Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Racks Review

Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Racks Review

The Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Rack is acknowledged among the best power rack for weightlifting that is meant for intense workout sessions with its notable performance. It comes equipped with all essential attachments that make it a complete home gym offering the total fitness to the users.

But, if you are looking for an extended double power rack then the most viable option is Body Solid SPR1000DB power rack that is available at less than $4500. Its commercial grade built and high-end performance with 1000 Ibs weight capacity make it worthy of investment.

Read in detail about the Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Rack review 2019 to know about its ability to procure the best results even in rigorous exercise workouts. It is engineered with premium safety features and remarkable feature line that makes it a relevant addition to the workout.

Best Suited for Whom?

Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Rack is viewed among the top-selling home power racks that are designed to provide a comprehensive solution to all the fitness requirements of the users.

All those fitness enthusiasts who prefer to workout on their own terms and in their time would appreciate this Body Solid power rack as it enables users to workout without the help of any spotter.

The hardcore weightlifting enthusiasts would love this power rack as it is backed with premium safety features and ensure the uncompromising performance even during the tough workout sessions.

There might be some users who require modification in their workout sessions on a regular basis, so they should also opt for this power rack as it comes packed with additional attachments that allow the users to engage in versatile exercise sessions for total body fitness.

Thus, it is known for its dynamic performance levels that make it one of the best power rack for money under a range of less than $3000.

Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Racks Assembly, Design & Build Quality

The Body-Solid SP1000BACKP4 Power Rack is the best power rack that is recommended for all the weightlifting enthusiasts who require the complete home gym solution to achieve their fitness goals.

It is manufactured using the 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel mainframe that is sturdy enough for having the hardcore training sessions. This strong power rack can endure the weight of 1000 Ibs without any wobbly experience.

The footprint of this power rack comprises the dimensions of 90″L x 81″W x 112″H, and the weight of this power rack is 726.6 Ibs. The provision of 1” hole spacing for the safety spotter bars allow the comfortable space for placing the barbell and avoid any injury.

This power arrives with the expansion for providing access to the spotter bars and proves effective for offering the storage for Olympic weight horns. This power rack is equipped with numerous attachments like multi chin bar, dip station, band, and peg SPRBP, SR-STEP, storage tray, T-bar attachment and lot more.

Thus, it’s splendid features and notable performance makes it the best power rack for intense weightlifting sessions.

Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Racks Features

1. Safety catches – This power rack from Body Solid is designed with high-grade safety catches that make it preferred fitness equipment for hardcore training sessions.

The users can freely engage in their workout sessions with the convenience to ensure that there are no chances of any injury during the intense workout sessions.

If you prefer to have a multi-press rack that offers all safety parameters and is considered ideal for free weight training, then you can buy the Body Solid GPR370 that is available at less than $700.

2. Weight Capacity Rating – This power rack is manufactured using the heavy gauge steel with the ability to support the 1000 Ibs of weight. Thus, users can improve their performance by working out on this power rack that is particularly equipped with additional attachments for having precise outcomes

3. Frame Gauge – The Body Solid power rack has got the mainframe measuring 3” x3” 11 gauge steel that is sturdily built for having impressive performance. Thus, the users can focus on their fitness goals and work hard to achieve them without any concern about the strength and durability of this power rack.

4. Footprint (total width & depth of frame) – This Body Solid power rack has got the footprint with the dimensions of 90” L x 81” W x 112” H that allows the comfortable workout experience with full range of motion.

The users can also opt for a bench and squat combo, Body Solid SDIB370 that is designed with steel mainframe having the dimensions of 111” L x 65” x 74” H, that offers the 1000 Ibs weight capacity and is considered ideal for different exercises with a range of less than $1400.

Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Racks Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises – The Body-Solid power rack is known for providing the uncompromising performance with incredible precision. This power rack is sturdy enough for withstanding hard training sessions with precision.

The users can engage in different exercises that include rack lockout, rack pull, barbell shrug, close grip bench press, bench press, barbell bent over rows, inverted row, overhead press, and lot more. Thus,  users can optimize their performance by engaging in powerful exercise sessions on this rack.

Goal Tracking – This Body-Solid power rack is meant for intense workout sessions for those users who have determined approach towards their fitness goals.

Due to its impressive designing and build quality, this power rack enables users to keep themselves motivated by engaging in the toughest workout sessions and achieving their fitness goals with accuracy.

Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Racks Warranty

The Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Rack is one of the leading power racks of the industry that is known for its sturdy build quality. The brand Body Solid offers the best in-home and commercial warranty to its customers on this power rack.

The residential warranty is backed with a lifetime warranty on all the parts of the power rack including pads, pulleys, frames, and cables. The commercial warranty provides coverage of lifetime warranty on frame and welds, guide rods and weight plates.

The user also derives the benefit of a three-year warranty on bearings, hardware, plates, guide rods, pulleys, bushings. The one-year warranty on grips,  cables, upholstery, and other components enhance the usability of this fitness equipment.

Thus, the provision of a reliable warranty on this Body Solid power rack makes it the most recommended and trusted fitness equipment.

Body-Solid SPR1000BACKP4 Power Racks Pros & Cons


  • The power rack offers robust performance with its sturdy mainframe constructed from heavy steel.
  • It is meant for hardcore weightlifting sessions with the weight capacity of 1000 Ibs.
  • All the safety parameters are followed while designing this power rack for optimal performance.
  • It is equipped with essential attachments that make it a complete gym for total fitness.
  • Its commercial grade quality makes it durable and long lasting.
  • The provision of 90” height makes it worthy of long term use as it allows the full range of motion, in different exercises.
  • The provision of dip station allows toning the core and the upper body.


  • This power rack is not cost-effective as it falls under a range of less than $3100 that makes it a high-end power rack.


This is certainly one of the most preffered power racks for home use as it provides a complete solution to all the home gym requirements of fitness enthusiasts. The safety provisions with dynamic designing and valid warranty make it the recommended choice for all fitness lovers.

If you have a planned budget for buying a power rack, then our recommendation would be the Body-Solid Pro Power Rack GPR378 that is available at more than $700. It offers the heavy-duty steel mainframe with adjustable racking and all the safety mechanisms for having high-end performance.

But, if you prefer to get the intense weight lifting sessions with a complete package of a home gym for total fitness requirements, then this Body-Solid Power Rack is the must buy a power rack for you.

It may be pricey but considering its incredible package deal offering wholesome home gym provisions, it is a preferred choice of all the users across the globe.