Body-Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack Review

Body-Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack Review

The Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack is acknowledged as the best power rack including a bench that offers commercial-grade quality for having the excellent home gaming experience. This body solid power rack is designed for heavyweight training especially in schools, police departments.

Fire agencies and commercial gyms to have a result-oriented approach to achieve fitness goals. If you intend to have the sturdiest and powerful power rack, then you can go for Body Solid Pro Power Rack review 2020 that promises power-packed performance with 1000 Ibs weight capacity, 20 adjustments.

And a wide walk-in design at less than $700. Read in detail about the Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack to get to understand more about its pros, cons, and features to comprehend its usage in different settings. It is a piece of space-saving fitness equipment that fits comfortably in small areas.

Best Suited to Whom?

Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack is viewed among the best power racks for home as it provides a comprehensive training station for heavyweight training requirements. The users can maximize their performance using this Body Solid power rack for rigorous training sessions without resorting to the use of any spotter.

Also, those users who prefer to exercise at their home should opt for this power rack as it provides the opportunity to customize their exercise sessions. People who have limited workout areas at their place must go for this space-efficient fitness equipment as it conveniently adjusts in any area.

Further, the availability of safety spotter arms makes it highly recommended half cage power rack for users who consider safety as their utmost consideration. Overall, it turns out to be the best weightlifting power rack that offers excellent results with its dynamic feature line.

Body Solid SPR50P2 Power Rack Assembly, Design & Build Quality

The Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack is the best home gym power rack as its commercial grade quality makes it durable for rigorous workout sessions. This commercial power rack is designed with dimensions measuring 81″L x 52″W x 89″H, and this power rack can support the maximum weight limit of 1000 Ibs.

The sturdy steel frame of this power rack is constructed using the 3” x3” 11 heavy steel gauge that enhances the ability of the mainframe to support intense workout of the users with the maximum weight of 302 Ibs. This Body Solid power rack is equipped with the full commercial SFID425 adjustable bench.

That is comfortable to use with its padded seat. The provision of an adjustable bench makes this commercial power rack a complete home gym that allows users to engage in versatile workout sessions with incline, decline and lot more.

There is a provision of safety spotter bars along with j-cup lifts off to have a comfortable experience. Therefore, it is recommended as the best high-end power rack that allows customized workout sessions with all safety features at less than $1400.

Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack Features

1. Safety catches: This Body Solid power rack is designed for intense workout sessions, and all the safety parameters have been added to this commercial power rack. The safety catches allow the users to freely engage in weightlifting without concerning about their safety as it supports full-length safety bars.

2. Weight Capacity Rating: This commercial power rack is meant for strenuous workout sessions with ease as it can effectively support the maximum weight of 1000Ibs. So, if the users intend to workout with hardcore weightlifting sessions, then this power rack proves best.

But, if you plan to buy the power cage with a decent weight capacity say 500 Ibs, then you must opt for Body Solid BFPR100 full cage power rack that offers durable performance with a sturdy build.

3. Frame Gauge: This fitness equipment has got the mainframe with the dimensions 3” x3” 11 gauge steel that allows the users to maximize their performance with rigorous training sessions.

If your fitness goals require you to opt for a mainframe having the dimensions of 2” x 2”-12 Gauge steel, then there is Body solid PSS60X squat stand that promises incredible results.

4. Footprint (total width & depth of frame): This fitness equipment has got footprint with the dimensions 81” L x 52” W x 89” H that makes it sturdy enough for durable and long-lasting performance. You can also go for Body Solid SPR500Back Power Rack.

If you intend to buy a compact power rack with footprint having the dimensions of 50” L x 81” W x 89” H that is comparatively less lengthy than the Body Solid SPR500P2.

Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The Body Solid power rack offers power-packed performance owing to its commercial-grade build quality. It is meant for hardcore fitness training in the intense workout environment offering excellent results to the users.

The weightlifters can engage in Olympic lifts, deadlifts, bench presses that include flat bench presses, incline, decline, and shoulder presses for having total body fitness. The users can customize their workout with adjustable bench and derive.

Their fitness goals as they can add variations in their workout to have optimal outcomes that keeps them motivated and energized for further sessions.

Goal Tracking: The commercial power rack is meant for hardcore weightlifting training sessions in an extreme environment like that of training of fire and police departments. Thus, the users can go for other exercises like squat, inverted row, barbell shrug, barbell curl and a lot more with accuracy.

The users can determine their fitness goal and workout dedicatedly to achieve their total body fitness goals using this best power rack for weightlifting.

Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack Warranty

The Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack is equipped with a valid residential and commercial warranty. The residential warranty offers the coverage of the lifetime warranty on frame, pulleys, cables, pads, along with other components of the half cage power rack.

The commercial warranty on this fitness equipment offers coverage of the lifetime warranty on frame & welds, weight plates, and power rods. Along with this, the three-year warranty on pulleys, bushings, bearings, hardware, plates add to the confidence of the users.

The one-year warranty on cables, upholstery, grips, along with other parts make it a sound choice for having sustainable performance in the long run.

Thus, solid warranty coverage makes this Body Solid brand power rack a preferred choice of serious fitness enthusiasts along with promoting it as the best power rack for home.

Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack Pros & Cons


  • The half-rack offers durable performance with high-grade steel construction.
  • It is equipped with an adjustable bench that adds versatility to the exercise options.
  • Provision of safety spotter bars enhances the confidence of the users.
  • An ideal home gym equipment meant for heavy weight training.
  • It supports 302 Ibs weight and thus proves perfect for heavyweight users as well.
  • The commercial grade quality helps the users to go for intense workout sessions with precision.
  • The provision of integrated chinning bar helps in having the pull-up sessions with accuracy.
  • Its space-saving design makes it perfect for small apartments as well.
  • The warranty coverage of this power rack makes it the recommended fitness equipment for serious weightlifters.


  • It is a high-end half cage power rack with a range of less than $1400 that makes its usage restricted to a small group of users.


Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack is ranked among the best power racks for home weightlifting as it offers the best solution to the fitness requirements of the serious weightlifting enthusiasts. Its safety spotters and premium build quality justify its high-end pricing as it delivers exceptional results.

If you prefer to invest in a tall power rack that has the lot of attachments to customize the workout programs, then you can uplift your home gym with Body Solid SPR1000 full cage power rack at less than $1400 for having incredible workout sessions.

But, if you need a complete home gym equipment with an adjustable bench, then you must go for the Body Solid SPR500P2 Power Rack.

This power rack is the recommended choice of the users who intend to add variation in their workout program with an adjustable bench.