Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Review

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Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Review

The Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack allows the user to work out on the main muscle groups right at the comfort of your house. Irrespective of whether you wish to work on your upper body, core or the lower body, this machine will help you achieve all your fitness goals.

The bar is adjustable and it ensures that the weight bar is held at the perfect height. The spotter arms are adjustable and give the user the right support. The multi-grip pull-up station that lies overhead enables the user to execute a lot of pull-ups and ensures that the user can work out on their back and arms.

The Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack is the perfect supplement to any home gym and provides not just an effective workout but also a safe one. This multi-functional half-rack allows the user to execute a lot of strength training workouts for the upper and lower body.

This rack comes with bars and spotter arms that are adjustable. It also has a multi-grip pull-up station. Additionally, it has included a storage facility for the weights as well. It can withstand a maximum user weight of 300 pounds and the overall capacity is about 610 pounds.

Read through our Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Review 2021 to know more about this machine.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack has been designed in a manner so as to help the user work on main muscle groups. This rack is good for those who wish to build their muscle mass dramatically, build on their strength or enhance their cardiovascular system.

If you wish to tone your upper or lower body or wish to focus on the core, this machine is worth considering. The bar can be adjusted as per the height of the user and the spotter’s arms offer the much-needed support. The user weight, however, is limited to 300 pounds.

Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack is quite heavy and is huge, so it is advised to assemble this machine in the area where you intend to use it. Also, you might require the assistance of two people to help in the assembly process. The manual consists of drawings that will help the user identify all the parts easily.

In case some parts are included in the device kit, the user must check if it has already been assembled. Along with the tools that are provided, adjustable wrenches are required. Also, it is advised not to make use of power tools.

Post assembly, the weight of the machine is 198 pounds and the dimensions are 110.24″ x 82.68″ x 85.04″.

Design and Build Quality

The Weider Pro 7500 Half Rack Home Gym has been constructed out of steel and this makes the machine quite durable and sturdy. The machine lets you perform a wide range of workouts and it includes storage to keep the weights.

There are about six horizontal posts wherein the weights can be stored. It also comes with an exercise chart that helps you begin your workouts with ease. The user weight capacity allowed is about 300 lbs.

The 7500 Power Rack has been designed to give the user multiple grip positions, at numerous angles, to perform a wide variety of pull-ups.

The dimensions of this Power Half-Rack are about 53” L x 69” W x 85.5” H. So, this machine does not require a lot of space. The weights can be well-organized due to the integrated storage offered. However, the weight plates are to be purchased separately.

Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Features

Adjustable bar

The Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack comes with a bar that is adjustable and ensures that the weight bar is held at the right height. The bar makes use of a pop-pin design that helps in switching workouts.

Adjustable spotter arms

It also has spotter arms that can be adjusted and ensure you get the ideal support when you lift.

Weight Capacity

It comes with a user weight limit of 300-pounds. The machine might not be a good option for all.


This is constructed using durable and high-quality steel. This makes the rack very sturdy, reliable, and durable.

Adjustable Bar Holds

The user can personalize the bar hold position so as to fit it as per their height and have a very good lifting experience.

Footprint (the frame’s total width and depth)

The dimensions of this power rack are 85.5″ high x 69″ width x 53″ depth.

Power Rack Weight

The weight of the Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack is about 198 Pounds

Pull up bar

It comes with the overhead grips that allow the user to do either leg raises or pull-ups.

Plate storage

This Power Rack by Weider comes with integrated storage for keeping the weights. This is very convenient especially while changing the weights.

Exercise Chart

The 7500 Power Half-Rack also includes an exercise chart that enables the user to enhance their workout experience and track their progress. It also depicts the exercises in steps that help the user work on their muscles and avoid any injury.

Check out the Marcy Squat Rack in case you wish to compare models, as this model is almost at the same price as the Weider Pro 7500.

The Weider Utility Bench

The Weider Pro 7500 Power Rack features the Weider Utility Bench as well. This has been created to help the user gain as well as tone the muscles.

The bench can be adjusted easily and comes with the 8-position backrest as well as a 3-position seat that makes the workout very comfortable. The user can focus on distinct muscles by using the features of incline, decline, flat as well as military.

Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Workouts Programs

With the Weider Pro 7500 Power Rack, there are four different kinds of strength training workouts that can be performed by the user. They are:

1. Building Muscles: The user can work on their muscles to their highest capacity. Post this they can slowly build up the intensity of their workouts. The intensity level of the workouts can be adjusted by either changing the level of resistance or the number of sets/repetitions performed.

2. Toning: The user can tone their muscles by working on them at only a moderate rate of their original capacity. They can choose a resistance level that is moderate and raise the number of repetitions in every set.

3. Weight Loss: In order to lose some weight, the user can make use of low resistance and raise the repetitions in their sets.

4. Cross-Training: The user can blend aerobic workouts with strength training and indulge in some high-intensity cross-training workouts.

5. Exercise forms: Every single exercise has to be performed in the right form and only those body parts need to be moved that are related to the workout. The user must execute the repetitions smoothly and without a break.

You must remember to exhale and inhale while you execute the workouts. Also, take a break for a short period after every set.

  • Muscle Building – You must take a break for 3 minutes post every set
  • Toning – You must take a break of 1-minute post every set.
  • Weight Loss – You must take a break of 30 seconds post every set.

Guidelines before performing the workout:  Always be familiar with the equipment and learn the right form of workout. Based on your fitness level and regularity, you can decide on the duration of your workouts. You can then increase your workouts or repetitions based on your own pace and give yourself a day of rest.

Also, remember that warm-ups are very important before you begin your workout. So make sure you stretch and prepare yourself with some light exercises before you begin your main workouts.

Post your main workout, remember to stretch your body and cool down. Check out some of our best power racks 2021 that are quite a hit amongst the masses.

Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Alternatives

There are a few alternatives to the Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-rack. They are:

1. The Marcy Squat Rack: The Marcy Squat Rack comes with 2 storage posts, a multi-grip pull-up bar, and some anchoring points for the bands as well as straps. It also comes with adjustable safety as well as bar catches. The price of this machine is almost on the lines of the Weider rack.

If you intend to work on the upper body and bulk up, then you can definitely add an additional Olympic bar of about 6-feet or 7-feet. The rack has dimensions of 51” L x 65” W x 86.5” H. However, the maximum user weight capacity is 300-pounds.

2. The Rugged Half-Rack Y120: The Rugged Half-Rack Y120 has dimensions of 50.2” L x 52.5” W x 89.4” H and is a good option for commercial as well as home gyms. It is constructed using 11-gauge steel. It has 2 spotter arms, 2 j-cups, and includes a chinning bar.

It comes with a weight capacity of 1000 pounds. However, the rack is quite expensive.

Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Warranty

The manufacturer Weider offers a warranty of 90-days on the Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack.

Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack Pros & Cons


  • The rack is quite affordable
  • It is compact and does not require a lot of space
  • The rack is made of high-quality steel, thereby becoming very durable and sturdy
  • The machine has adjustable bars and spotter’s arms
  • It has a multi-function pull-up bar
  • The machine has storage for weights
  • The rack comes with an exercise chart
  • The assembly tools are included in the package
  • Assembly process is easy


  • The machine can be quite wide
  • The screws are made of plastic
  • The weight is limited to 300lbs
  • Warranty on the machine is very limited
  • The weight plates have to purchased separately


The Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack is one of the best half-power racks 2021 that enables users to get a complete body workout without heading to the local gym. It is a versatile machine and the user can perform a lot of upper body as well as lower body workouts.

The assembly process of this half-rack is quite simple and easy. The main drawback of this rack is the weight limit that is restricted to 300 lbs and this might not be a good option for everybody.

The machine has a multi-functional design and this enables you to perform a wide range of workouts and exercises.

The pop-pin design enables the user to switch the weight plates when working out. The spotter arms can be adjusted as required and this power rack offers stability while lifting weights.

An exercise chart is also included that helps the user monitor and achieve all their fitness goals. So if you are on the lookout for a space-saving and affordable power rack, then the Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack is a good option to consider.

FAQs of Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack

What is the use of half racks?
Half-racks are one of the best options for those who wish to indulge in strength training for their upper as well as the lower body but do not have enough space for a full power rack.
How much space will this half-rack require?
The Weider Pro 7500 measures about 53 inches in length, 69 inches in width, and 85.5 inches in height.