Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack Review

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Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack Review

The Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack is recognized among the best home gym power rack as it is ideally meant for small apartments having low-ceilings of usually six to seven feet. It is a perfect addition to any home gym that is located in the basement area or a room having a low ceiling.

Even though it is a short power rack but it offers the best weightlifting power rack exercises that make it the best power rack for home. But you if your fitness goals require the use of a heavy-duty short power rack, then you can opt for Titan t3 series short power rack that has the capacity of 1000 Ibs weight for optimal results.

Get to know more about the Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack review 2021 to analyze its performance-oriented features. It is meant to provide the variable workout options including bench press, curls,  squats, military press, shrugs, dips and much more.

Best Suited to Whom?

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack is precisely rated among the top power racks for home use as it offers the most convenient and safe platform to the serious weightlifting enthusiasts. The T2 short power rack is ideal for small areas like basements or the rooms having the short ceilings.

It provides a comfortable weightlifting option to the users who need to build their body with equipment that is cost-effective and also provides an excellent user experience. Those people who need the perfect workout at their place without hassling in the long traffic queues must opt for this short power rack.

Also, it comes packed with twenty-one workout positions and allow users of different height to help them achieve their fitness goals. So, if you prefer to workout in carrying heavy free weights with barbell workout sessions, then this short power rack must be your fitness partner.

Therefore, it turns out to be the best power rack under budget that falls under the range of less than $500.

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack Assembly, Design & Build Quality

The Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack is compact-sized fitness equipment that is mainly designed for space-constrained areas with short ceilings. The short Titan Fitness T-3 Series power rack offers the long-lasting performance with its steel mainframe measuring 2” x2” and has got the footprint measuring  48” x 58 x 71.5, ” with the weight capacity of 700 Ibs.

This short power rack weighs 132 Ibs and supports the versatile workout options. There is the provision of 1” round steel j-hooks along with 11/4” chin up bars for pull up exercise sessions. The height of this short power rack is 71.5” along with the height of pull up bar that is 68.5” that supports the users of different users to accomplish their fitness goals.

This power rack is ideally meant for rooms that have shorter ceilings like close to 6 or 7 feet, and it easily fits into that place to ensure comfortable weightlifting exercises. This fitness equipment has got wide space in between the cage.

 That encourages users to have optimal workout experience. Thus, it proves to be the best power rack for weightlifting that delivers excellent results with optimal performance.

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack Features

Safety catches

This short power rack is equipped with safety catches that are located at the back of the equipment. The weight holders work as the safety parameters for the users. You can opt for Titan X2 short power rack that is well-designed with pin and pipe safety spotter bars for added safety and convenience of the users.

Weight Capacity Rating

This power rack from Titan is backed by the provision of 700 Ibs weight capacity that makes it the outstanding fitness equipment for beginners and intermediate level of users.

If your fitness goals make you choose for the robust capacity power rack then there is Titan T-3 Series Tall Power Rack with a total rack capacity of 4400 Ibs.

Frame Gauge

This power rack is powered by 2” x 2” gauge steel mainframe that aims to provide the tough performance for extended hours with precision. If you intend to enhance your workout sessions with extreme accuracy.

Then you can opt for Titan t2 short power rack with bench and incline combo that is available under $500 and provides extensive weightlifting workout sessions.

Footprint (total width & depth of frame)

This short power rack has got the dimensions of 48” L x 58” W x 71.5” H, that proves highly beneficial in small apartments and rooms that have serious space concerns.

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The fitness enthusiasts who begin their journey towards becoming more fitter and skilled weightlifter by using this short power rack. They can engage in numerous exercise using this power rack and these exercises incorporate, bench press, curls, shrugs, dips squats, military press and more.

Goal Tracking: This fitness equipment is sturdily built to provide consistent performance with precise results. The walk through the design of this fitness equipment allows enough room for the users to engage in their desired exercise workout sessions.

The users can effectively set the goal for their performance and continue to evaluate their performance until they achieve their fitness goals for optimal performance.

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack Warranty

Titan Fitness is a renowned brand that is known for providing the fitness equipment that is of premium quality and delivers excellent results. The brand offers the warranty of one year from the date of original purchase of the equipment against any sort of defect in workmanship or the material.

In a case where the fitness equipment of Titan Fitness brand has suffered serious malfunction due to a manufacturing defect, then the user has to submit the warranty form. After careful analysis of the claims of the customers, the brand can decide to repair the equipment or replace any part of the equipment.

In rare cases, the brand can decide to exchange the equipment or refund the entire amount of purchase money to the customer. But, there are a few things that a customer is required to take care of certain aspects to claim the warranty if the equipment is used improperly.

Then the warranty department will take a call regarding it and repair the equipment at reasonable charges. If the warranty department approves for the repair, the customer needs to return the equipment to the company with freight expenses prepaid.

The proof of purchase of equipment from date of twelve months of original purchase. The warranty is not covered for normal wear and tear and also for abuse or misuse of the equipment. Thus, the warranty coverage makes it rank among the top power rack for the money.

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack Pros & Cons


  • It is designed with a sturdy steel frame for durable performance.
  • Offers weight capacity of 700 Ibs.
  • Suitable for tiny apartments with low ceilings of 6 to 7 feet.
  • Its compact size makes it an impressive addition to any home gym.
  • It is highly cost-effective fitness equipment for users as within the range of less than $500.
  • Provides variable workout options for having fitness goals.
  • Recommended for beginner to intermediate level of weightlifting sessions.


  • Some users might find the weight capacity less with 700 Ibs that may be a bit problem for serious weightlifting sessions.
  • Warranty coverage is very less.


Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short Power Rack is acknowledged among the best power racks for home use as its affordable pricing with essential features and safety parameters enhance its usability in smaller areas. It is the entry-level model that yields the desired results with precision.

If you look forward towards having the robust power rack that is sturdy and comes packed with all the essential safety features, then you can go for Titan X2 short power rack. It is available at affordable pricing at less than $500 and promises excellent results with its impressive functioning and performance.

If you face serious space constraints and still prefer to opt for the power rack that not only promises but delivers the impressive performance; then purchasing the Titan Fitness T-2 Series Short  Power Rack is the best decision for achieving your dream body.

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