Body Solid Power Racks Review
Body Solid Power Racks Review

Body Solid Power Racks Review

Body Solid is one of the famous fitness equipment brands that is acknowledged for offering the premium quality equipment toa the users. The brand manufactures equipment that is highly recommended for commercial and in-home usage. The brand is in the fitness industry for more than three decades that makes it a reliable and trusted name that is known to deliver exceptional results.

Also, the ISO certification makes this brand’s product more customer-oriented with all essential features. The brand is known for its accomplished range of fitness equipment incorporating Body Solid Power Racks along with offering the other leading fitness equipment.

Why Body Solid Stands Out Among The Rest?

The Body Solid brand is driven with the aim of providing an excellent product line to the users, and they consistently endeavor to provide only the best fitness equipment.  What makes this brand different from other brands is its philosophy of build for life as each of their products is developed with the goal of having maximized customer satisfaction.

The brand not only caters to the commercial and residential gyming requirements but also offers the equipment for medical facilities, police and fire departments, schools, universities, rehab and, a lot more. Thus, this brand assures the customer-driven equipment to the users to have optimized results.

Body Solid Power Racks Series

1. Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Racks: The Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Rack is rated among the top power racks for the home that is commercially rated and comes packed with all the essential features that make it the recommended choice of fitness enthusiasts. Following are its features.

  • The Body-Solid power rack is one of the leading power racks for weightlifting as it is a full cage power rack that supports versatile exercise options for the users.
  • It is designed with 90” height making the user entirely comfortable with performing the exercises in a complete range of motion.
  • The fitness power rack aptly handles 1000 Ibs of weight with its dimensions measuring 81″L x 53″W x 90″H.
  • It has got all the safety spotters to ensure that the users’ safety is maximized in all circumstances.
  • The equipment is designed with 3” x3”-11 steel gauge that assures the capacity of performing exceptionally well during long-duration workout sessions.
  • Body Solid power rack comes packed with numerous attachments that make it quite useful for having practical results.

2. Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Racks: The Body-Solid SPR500BACKP4 Power Racks is acknowledged among the best half-cage power racks that are commercially rated and comes packed with bench and rack combo to provide the best gymming experience. Following are its features:

  • The Body Solid power rack is meant for heavy weight-training sessions that are equipped with all the essentials for incredible workout sessions.
  • It is equipped with a rear extension that has got the pin and pipe safeties for having the perfect for rack pulls and versatile exercise options.
  • This Body Solid squat rack is equipped with an adjustable and sturdiest bench that makes it a perfect solution for having the versatile exercises.
  • The provision of the double chin bar helps the users to have perfect pull-ups and muscles exercises.

3. Body-Solid SDIB370 Power Racks: The Body-Solid SDIB370 Power Racks are viewed among the best power racks for home as it provides a perfect amalgamation of bench/squat combo that makes it ideal fitness equipment for versatile exercise options. It has the following features:

  • Body-solid bench and squat rack is space-saving fitness equipment that caters to all essential fitness goals with its compact footprint having dimensions of 78″L x 65″W x 74″H.
  • It has got a seven-degree reverse pitch that turns out to be fully aligned with the natural lifting path of the users making it easier for doing the tough sessions.
  • The eleven gauge steel mainframe makes this power rack capable of withstanding any length of workout sessions.
  • It proves to be the best power rack with a bench that promises a comprehensive range of exercise sessions.

 4. Body Solid BACK Power Racks: The Body-Solid BACK Power Racks is one of the best weightlifting power racks that comes packed with twin commercial rated full cage power rage for having the complete gym solution to the users. Its features are as follows:

  • This power rack combo is a comprehensive gym package deal for all fitness enthusiasts that assures high-end results.
  • The provision of 94” height adds to the convenience of the users as they can engage in exercises with the comfortable stretch of the body.
  • The provision of SPRMB monkey bar comes in the package that helps users to bolt the two commercial racks effectively.
  • The users can maximize the storage access with the optional expansion that also aids in having the best spotter access.

5. Body Solid Power Rack SPR500P2: The Body-Solid Power Rack SPR500P2 ranks among the top power racks for weightlifting. It is a light commercial grade full cage power rack that offers incredible performance at affordable pricing with a range of less than $700. Its features are as follows:

  • This power rack can support 800 Ibs of weight.
  • The power rack is designed with robust steel mainframe having the dimensions of 3” x3”-11 gauge steel.
  • The fitness equipment is rated among the best power rack as it offers a wide walk-in design that allows users to engage in the exercise sessions with ease.
  • It offers 20 adjustable levels that can be adequately adjusted at every 3” to have better exercise sessions.
  • The provision of Body Solid power rack attachments like weight stack, dip and lat offer the numerous exercise options to the users.

Body Solid Power Racks Pros and Cons


  • Body Solid power racks are designed with high-grade steel mainframe.
  • Offers durable performance.
  • All safety measures are adhered to strictly.
  • The power racks provide customized workouts with attachments.
  • Valid warranty back up supports the fitness equipment.


  • A few power racks have high-end cost that makes them limited in use.

Final Verdict

Body Solid is a renowned brand of the international fitness industry that is known to deliver high-end fitness equipment. The Body Solid power racks are termed as top-rated power racks as they offer impressive build design, quality performance, solid warranty, and durability. All these fitness equipment are designed to endure strenuous workouts without wobbling and ensuring the safety of the users.

Therefore, if you are a weightlifting enthusiast, and need to work on your total body fitness, then Body Solid power racks are designed for you. Thus, Body Solid power racks review 2020 would enable you to buy only the best power rack that preferably suits your budget, fitness requirements and weightlifting goals that you would prefer to achieve in the coming year.

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