can help you achieve it. The cost of the power tower still surely varies depending on the features that you need on them but never make unnecessary sacrifices.

Then again as a piece of advice, we always ask our beginner workouts friends not to buy the most advanced equipment in the beginning. It will be good for you to get a mid-range power tower to analyze your productive capacity with them and later on if you need more, you can always upgrade to the advanced model.

Multiple Stations

As we told earlier, the power towers are all round workout machines. They don’t restrict you towards doing a single form of workouts. For doing different workouts on them, they are equipped with different workout stations. The workouts stations are generally found in most of the power towers.

Push-Up Station

Push-ups are well known as the ultimate workouts. It is a type of full body workout where you use your body weight to tone your muscles. And the good thing with push up stations found is that on the power towers you can now easily do these workouts with ease. Regularly practicing pushups can strengthen your core muscles, chest, triceps arm muscles and other muscles.

On most of the power towers we have reviewed, we found the push-up stations to be made of fixed bars that are set permanently on them. Alternatively, there are power towers with push up stations that can adjust the number of bars on them. This may seem like a gimmick but it is extremely useful when you want to change the resistance level of your workout. The pro users will find this a blessing while most of the beginners will be satisfied with the fixed bars.

Pull-Up Station

The only reason why many people buy the power tower is for the pull-up station that comes together with it. And the reason for that is pull-up bars can help you do a variety of workouts just with the single bar it gives. And people love this flexibility. In most of the cases, we found people using the pull-up bar for both doing the pull-ups and also for chin-up variations. If you keep on doing pull-ups regularly, then they can develop your back muscles, arms muscles, and shoulder muscles.

Apart from this, doing them regularly can improve the grip strength of your body. Don’t think that the use of pull up bar just ends there. The more you are into workouts the more you will know about using the pull-up bar to its maximum. For example, you can do a full abdominal workout session just using the pull-up station. Like that, you can also do vertical knee raises and leg raises using the power tower. This is useful for developing your upper abdominal muscles lower abdominal muscles.

Dip Station

Another useful part of the power tower is the dip station attached to it. There are a lot of workouts you can do just using this dip station. You can put your body weight to use in all of these workouts. You can do workouts like triceps dips which will use your body weight to work out your entire upper body. Doing them continuously for days can positively affect the development of your triceps muscles, chest muscles, and shoulders.

Like we told earlier, your expertise level is an important factor that determines your level of utilization of the power tower. If you really know what you are doing, then you will be able to combine many different workouts together in the dip station. To give an example, you can increase productivity by just leaning a bit forward during workouts. Just that can improve the effort you put on your chest muscles.

Most of the dip stations have similar design and features but some of them have superior features that will make the whole experience better. For example, some dip stations have padded di bars. This makes it more comfortable for you to do the leg raises and vertical knee raise. Most of the workouts you can do with the dip bars are a lot similar to the ones you do with the pull-up bars.

But the advantage of the dip station is that they will give support to your back while working out. This will upgrade your whole experience of taking dips. It will be easier for you to workouts and you will not lose a bit of comfort during dip sessions. Moreover, the overall efficiency of dips is improved when don on a dip station.

Ease of Construction

If you are one of those people who love putting up things on their own in here too you will love to set up your power tower. If that’s the case, don’t go for a complicated one because you will find it difficult to assemble it properly. So, go with something simple. This is also a factor you must consider if you are planning to move the power tower around frequently.

This can be a case if you are forced to relocate to a new place every few years as part of your job. But if you have a permanent residence, then this won’t be an issue. You can go with anything that you want to place it somewhere permanently. This way you won’t need to sacrifice anything that you love for the sake of portability.

Durable Materials

And if you need a fitness machine to last you longer, then you must ensure that from the tip to the toe it is made of highly durable components. People make the mistake of only checking out the frame material and analyzing the durability. Each and every part of the power tower will contribute towards extending its life. For example, the seating, the cushioning are all things that you will be using on a daily basis and they will wear out much before the frame.

So, you can’t leave them off during quality checking. If all the components are rugged enough then the machine will last as long as you want it to be. To start with, check the material used for building the frame. From all the power towers we have reviewed, the most lasting ones are the ones that are made with steel tubing which is given a powdered steel coating.

Doing this ensures that your power tower doesn’t look like a totally worn out machine in a few months’ time. Then the next part to check is the rubber grips on the handles. They must not be too soft or weak because you hold it tight every time you workout. If they are weak then they will tear off really soon. The bottom rubber coating should also be checked in this manner.

Other than these you must look out for good quality materials used in cushioning like using good vinyl upholstery and the usage of thick foaming cushions for higher durability.

Part 3: Power Tower Maintenance and Safety

A mistake normally seen among fitness consumers is taking good care of their body but neglecting the maintenance of their fitness machine. Unless you put the effort of maintaining the fitness equipment you can’t even expect them to last you a year. As a preliminary step, make it a decision to learn all the maintenance methods even before getting a machine for yourself.

Proper maintenance can keep both you and your equipment healthy for a long while. We have listed below some things that will be useful for you to keep your power tower safe and sound.

  1. Your whole body weight will vigorously move around the power tower so make sure that power tower is staying on a stable floor. If it is not on a stable floor, then there are chances for the power tower to slip or slide while doing workouts. This can easily result in unforeseen incidents. So, make sure that the power tower is kept on a flat surface and confirm that it doesn’t move during workouts.
  2. Your weight is a major concern for your safety on a power tower.  If you weigh just like an average person, then it’s fine but anyway does compare your weight with the maximum weight capacity of the power tower. Remember that your whole weight has to be supported by the power tower if it’s beyond the capacity you will break it and may cause injury too.
  3. Read the instructions well before getting on it for workouts. Don’t make the mistake of working out with passive knowledge. Not only can it reduce the efficiency of your workouts but it may even affect your health adversely. It will be always a good option to visit a good trainer and train under them for a while to learn the exercises properly. Then get the best power tower for your home and start working out on them. We have seen many self-learners making huge mistakes during workouts. So beware of that.
  4. You might be having the habit of assembling everything on your own. It will be ok in most cases but we would always advise you to get professional help at least during the first time. We don’t want to see you ruining workouts so get good help. With the experience, they have they will assemble your power tower in no time without losing any safety arrangements. Moreover, they will give you good advice on the do’s and don’ts with the equipment. These days most of the power tower sellers have experts at their stores who will have come to your home and assemble it safely.

Part 4: Warranty

The warranty is somewhat like an assurance you have over the product you bought. Remember that the machines which work with your whole body weight have to be really sturdy and durable. It is true that the power tower is not having any electronic or mechanical components to get worn out easily. But, there are times even the parts we least expect to get damaged goes under repair.

So, we would always suggest you get a power tower with a long warranty period. This will give protection to your investment. Moreover, only the manufacturers who are confident with their manufacturing capacity will dare to give a good warranty. With the warranty, you will be able to utilize the power tower to its maximum. Even if a part or two gets damaged, you don’t need to worry much.

Since it is under warranty, those parts will be repaired for free. In one way this will be the time for you to understand your equipment well and use it accordingly based on its weaknesses.

Part 5: Finally Shopping the Equipment

The Internet is like a book written by a large number of people. Each page is uniquely created by people with different perceptions and beliefs. So, getting to the right page will decide whether you get the right information or not. It is essential to be a bit skeptical and take everything you read online with a pinch of salt. We don’t mean to say that internet if a fraudster land.

But, you need to pay a bit more attention while you surf to avoid false information. We all have the habit of checking the internet before buying something. When you visit the company’s website remember this, all they want is to sell their stuff. Every merit of the product will be mentioned in detail. So, make sure that you only visit the website if you want to know the complete specifications of the product.

But if what you need is a critical analysis, then it is not the place you should be. It is so common to see those “unbiased honest reviews” on the company websites. No company would want anyone to trash talk about their product on their website so you can expect them to be written by the experts. If you need genuine reviews, third-party websites will be your best bet.

Most of them will be industry leading figures and won’t lean towards promoting a single brand. For them, readers come first. Most of the reviews will be written by fitness experts who have reviewed a lot of products from different brands. To them, nothing else matters other than the best products. If you read their reviews, you will notice that they are never in support of any particular brands.

They point out the best features of each product and show their pitfalls. Another credible source you could put your trust on is the official websites of the fitness stores. Most of the reviews made on these websites will be genuine and are given by actual customers. So, they make sure that you are getting the best option. Other than that you can also check the reviews made by famous fitness magazines or trainers.

Promoting a bad product will affect their credibility so they won’t take the risk of endorsing a below average product. Finally, to get the best pick you must visit the shop and try out every power tower you like. This will be the most accurate and credible source you could ever have. Moreover, it is you who has to use it. So the better you like it the better it is.

In this power tower guide, our experts have made every possible effort to bring you the best power towers falling in every price range. You can go through our reviews to make the best buy.


If you have followed us till now, then you must have become a fan of these power towers. We too prefer working out with it a lot. The simplicity it has coupled with the flexibility you get with them is enough to attract the hearts of any fitness enthusiast. If you are planning to start a home gym, then this will be the best value addition you can get in there.

Unlike other fitness machines which restrict you towards a specific set of workouts, these give you the capability of doing many different workout variations based on your expertise. No matter which fitness level you are in, you will be able to use the power tower to its maximum. From a total beginner to a professional trainer, anyone can easily get used to them.

Having a power tower always at your disposal in your home will give you the motivation to workout each and every day. This literally means that you will be getting better health and a good physique in no time. We could even say these are like the bride for every promising bodybuilder. You can take any fitness expert and they all will give you a story where the power towers played a major role.

We have put our best effort into making this guide for you. We expect that now you are in a position to make the purchase and get yourself the best power tower. So, best of luck with your healthy future.

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