Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack Review

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Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack Review

The Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack is acknowledged among the best weightlifting power rack that is meant to excel for different settings involving the heavy usage. It allows the freedom of natural movement of the body of the weightlifters as they can engage in the intense weightlifting sessions without requiring any spotter.

But, if you are interested in buying the full cage power rack, then you can opt for Body-Solid SPR1000 that is full commercial equipment and offers intense weightlifting sessions. Read more about the Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack review 2021 to understand about result-oriented feature line.

It offers the opportunity to work out on squats, pull-ups, upper body workout, Olympic lifts, deadlifts and much more with complete dedication and safety measures.

Best Suited to Whom?

Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack is undoubtedly rated among the best power racks for the home, especially for space-constrained areas. Its smaller size as compared to the full racks make it a precise addition to any workout area that has space concerns.

So, those people who live in small apartments and require the compact-sized weightlifting equipment should buy this spr500 Body-Solid equipment. Another key aspect of half rack is that it provides more flexibility to the users regarding barbell workout as they can engage in Olympic lifts easily along with having overhead presses for optimal results.

The Body-Solid commercial half rack proves ideal for those users who are taller like 6 feet 5 inches as these users feel more freedom to enjoy their workout in half rack as compared to the enclosed cages of the full rack. Thus, it proves to be the best power rack over $700.

Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack Assembly, Design & Build Quality

The Body-Solid SPR500 is the commercial quality half rack that is ideal for home use as well owing to its robust build and durable performance. The half rack is designed with immense precision having the dimensions of 50″L x 53″W x 89″H and has got the 3”x3”-11 gauge steel mainframe.

The equipment has a smaller footprint that makes it an absolute essential for the home gym. Its height is 89,” and its total weight is 343 pounds. It is designed with j-cups liftoff along with the provision of bars of safety spotter for maximized results.

This equipment is optimally designed to save space and can be used easily along with any weight bench to engage in chest presses. It has got fifteen additional attachments that allow users to engage in a variety of workout sessions.

There is the provision of one-inch hole spacing in the half power rack with bench that helps to keep the safety bars, lift-offs, and attachments adequately.

There is also the availability of two spotter arms that offer uncompromised help in lifting safely from the bench and standing position. Thus, it is the best power rack for money that is meant to provide excellent features and safety provisions at effective pricing.

Body-Solid SPR500 Power Racks Features

Safety catches

This Body Solid Commercial half rack is equipped with the safety catches that are meant to offer the complete safety cover to the weightlifters, and they can easily focus on their exercise sessions. The full-length safety bars make it certain that the security of users is not compromised at any condition in this equipment.

Weight Capacity Rating

This power-packed half rack is capable of holding 1000 Ibs weight that helps the users to work out with precision. They can opt for the hard-core weightlifting sessions without any inconvenience. Its weight capacity is higher than that of Body-Solid GPR378 that supports a maximum weight of 800 Ibs.

Frame Gauge

This power rack comes equipped with sturdy and performance-oriented mainframe measuring 3” x3” 11 gauge steel that promises durable performance for regular and intense workout sessions.

Footprint (total width & depth of frame)

This Body solid fitness equipment is compact-sized equipment that comes with smaller footprint having the dimensions of 50” L x 53” W x 89” H.

Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The dedicated fitness experts recommend spr500 Body-Solid fitness equipment as it offers comprehensive weightlifting solutions to the users. The users can go for overhead press, rack lockout, bench press, close grip bench press, rack pull,  inverted row, barbell shrug, barbell bent over rows and much more.

The provision of rear extensions and safety spotters enable the users to engage in Olympic lifts; standing presses squats, chin-ups, deadlifts along with other exercises for optimal results.

Goal Tracking: The Body-Solid commercial half rack is a preferred choice of serious weightlifting enthusiasts as it provides the numerous exercise options to the users. It is rated as the best power rack for weightlifting that allows users to improve their fitness levels and weightlifting prowess with precision.

Thus, users can enhance their skills by engaging in a definite target and then measure their performance to see the actual results and improvement in their performance.

Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack Warranty

The Body-Solid spr 500 review states that the users feel confident when fitness equipment is backed by a solid warranty back up. The Body Solid power rack offers the residential and commercial warranty cover to its customers.

The residential warranty offers extensive lifetime coverage on the frame & welds, cables, upholstery, pulleys, bushings, bearings, hardware, plates, guide rods grips (including regular wear and tear).

The commercial warranty also offers the valid coverage of lifetime warranty on frame & welds, three years warranty on guide rods, pulleys, bushings, bearings, hardware, plates along with a one-year warranty on upholstery, cables, and grips having normal wear.

Thus, the provision of the industry-leading warranty makes this equipment a preferred choice of weightlifters, fitness enthusiasts.

Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack Pros & Cons


  • Manufactured from high-grade steel.
  • Comes equipped with solid warranty backup.
  • The half-rack is more convenient to use, especially for tall users.
  • The smaller footprint of this equipment makes it a recommended option for space-constrained areas.
  • Effectively supports 1000 Ibs weight.
  • Can be easily used with any weight bench for having chest presses.
  • It comes equipped with various adjustments that allow users to engage in customized workout sessions.
  • The provision of safety spotter bars adds to the convenience of the users.


  • Some users might find it pricey as it is over $700 and as compared to full rack it has fewer features.


Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack is rated among the best power racks for the home as it aims to provide the intense weightlifting workout. Its key selling point is its robust build quality and high-end performance for all the weightlifting enthusiasts.

The users can optimize their performance with dedicated weightlifting sessions with the help of customizable features like SPR500 halfback rear extension, SPRDCB dual chin-up bar and other attachments that allows the users to have better usage and storage of weights.

If you are concerned about limited budget, then you can opt for the best power racks under $500 with Body-Solid SPR500BACK PCL Half Cage W Extension. It offers great value for money with high-grade j cup lift offs, chinning bar and wel-designed safety spotters.

But, you look forward towards having the commercial-rated premium power rack that is designed to offer reliable performance in the long run, then buying the Body-Solid SPR500 Power Rack would be referred to you that is rated among the best commercial power racks for your fitness requirements.

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