Best Power Racks Over 700

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Best Power Racks Over 700

If you are looking for a guide which will assist you an guide you in choosing the best power rack over 700$ then look no further and continue reading as this review is just the place for you we have reviewed all the models available above $700, to offer you the best ones.  If lifting weights is in your mind and you are looking for the best options available in the market which allow you not only to lift weights with and comfort but will also allow you to add various variations in your workout experience with a lot less impact, then power rack is the work-out equipment meant for you.

Excited? You should be as what can be a better feeling than the sense of owning your very personal working out machine called the power rack which is not only the best to help you achieve your fitness goals but will make sure you attend them within the comfort and luxury of your own premises and time.

Top 3 Power Racks Above $700


What is a Power Rack?

Before everything let us throw some light on what is a power rack. A power rack is a somewhat a complex machine which usually has four vertical beams made of metals with horizontal bar catchers which gives it an appearance f a cage and that is why it is also called a power cage. The Valor Fitness BD-41 Heavy Duty Power Cage with Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar is the most recommended power rack which is available over 700$ and is a complete home gym. You can go for a full body workout and achieve all your fitness goals using this power rack religiously.

Points To Look Before Investing in a Power Rack Above $700

Before you invest in a power rack you must have a clear idea and concept about the power rack and the features you need. Below are the same must checkpoints which one should consider before you bring home your own power rack.

1. Ample Space: This should be the first thing which should be clear in our mind regarding the space available where we can install the machine. Choose a power rack and its accessories only according to space which you can provide. Also, make sure that there is ample space available for a free movement so that you can do your exercises without any space restrictions. You can easily choose from the options of the best short power racks available. The Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage is our top pick for the best short power rack available over 700$.

2. Keep your options open: After allotting your budget for buying a great power rack above 700$ you need to keep your options open and then shortlist a few which suits your requirements aptly. Ones shortlisted, look for the power rack which fits into all the criteria for you. Do thorough research and choose the best suitable power rack as per your choice. The following power racks are our top picks for the best power racks available over 700$ in the market:

  • Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack w/LAT Pull Attachment
  • Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage
  • Lifeline C1 Pro Power Rack

3. Spacing the Hole: It is an extremely important point which is often not paid much importance but is extremely essential for having a safe and injury free workout session on a power rack.  Place as many safety holes and as close as you can so as to install your power rack with exact precision so that the safety ins and the j hooks are set exactly as per our requirement. Remember more and closer the safety holes, better are the chances of a risk-free workout.You can check out the Rugged Fitness Power Rack Y100 Barbell which offers a safe and risk-free workout.

Choose between the Half rack or Full rack or a Cage: It is extremely important to choose between a half rack or a full cage/rack equipment. Half racks allow better flexibility to perform Olympic style lifts and has a better spacing as compared to the full racks whereas full power racks allow better stability and workouts like bench pressing and squatting is better performed and less risky as compared to the half racks. So, we advise that you choose a power rack as per your requirements.

Investing in a compact power rack is a wise decision when investing for a home or if having a smaller space.  Check out the Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer if looking for a compact power rack over 700$. Also, there are a plethora of options available in the market for the best power rack for garage gym. Using your garage to build into a gym is a smart idea. Isn’t it?


Pump up your mood and motivation level and own your very own power rack now and kick start your journey of fitness like never before. Keep no doubt as you will be owning one of the best workout equipment which is ideal for lifting heavy weights with less impact which allows you a faster, better and more fitness oriented body toning and weight loss. Remember – Lift weights with power racks and shed calories with ease.

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