BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack Review

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BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack Review

The BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack is ranked among the best home gym power rack as it offers a comprehensive training solution to the users.

It arrives with patented technology of Active Bar Balance that makes it versatile enough to move both vertically and horizontally to allow for the natural movements during exercise sessions.

The users get access to natural lift-off and re-rack and five various lockout positions for the traditional Smith Machine exercises.

Read in detail about the BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack review 2021 to know more about this multifunctional machine. It is viewed among the safest strength training exercise equipment as it provides the bar hooks and spotter bars that are offered with the lifting bar of the unit.

The users derive the benefit of dual multi-grip chin-up bars, along with this, users can maximize their performance with adder weights, ankle cuff, a long functional bar, adjustable nylon handles, 5lb, and two chains. Overall, it is a full-body trainer for high-end results.

Best Suited to Whom?

BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack is one of the best power racks for home. It is considered ideal for users who require a holistic solution to their fitness requirements.

It also provides the opportunity to engage in bodyweight training, strength training and stretch training. The key benefit is that the users can enjoy the versatile exercise sessions in one multifunctional machine and that makes it a perfect addition to the home gym of every fitness enthusiast.

Those users who prefer to have result-oriented workout sessions each day of the week can solely rely on this exercise equipment. It also offers a wide range of functional training and traditional barbell training, so users have benefits of safety and versatile results in one unit.

This fitness equipment makes it quite easy for users to exercise without any help as there is no need for a spotter. The power rack has got safety spotters and bar hooks that make the whole exercise experience a lot safer and effective.

Besides, those users who prefer to opt for free-weight training can maximize their exercise sessions with this fitness unit. The Olympic Bar moves in all planes to provide free-weight training to the users.

The users who require to engage in sports-specific training and functional strength training particularly can do so with the help of an optional full-body trainer attachment. Therefore, this power rack proves highly beneficial to the users who aim to have full-body training with the best results. Overall, it turns out to be one of the best power racks under $3800.

BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Racks Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The BodyCraft Platinum model is a versatile fitness equipment that is designed with precision to yield impressive results. It is easy to assemble this fitness equipment by following the instructions as given in the user manual.

Considering the time involved in the process, the user can opt for having the professional service. But, the users have to incur extra costs for having professional assistance in assembling the unit.

Design and Build Quality

The BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack arrives under the category of best power rack for home as its sturdy steel mainframe adds to its durable shelf life.

The power rack is accessorized with a patented Active Bar Balance that offers the benefit of free-weight training along with machine training with all safety features. The dimensions of this equipment are 74 in L x 84.5 in W x 83.5 in H and can endure 1000Ibs weight.

It is a full cage power rack that is designed with heavy commercial steel gauge for high-end precision. Besides, all moving parts slide easily on industrial grade LM25 linear bearings and solid hardened steel guide rods.

This fitness equipment proves to be highly efficient as it arrives with bar hooks and safety spotter making it ideal for even solo lifters. It can be termed as an advanced version of the traditional Smith machine owing to its adaptability to move effectively in three planes. Moreover, the users can lock it into its place for enjoying the traditional Smith Machine exercises.

The provision of 3 position chin-up bar, 13 bar locking positions, and compact design make it a recommended choice of fitness experts. Moreover, it offers a total body workout by providing the Full Body Trainer with the equipment.

This Full Body Trainer is equipped with two adjustable D’ handles, a long bar, a short bar, and an ankle strap. It also offers 2-150lb steel stacks that are upgradable to 200lbs./ea.

There is also a provision of an Olympic style bar that can support 1000Ibs for strenuous workout sessions. Also, the users can choose from three options of Active Balance Bar, Light Bar, and Power Bar for optimal performance. Overall, this equipment proves to be the best power rack for body weight lifting.

BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Racks Features

Safety catches

This BodyCraft power rack is designed for offering impressive performance for rigorous performances. Thus, this equipment arrives with all safety standards incorporating bar hooks and safety spotters for optimized results.

Users can engage in their workout in a more efficient way as the hook moves alongside during the workout and can be easily reracked through a twist. It helps users to focus on their workout and derive desired results.

Also, the provision of a spotter helps to assure that the user is not forced inwards due to compression and get hurt in the process. It happens when the weight is too heavy or the user fails to hold the bar safely. Therefore, the dual safety mechanism helps in avoiding injury to the users while working out.

Weight Capacity Rating

This power rack is primarily designed for serious fitness enthusiasts who prefer to work on extremely efficient and hardcore machines. Therefore, this power rack supports 1000Ibs for maximized outcomes.
Frame Gauge- This power rack is designed with a mainframe with dimensions of 11 gauge steel that makes this equipment sturdy enough for a durable shelf life.

Footprint (total width & depth of frame)

The power rack has got the dimensions measuring 54” L x 84.5″ W x 83.5″ H to provide a comfortable workout experience to the users.

Cable based training- This power rack also supports cable based training and that too with 32 height starting positions. Users can opt to add accessories like add-on weights, multi-position handles, long bar, and optional progressive functional pad.

Choice of Olympic Bar

The users have the freedom to choose from different Olympic bars that include Active Balance bar, and light-weight Active Balance Bar. The user requires to balance the Active Balance bar that offers the advantage of Barbell training. It is done by focussing on stabilizer muscles and enhancing symmetry.

Moreover, the Active Balance Bar is affixed to the bearing housings through a coupler that has a limited range that helping in tilting it. But, still, it never moves beyond the safety limits of the bar hooks and safety spotters.

In lightweight Active Balance bar, users can optimize their workout using the accessories like a pair of 5Lb adder weights, a pair of adjustable nylon handles, ankle cuffs, two chains, and a functional long bar.

BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Racks Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The BodyCraft power rack offers power-packed workout sessions for a result-oriented fitness regimen. Users can maximize their fitness by engaging in a variety of exercise sessions.

Moreover, users can optimize their results by engaging in stretch training, bodyweight training, barbell training, functional training, progressive functional training.

Goal Tracking: The BodyCraft power rack is sturdy fitness equipment that aims to provide impressive results to its users. Therefore, users can determine their fitness goals and make use of this equipment to attain those goals.

Also, the provision of versatile training options like Smith Machine training and Sports Specific Training enables the users to keep a focussed approach towards their goals and achieve them successfully. With the help of this power rack, the users can focus on body weight training.

There are two chin-up bars that provide an excellent grip for pull-up sessions. Also, users can fix the Olympic bar in different positions for engaging in leg exercises, push-ups, angled push-ups and a lot more.

The stretch training is another way to remain healthy as the handles and bars can be fixed in versatile positions to help in stretching. The users can derive the benefits of functional training, full body training, progressive functional training, barbell training.

As the barbell workout sessions are undertaken with the patented Active Balance Bar, the users need not be concerned about their health as bar hooks and safety spotters are there for help.

Then users can also engage in sports specific training and in this way, they can outshine others in their favorite sports activity. The Smith Machine training is there to enable users to take benefit of traditional training by converting this unit to Smith with locking of horizontal travel into its place.

BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Racks Warranty

The BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack is durable fitness equipment that is commercially rated for a power-packed performance. Therefore, the user derives the benefit of the commercial and residential warranty.

The commercial warranty comes packed with ten years warranty on the frame along with a two years warranty on parts.

The residential warranty offers lifetime coverage on both the frame and parts to ensure excellent performance. Also, the warranty covers only manufacturing defects and doesn’t provide coverage on normal wear and tear. Therefore, the users can benefit from the solid warranty coverage on the power rack.

BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Racks Pros Cons


  • A commercial-grade unit for excellent results
  • Use of industrial grade LM25 linear bearings and steel rods for added performance
  • Provision of Active Balance Bar for diversified outcomes
  • 32 different height adjustments allow for cable-based training
  • Provision of the chin-up bar
  • Availability of accessories for adding hundreds of exercise options
  • Can be used as a Smith machine by locking the horizontal movement in its place
  • Provision of safety spotter and bar hooks
  • Excellent barbell training
  • Allows for sports specific training as well
  • Works like a full-body trainer
  • Stretching can be done using the bar and handles
  • Backed by solid warranty coverage


  • An expensive power rack with a range of less than $3800


BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack is recognized as one of the best power racks for home use owing to its sturdy built and impeccable performance. The durability, safety features, and high-end results are the key selling points of this fitness equipment.

On the contrary, this power rack from the brand BodyCraft is expensive equipment that every fitness enthusiast can’t afford. In such a scenario, we recommend buying BodyCraft F460 Power Rack that is available at less than $1000. It is recommended for fitness enthusiasts who require challenges to keep themselves fit and healthy.

But, the platinum range of Jones power rack is designed for ultimate precision and hard-core fitness experts who require only the best fitness equipment. Overall, the BodyCraft Jones Platinum Power Rack review states it as one of the most reliable and recommended equipment of the brand known for its commendable performance.