Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack Review

Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack Review

The Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack is aptly termed as the best home gym power rack that comes equipped with a complete package for extensive weightlifting sessions. The Body-Solid rack comes packed with half rack extension along with other Body Solid power rack attachments.

For offering the excellent results. If you are looking for the multi-rack system, then you can also opt for Body Solid SMR1000 that is a full commercial rated half cage offering the noteworthy results at less than $2000.

Read in detail about the Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack review 2019 to know about its impressive features, performance and optimal designing for complete home gym solutions.

Therefore, the users can maximize their performance with this power-packed equipment that has also got the adjustable bench for optimized weightlifting experience.

Best Suited to Whom?

Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack is rated among the best power racks with bench as it supports the additional accessories also for incredible performance. This fitness equipment is perfect for all those users who are in search of the one-stop-shop solution for their fitness requirements.

This Body Solid half power rack is designed for ultimate weightlifting workout sessions and prove to be highly result-oriented for all serious weightlifting enthusiasts. Those users who look out for the feature of customization in their power rack for having.

The predetermined outcomes can also buy this equipment, it is highly efficient in small areas; thus people who need a wholesome fitness solution within a limited space can reap incredible benefits from this equipment.

Also, some people feel concerned about their safety while using the half power rack but with the provision of safety spotter arms can also go for this fitness equipment.

Overall, it proves to be the best power rack for money as it yields desired results with incredible precision at a range of less than $2000.

Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack Assembly, Design & Build Quality

The Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack is the best power rack for weightlifting as it comes packed with the best quality and durable performance. The sturdy steel mainframe measuring 3”x3”-11 gauge steel enhance the longevity of this fitness equipment.

This robust equipment weighs 429Ibs with the dimensions measuring  81″L x 81″W x 89″H, that promises a hard-hitting performance. It is the commercial extended half rack that arrives with all the adjustments that make it the most versatile workout equipment.

The provision of j cup lift-offs, safety spotters with rear extension and weight horns add to the performance of this equipment. The users can enhance their fitness with a chinning bar along with double chin bar, dip station, and cannon bar grips.

The adjustment bench is quite sturdy and can modify for the incline presses ranging from 15 to 80 degrees. While the decline of the bench can be 18 degrees along with the ability to be flat for having the best exercise options. Thus, it is revered as.

The best home gym power rack that brings a customized variation in the workout of the users resulting in maximized performance.

Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack Features

1. Safety catches – This Body Solid half rack is dynamic fitness equipment that comes packed with all the essential safety features to allow comfortable workout to users. This fitness equipment is backed by full-length safety bars that enable the users to try their level best for yielding the exceptional results.

2. Weight Capacity Rating – This half power rack is built for the hardcore weightlifting sessions, and thus, it can easily bear the 1000 Ibs of weight. The comprehensive package of this power rack is intended to provide for the intense workout sessions that assure quality-driven performance.

If you intend to opt for the simple squat stand with the weight capacity of 400,500, 700 Ibs, then there are power racks like Body-Solid PSS60X, Body-Solid PMP150, Body Solid PPR500 that are designed to provide hard-hitting performance with less weight capacity.

Frame Gauge – This fitness equipment is designed with mainframe measuring 3” x3” 11 gauge steel that enables the users to engage in their preferred exercise sessions comfortably. If you are looking for a smaller frame size with no compromise in performance.

Then you can choose Body Solid GPR370 that has mainframe  2” x3” 11 gauge steel offering the multi-rack for intense strength training.

4. Footprint (total width & depth of frame) – This fitness equipment is designed with the footprint measuring 81” L x 81” W x 89” H that allows for heavy weightlifting workout sessions.

Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Racks Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises – The Body-Solid brand half rack is a premium fitness equipment that offers the numerous workout options to the users. The provision of an adjustable bench helps the users to go for incline press, decline press, bench presses, along with deadlifts, Olympic presses, squats and much more.

The users can engage in inverted rows, barbell; bent over rows, rack pull, close grip bench press, rack lockout. The provision of SR-CB cannonball grips that are meant for enhancing the grips of the users and also aid in improving the upper body strength.

Goal Tracking- The Body-Solid squat rack is must-have fitness equipment that is powered with numerous Body Solid power rack attachments that make it worthy of investment. The users can work out with variations with the help of these attachments to ensure the achievement of their fitness goals.

The users can keep themselves motivating by setting a goal and then working out to attain the goal and comparing the performance to strengthen their weightlifting skill.

Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack Warranty

The Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack is one of the recommended products of fitness industry owing to its precision and results. Also, this equipment is backed by a reliable and sound warranty that offers residential and commercial coverage, there is a residential warranty that provides the coverage.

Of the lifetime warranty on the frame & welds, hardware, plates, bushings, bearings, cables, upholstery, pulleys, guide rods grips (including regular wear and tear). The user gets the commercial warranty coverage.

That includes the lifetime warranty on frame & welds with the three years warranty on, plates, guide rods, bearings, hardware, pulleys, bushings and a one-year warranty on cables, upholstery, and grips including.

Regular wear and tear, thus, the provision of a sound warranty coverage enhance the trust of the customers, and they decide to buy this fitness equipment for making their fitness goals a reality.

Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack Pros & Cons


  • The half-rack is designed with all safety parameters for exceptional performance.
  • The equipment can bear a maximum weight of 1000 Ibs.
  • It comes equipped with a bench that adds to its versatility.
  • It is manufactured from a steel frame that is robust and sturdy for high-powered performance.
  • The dedicated double chin bar helps to enhance the usability of this equipment with pull-ups.
  • It is meant to provide the space-saving solution to the users with its compact designing.
  • This fitness equipment can be used for squat racks as well.
  • The user can improve his weightlifting skills with heavier weights that is usually bit risky without the help of power rack.


  • The high-end fitness equipment doesn’t seem to fit the budget of masses as it falls under the range of less than $2000.


Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack is acknowledged among the best power racks for home as it aims to provide a solution to all the weightlifting requirements of the users. Its robust build quality with the most stringent and independent bench makes it the preferred choice of fitness enthusiasts.

You can go for Body Solid SPR1000 that is a double power rack with a range of less than $5000 for having the ultimate level of weightlifting workout sessions. The Body-Solid half rack offers versatile exercise options with the customization feature.

That enables users to mold the workout as per their specific target, therefore, if you prefer to buy a half cage power rack that offers a complete package of bench gym with a power rack, then you must purchase the Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Rack.

This power rack helps to accomplish the predetermined fitness goals of the weightlifting enthusiasts for having optimal outcomes.