Best Power Racks for Home 2021

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Best Power Racks for Home 2021

Power Rack for Home is the best equipment to invest in if working out is in your mind and you want to achieve some serious workout goals. A power rack is also known as a power cage or a squat power cage. It works as a mechanical spotter for weight barbell exercises with free access to movements. The most commonly used design of a power rack is four vertical polls with two horizontal polls on clung on each side. It allows you to lift heavier weights and is safer because of the adjustable pins.

A power rack opens a plethora of endless workout options which one can use to get their dream body. Not only this but you can let your imagination go wild and can place props like a workout bench or chair to add a third dimension to your workout regime making it more interesting, fun and yielding better and quicker results.

Buying Guide for the Best Power Rack for Home

If you know about power rack that means you have already have used or at least know people who are using a power cage and is all in love with the workout equipment. It is a fact that once a person uses a power rack, it becomes love at first workout experience for them.

The main issue people faces while buying a power rack for home use is that they are unable to decide which power rack to invest in. If you are also sailing in the same boat then worry not as to help you decide the right power rack for your home, we bring you the following buying guide which will help you in deciding the best-suited power rack for your homePoints to keep in mind for investing in a power rack:


The biggest concern and issue which is faced by almost all of us and especially those who are new to the fitness field is what if they get injured. Injury during a workout is a very common issue and is faced even by the pros of the fitness industry, especially while lifting weights. A power cage comes in rescue as thanks to its design, lifting weights and doing variations in workouts for strength training is safer as compared to other workout equipment.

Important: Check out the strength of the frame: The first and the foremost thing we need to keep in mind is to check the frame strength. To avoid any unfortunate accident, it is crucial to ensure that the steel used for making the frame of the power rack can offer adequate strength. It is advisable to invest in a owe rack whose steel frame is at least 2.778 mm thick and can easily lift up the weight of all those who are about to use the power rack.

To simplify, you can go for a 12-14 gauge steel frame. Important: Go for a power rack which can easily take a load of at least 10 kgs more than the maximum weight of the person who is going to use it.

Varieties of Workout

A power rack opens a plethora of variations in your workout so that you can get better and faster results and also avoid getting bored due to the monotony of repeating a particular set of exercises. To name a few variations of exercises, one can go for squats, lunges, deadlifts, bicep curls, dips, calf raises military press, chin ups and pull ups, incline or a flat or decline bench press, etc. You can also go for resistance band exercises which would add a whole new level to your fitness journey.

Space Available

Before buying a power rack do ensure to measure the size available or the space you can allot to keep the machine. Opt for a power rack which can easily fit in your room or space you are planning to keep it. Do keep it in mind that more is the space available the better it is for your workout. So, do allow enough space for the machine to fit in and also ensure to keep some room for extra height as that will open more variations of workouts which you can do.

Another important point to consider is to check the size and the space available for installing the power rack. A typical power cage is generally 7” in height so do not forget to check your ceiling height and also it is highly recommended that you keep some space free around and above the power rack so as to enjoy an obstacle-free workout.

Tip – If you have a spare garage then the market has amazing options for the best power rack for garage gym. The Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage is the apt choice which we recommend for a great workout as it doesn’t require too much space for installation.

Size of The Power Rack

Mostly, power racks available in the markets are meant for average built people so, if you are taller or shorter then do consider in choosing the correct dimensions so that you can easily and comfortably do your exercises. If the power rack will be used by more than one user then it is advisable to go for a power rack which can cater to a heavily built person. You can go for the HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage or the Titan Power Rack Squat.

Type of Power Rack

Based on the frame style a power rack is categorized into the following three:

  • Full Cage Power Rack
  • Half Cage Power Rack
  • Fold Away Power Racks

Depending upon your requirement you can choose your power rack. A full cage Power Rack requires more space whereas a foldable power rack can be kept in a little space. So, if space is limited, then a foldable power rack is the one for you but if looking for a detailed workout and a power rack which offers a better range of workouts, then a full cage is the right choice.

Easily Adjusted

Choose a machine which comes with spotter arms or straps as they are much more practical and safe to use as compared to those with safety pins and pipe safety system. Though power racks with straps and spotter arms can cost more it is worth investing as it adds an extra layer of safety and comfort.

Accessories Offered

Less is the price, less are the accessories available. Go for a power rack which offers a decent variety of accessories as this one-time investment will be your companion and mode to your fitness journey. Also, do keep in mind that you will need those accessories in the long run when you cross the beginners level of working out. So, it is recommended to buy it together as you may end up getting great deals while buying altogether.

Tip: Best commercial power racks have some amazing features and accessories which can take our workout result to another level of fitness. It’s a good idea to invest in a commercial power rack. The Valor Fitness BD-33 Heavy Duty Power Cage offers a great range of accessories and is one of our top recommended power rack for home use.   Check out the Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack which is available with many options for a Complete Home Gym.

Adjusting and Installation

It generally comes with a user and installation guide which makes it quite easy to install. Just read the instructions and set up your power rack to kickstart your fitness journey. It is highly recommended that the J hooks and the spotting bars are placed in a close distance so s to get a safe and a more effective workout. Opting for a power rack with a thick rubber lining around the J hooks and spotting bars ensures a better and a more comfortable workout. The rubber lining not only absorbs the scratching and banging sounds of the bars but also cushioning and absorbs shocks.


Choose a power rack which gives you the best deal under your allotted budget. A power rack can be bought with almost any budget. Just choose your budget and the market has some great options for you. The following are the top three power racks of 2021 which we recommend:

  • Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage
  • Titan Power Rack Squat
  • Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

If budget is not a problem for you, then we recommend you to look at power rack above $700, as you get better accessories and better quality materials are used for making them. They allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises due to the addition of various accessories.  If you have a strict budget, then power cage under $200 will also solve the purpose. To know the best ones under $200, click here. Tip – You can grab a good deal and can go a bit over budget if you buy a power rack in a sale.

Why Should You Buy Your Own Power Rack?

Below are a few reasons explaining why should you own a power rack:

Your Own Workout Equipment

Owning your own power rack will give you the liberty to do your workout according to your time, convenience and mood. You wouldn’t have to wait in queue for your chance to come as only you and those you want will be allowed to use your power rack.

Ensuring Sanitization

There is no point in working out if you are using a dirty machine which can be infected by so many germs as they are been used by strangers about whom you have no clue. You can keep your machine clean and healthy and also would be able to keep a track of who should and who shouldn’t use your power rack. Read our survey to find out how gym equipment are making us SICK.


Power racks are an excellent piece of equipment which can help you in achieving serious fitness goals. All you need to do is to make up your mind, allocate a decent budget, choose and invest in a power rack and start working out on it. The best part of a power cage is that you can always try new varieties of workout for breaking the monotony and increase your threshold of workout limit slowly. Your dream body is just a rack away.

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