Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Racks Review

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Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Racks Review

The Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Rack is undoubtedly the best weightlifting power rack that provides amazing results owing to its 90” height that allows users to engage in varied workout options that can’t be possible in shorter power racks. If your fitness goals require you to workout on the half rack but you prefer.

The exceptional build quality with 1000 Ibs weight capacity, then you can check Body Solid SMR1000 review 2021. It comes packed with additional accessories and components that help in customization of workout programs.

Best Suited for Whom?

Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Rack is viewed among the best power racks for home use as it intends to provide the hard-hitting weightlifting workout sessions to the users. If the users prefer to have a complete workout session at their home and that too in isolation without needing any spotter.

Then this Body solid power rack is perfect for them. Some users opt for the high-end full cage power cage that allows the full range of motion that is not possible in shorter power racks, then buying this power rack would prove beneficial to them.

Further, some users opt for customization features in their power rack and seek additional accessories to add variation in their workout, so in such a scenario, this power rack adds to their fitness levels with precision.

Overall, this power rack is rated as one of the best power racks for weightlifting that aims to enhance the comprehensive weightlifting experience of the users

Body Solid SPR1000 Power Racks Assembly, Design & Build Quality

The Body Solid SPR1000 Power Rack is one of the best power racks for home use as its robust build quality adds to its versatile performance. The Body Solid power rack dimensions are 81″L x 53″W x 90″H that is designed to provide support to the maximum weight of 1000 Ibs.

This sturdy Body Solid brand is manufactured using the high-grade 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel that has the ability to withstand the rigorous workout sessions. This commercial power rack comes equipped with 1” hole spacing in the bars. That are safety spotters and provide effective coverage from injuries due to disbalance of barbells.

It is designed with the rear extension that offers a convenient area for the spotter and ensures adequate storage space for gym accessories and weight horns. The provision of well designed chinning bar helps the users to keep themselves motivated.

With the pull-up sessions and bring customization in their workout with the use of extra accessories that are packed with this power rack. Its weight is 372 Ibs. That makes it a piece of compact equipment that can be effectively used in any area with ease.

Therefore, it proves to be the best power rack for weightlifting that is available over $700 that offers the perfect amalgamation of versatility, performance, and optimal outcomes.

Body Solid SPR1000 Power Racks Features

Safety catches

This Body Solid power rack is designed with all safety provisions to ensure that the users don’t have any safety concerns while using this power rack. This power rack comes equipped with 1” hole spacing that allows a comfortable space for safety spotters.

Thus, the availability of safety spotter bars ensures that the users get complete safety coverage while exercising on this commercial power rack.

Weight Capacity Rating

This power rack from Body Solid is sturdy enough to support the hardcore weightlifting sessions with its capacity of 1000 Ibs. Thus, the users can engage in the workout with different weights having the maximum limit of 1000 Ibs.

To have optimal performance. If you are looking forward to a simple squat stand having the weight capacity of 400 Ibs, 600 Ibs, then you can use the Body Solid PSS60X or Body Solid PMP150 that are ideal for beginners.

Frame Gauge

The Body Solid power rack dimensions of the mainframe are 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel that offers the intense weightlifting sessions without any inconvenience. If you require the compactly sized mainframe, then you can go for Body Solid PPR500.

That has mainframe dimensions with 2” x 2”-14 gauge steel for space constrained areas. You can also opt for Body Solid SPR500 half rack as its mainframe is 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel that offers robust performance with accurate results at home.

Footprint (total width & depth of frame)

This full cage power rack arrives with the footprint having the dimensions 81” L x 53” W x 90” H that allows full range of motion to the users that is quite problematic in shorter power racks.

Body Solid SPR1000 Power Racks Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The Body Solid power rack is a commercial rated fitness equipment that has the ability to provide intense workout sessions with maximized performance. Thus, it becomes the preferred choice of dedicated fitness enthusiasts who need to have versatile exercises while going through rigorous weightlifting sessions.

They can reap the benefits of various exercises that include Olympic presses, chin ups, pull ups, squats, bench press, overhead press, inverted row, barbell curl, barbell shrug, upright row and lot more.

Goal Tracking: This commercial power rack is designed with the aim of providing the versatility with dynamic performance and sturdy build that allows users to follow their fitness goals. Thus, the users can derive the optimal results from this power rack as.

It ensures the power-packed performance with its high-end build quality that enables the users to remain determined towards their goals.

Body Solid SPR1000 Power Racks Warranty

The valid warranty supports the Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Rack as it has the residential and commercial warranty. The residential warranty provides the in-home warranty coverage on all its components.

The commercial warranty comes packed with the lifetime warranty on frame & welds, three-years warranty on guide rods bearings, hardware, pulleys, bushings, plates.

The user avails the benefit of a one-year warranty on upholstery, grips, cables that covers regular weathering of the fitness equipment.

Thus, the provision of effective warranty coverage makes this Body Solid power rack rank among the best power rack for home use.

Body Solid SPR1000 Power Racks Pros & Cons


  • The gauge steel mainframe of this full power rack makes it sturdy enough for hardcore weightlifting sessions.
  • It is a fully commercial power rack that ensures high-end performance for strenuous sessions.
  • It has the capacity for holding 1000Ibs weight.
  • The availability of safety bars makes it reliable equipment for hardcore fitness training.
  • It comes packed with additional accessories that make the workout more versatile.
  • Its warranty coverage adds to its relevance for weightlifting enthusiasts.
  • It is taller fitness equipment with a height of 90” that allows users to engage in the full range of motion during different exercise sessions.
  • The availability of the chinning bar adds to the provision of pull-up sessions for improving strength and flexibility.


  • It is not a budget-friendly full cage as it falls under a range of more than $1000 making its use restricted for only a few users.


Body Solid SPR1000 Power Rack is ranked among the best power racks for money as even though it may seem quite expensive to some users but considering its features and performance with durable build quality, it is a must buy equipment.  If you are a beginner and require best power rack under $100.

Then our recommendation is Goplus Pair of Adjustable Standard Squat Stands 42″- 67″ Rack Solid Steel Portable Barbell Dumbbell Power Rack Home Gym. it offers a sturdy design with all safety features.

If you require a cost-effective power rack that performs exceptionally well, then you must buy Body Solid power rack GPR378 that is rated among the best power racks under $700 build with high-grade steel.

To ensure high-end performance, if you are looking for the most sturdy, taller and compact full cage power rack with impressive performance, then you should go for the Body Solid SPR1000 Power Rack.

This power rack adds to the flexibility, strength, and fitness of the users as its high-end performance makes it longlasting with incredible results.

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