Body-Solid SPR1000 BACK Power Racks Review

Body-Solid SPR1000 BACK Power Racks Review

The Body Solid SPR1000BACK Power Rack is aptly termed as the best weightlifting power rack that is designed to provide the intense workout sessions with precision. It is the perfect power rack that offers the best of features of fitness equipment designed for having comprehensive fitness training for gaining strength and flexibility.

But, if you are looking for a budget-friendly power rack that offers essential features of a quality fitness equipment, then you can opt for Body Solid Power Rack GPR378 as that has a wide walk-in design with heavy-duty mainframe at a range of less than $700.

Read in detail about the Body Solid SPR1000BACK Power Rack review 2020 to have an insight into its advantages, disadvantages and key features. It comes packed with a rear rack extension that enables the users to add variation in their workout to have excellent results.

Best Suited for Whom?

Body-Solid SPR1000BACK Power Rack is rated among the best power racks for home use as it offers the complete weightlifting solution to the users. If the users look towards buying a robust power rack that doesn’t wobble during the intense exercise sessions and encourage users to maximize their output.

Then this Body Solid power rack proves highly relevant to them. It is a commercial grade fitness equipment that offers all the essential safety features to provide excellent performance in the long run.

Some users prefer to push the bar with additional workout sessions, and this Body Solid power rack offers excellent results by providing a rear rack extension.

If the users prefer to engage in shoulder presses and chin-ups, then this power rack is highly recommended to them as its 92” height allows the users to perform the exercises that shorter power racks can’t allow.

Overall, it proves to be the best power rack for serious weightlifters as it brings versatility, functionality and high-end performance at less than $2100.

Body Solid SPR1000 BACK Power Racks Assembly, Design & Build Quality

The Body Solid SP1000BACK Power Rack is the top power rack for money as it is a commercial rated fitness equipment with the sturdy build quality. Its main frame is constructed from premium steel measuring 3” x 3”-11 gauge steel that is designed for rigorous workout sessions.

The footprint of this Body Solid power rack comprises of 90″L x 81″W x 92″H, with its ability to support the weight limit of 1000 Ibs. This power rack comes packed with a rear rack extension kit that allows users to have maximized workout sessions.

It has got two j-cup lift-offs, safety spotters and assimilated chinning bar for having the unrivaled performance. There is also the availability of expansion bars that enable the users to have access to the spotter and Olympic weight horns that are six in number.

This power rack is designed with four upright posts that are assimilated with two horizontal bar catches that are adjustable and easy to use.

Thus, it is rated among the best gym power rack to be used within the comforts of home that allows users to keep themselves motivated with the impressive functionality of this power-packed fitness equipment.

Body Solid SPR1000 BACK Power Racks Features

1. Safety catches: This Body Solid power rack is equipped with premium quality safety catches that make users extremely comfortable while training.

The users are assured of their safety owing to the safety catches that have been designed with high-quality build material to ensure no mishaps happen during regular and intense weightlifting sessions.

2. Weight Capacity Rating: This power rack is designed with heavy gauge steel that makes it capable of supporting the 1000 Ibs of weight. Therefore, the users can optimize their performance by beginning with smaller weights and improve their intensity with 1000 Ibs of weight.

If you intend to buy a Body Solid commercial half rack but prefer to have 1000 Ibs capacity, then our recommendation would be Body Solid SPR500 Half Cage Rack that is rated among the best power rack below the price $800.

3. Frame Gauge: The dimensions of the Body Solid power rack mainframe are 3” x3” 11 gauge steel that provides extremely productive results even in the hardcore weightlifting sessions.

So, the users don’t have to worry about the extreme weight as they can conveniently go for the maximum limit of weight as the mainframe provides sturdiness and offer complete support to the users.

4. Footprint (total width & depth of frame): This Body Solid power rack is designed with the footprint having the dimensions of 90” L x 81” W x 92” H that enables users to challenge themselves with hard-hitting weightlifting sessions.

But, if you prefer to buy a more compact full cage power rack, then there is Body Solid BFPR100 that has footprint measuring 45″L x 47″W x 83″H and offers durable performance with its robust build quality.

Body Solid SPR1000 BACK Power Racks Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The Body-Solid power rack is a dream fitness equipment for all weightlifting enthusiasts as its commercial grade quality with sturdy steel mainframe makes it viable for incredible workout sessions.

This power rack offers various exercises like bench press; barbell bent over rows, inverted row, overhead press, rack lockout, rack pull, barbell shrug, close grip bench press and lot more. Thus,  users can make their weightlifting experience a lot more challenging with different exercises.

Goal Tracking: The Body-Solid power rack is total fitness equipment that is designed with a rear rack extension that allows users to reap the benefit of versatile exercise sessions.

The 92” height of this power rack allows full range of motion to the users especially in shoulder presses and chin-ups to have the best outcomes. Thus, users can fix their fitness goals and workout effectively using this power rack to have optimal outcomes.

Body Solid SPR1000 BACK Power Racks Warranty

The Body Solid SPR1000BACK Power Rack is certainly the recommended choice of bodybuilders and serious fitness enthusiasts as it offers the best quality with a solid warranty back up. It offers in-home warranty and a commercial warranty to its users.

The in-home warranty offers the lifetime warranty to the users on all its components. The commercial warranty offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds with the three-year warranty on hardware, plates, guide rods, pulleys, bushings, and bearings.

It also provides a one-year warranty on the upholstery, cables, and grips including normal wear and tear. Thus, the warranty back up encourages the users to get ahead and buy this fitness equipment for long term usage with accuracy.

Body Solid SPR1000 BACK Power Racks Pros & Cons


  • The power rack is designed for strenuous weightlifting sessions as it supports heavy steel mainframe.
  • It supports the weight capacity of 1000 Ibs for hardcore strength training.
  • It is designed with 92” height that makes it highly comfortable for shoulder presses and chin-ups with the full range of motion.
  • It provides several attachments like pulldown cable attachment, chin-up bar, or pegs to have customized workout sessions.
  • The provision of a rear rack extension allows users to bring variation in their workout with ease.
  • The provision of premium grade safety spotter bars adds to the safety of the users for performing intense workout sessions.
  • It comes packed with six Olympic weight horns for storage of plates.


  • This power rack is available at a range of less than $2100 that makes it the expensive power rack for a lot of people who need cost-effective power racks.


Body Solid SPR1000BACK Power Rack is undoubtedly one of the best power racks for intense weightlifting sessions as it provides premium features with dynamic performance. Its warranty coverage and safety mechanism add to its reputation for being the reliable fitness equipment.

If your fitness requirement makes you go for a Body Solid cage system, then buying this power rack would be recommended to you. As it is multirack with numerous attachments, the users can benefit from this commercial rated multirack with precision.

Therefore, if you require the power rack for improving your weightlifting skills and workout on your strength training, then this Power Rack from Body-Solid proves highly beneficial for your goals. Also, its impressive build quality offers uncompromising performance for many years to come.