BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack Review

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BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack Review

The BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack is reviewed among the best home gym power rack as it is designed for offering impressive performance. It comes with 7 inches Active Balance Bar and patented 3-D technology to move in two planes with safety.

It is a commercially rated fitness equipment that is designed with hardened steel guide rods, and industrial grade LM25 linear bearings to allow the unrestricted and smooth movement.

Read in detail about the BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack review 2021 to understand the dynamics of this power-packed performer for optimal results. As it comes from the premium Jones Club series, it is accessorized with safety spotters and bar hooks for ultimate precision.

Therefore, users can optimize their performance with its patented barbell motion that offers the unlimited provision of exercise options.

Best Suited to Whom?

BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack is acknowledged among the best power racks for money. It is revered as one of the most recommended choices of fitness experts as it offers the perfect amalgamation of safety and freedom of movement.

The user can opt for vertical and horizontal movement without any constraints of security as the safety spotters are aligned with the machine. Therefore, users can engage in natural motion with optimal safety standards.

Also, those users who prefer to have free weight exercises can opt for this power rack. Moreover, users who intend to have a power rack with no risk of injury can find this machine quite effective and result-oriented. As the hooks of this machine effectively move along with a bar, the user can go for lift-off and racking in their natural position.

Also, users can engage in pressing exercises and squats without putting themselves in injury-prone postures. Those people who require a quick transition from one exercise to another can find this equipment highly rewarding by exercising in a natural motion. Besides, it proves to be one of the best power racks under $3600 for high-end results.

BodyCraft Jones Club Power Racks Assembly, Design & Build Quality


This power rack manufactured from BodyCraft is multifunctional fitness equipment that is designed for high-end fitness results. The assembly of this machine is straightforward provided the user follows all the guidelines and instructions clearly as mentioned in the manual.

However, if the assembly of this unit seems overwhelming to the users, then opting for professional service is another way to get it assembled. But, it will incorporate an additional cost.

Design and Build Quality

The BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack is viewed among the best power rack for weightlifting as it combines sturdy built and high-end performance.

It is commercial grade fitness equipment that arrives in dimensions measuring 55 W x 44 L x 83 and weighs 500 Lbs. All the parts of the equipment are constructed in 3in x 3in 10 gauge steel and slide smoothly on solid steel guide rods and industrial graded LM25 linear bearings.

This power rack comes accessorized with 7 inches long Active Balance Bar that weighs 45 Lbs and can support 1000 Lbs weight. It enables users to procure the advantages of free weight training, machine training with the use of lateral balancing.

The fitness equipment supports the safety spotters and bar hooks that are designed to move along the movements of the users. It is also termed as the next generation Smith machine with the provision of a free-weight device that is safe to use, and a solo lifter can use it easily.

The users can employ its benefits with 3-D Smith that moves in two planes, or they can lock it into its place for having the regular Smith exercises. Thus, it is viewed among the best weightlifting power rack that offers personalized solutions as per the requirements of the users.

BodyCraft James Club Power Racks Features

Safety catches

This BodyCraft fitness equipment is designed for offering the optimal performance to the users by providing essential safety parameters. This power rack is supported by a safety spotter and bar hooks that move along with the body movement of the users, thus minimizing the chances of injury.

Weight Capacity Rating

This power rack is meant for intense workout sessions with 1000Ibs weight capacity. Therefore, users can optimize their performance using this versatile machine that proves to be a revolution against traditional Smith machines with added safety and better performance.

Frame Gauge

This power rack arrives with a mainframe measuring 3” x3” 10 gauge steel that has got amazing durability to help users engage in intense workout sessions.

Footprint (total width & depth of frame)

The power rack comes with dimensions measuring 55” L x 44” W x 83” H making it ideal for serious fitness freaks.

BodyCraft Jones Club Power Racks Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The BodyCraft power rack is an ultimate fitness solution for all those fitness freaks. It is meant for those users who prefer to engage in a wide variety of exercises using their power racks.

The users can engage in free weights training, strength training, squats, pressing exercises, and chin up exercises for better results. The provision of 7 inches Active Bar and Power bar allows for versatile exercise options to the users for optimal performance.

Goal Tracking: The BodyCraft power rack is durable fitness equipment that aims to provide numerous health benefits. The users can define a goal and then work consistently on this machine to yield rewarding results.

There is no requirement to make a separate investment to buy another machine for weight training as it supports all exercises while maintaining the natural movement of the body.

BodyCraft Jones Club Power Racks Warranty

The BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack is a commercial rated fitness equipment that is backed by a solid warranty. The commercial warranty coverage incorporates ten years warranty on frame and two years warranty on parts.

While the residential warranty coverage includes lifetime warranty access on frame and lifetime warranty on parts as well.

The warranty coverage applies to all the defects in equipment or workmanship but does not cover regular wear and tear. Therefore, the valid warranty on this equipment makes it one of the best selling power racks of the market.

BodyCraft Jones Club Power Racks Pros and Cons


  • The power rack is sturdily built with commercial-grade steel
  • The provision of 7 inches Active Balance bar adds to the versatility of the equipment
  • Provision of safety spotters for optimal results
  • Precise barbell movements require no separate equipment for free weights training
  • Offers better results than traditional Smith machine
  • Use of 3D patented technology for horizontal and vertical movement with ease
  • All free weight exercises are available on this equipment using natural body movements
  • Excellent in helping users achieve strength goals
  • Backed by valid warranty coverage
  • Easy to use and make transitions from one exercise to another
  • It can be used as a Smith machine by using the spring pins that would lock the horizontal movement in place for having Smith exercises


  • Some users can find it a high-end power rack with a range of less than $3600


BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack is known among the best power racks for home as it offers a wide array of exercise options. Also, safety measures can play a vital role in enhancing the utility of this fitness equipment.

The reliable warranty coverage, commercial build quality, and minimal risk of injury make it the preferred choice for serious enthusiasts.

But, on the downside, it is a pricey machine that costs around $3600, and as such, only a few people can opt to buy it. In such a case, you can go for Body-Solid SDIB370 Power Rack that is available at less than $700 with the amalgamation of bench press and squat, ideal for beginners.

On the contrary, the BodyCraft power rack is meant for hardcore fitness enthusiasts who need professional-grade results. Overall, the BodyCraft Jones Club Power Rack review makes it the most results-oriented fitness equipment that offers incredible results with all safety parameters.