NordicTrack Equipment Review

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NordicTrack Equipment Review

NordicTrack is the premium international fitness equipment brand that offers the top of the line fitness equipment for incredible health benefits. It is the brand that is owned by ICON Health and Fitness, and its headquarters are based in Logan, Utah. The company is in the fitness industry since 1975 and manufactures products like Nordictrack Ellipticals, NordicTrack Treadmills, NordicTrack indoor cycles, NordicTrack recumbent bikes, NordicTrack upright bikes.

The brand of NordicTrack was created by two partners namely, Edward and Florence Pauls in the year 1975 in Minnesota and developed ski machines in their garage. This company was sold to CML corporation in the year 1986, but in the year 1998, it was acquired by ICON Health and Fitness. Since then this brand has grown exponentially, and it has garnered international acknowledgment owing to its perfection and precision in all range of fitness equipment.

The brand is conscious to manufacture the fitness equipment that offers an incredible feature line with the use of advanced technology to assure high-end results. All the fitness equipment are meant to provide premium quality of build with valid warranty back up and amazing workout experience. The brand aims to provide cost-effective fitness equipment that is on par with the advanced contemporary fitness equipment.

Why NordicTrack Stands Out Among the Rest

The NordicTrack brand is managed by ICON Health and Fitness that also has ownership rights of this brand. The brand started manufacturing cross-country ski machines, but in the year 1980 ventured into the realm of manufacturing traditional treadmills, incline trainer, treadmill desks and also other fitness equipment.

The brand is known to create the user-friendly fitness equipment that is not only easy to use but also super-effective regarding storage and maintenance. The brand is determined to deliver only the excellent quality fitness equipment to the users so that they can remain fit and healthy with the use of these range of fitness equipment.

NordicTrack Treadmills

NordicTrack treadmills are recognized internationally for their premium build quality, advanced features and also being cost-effective. The brand manufactures two different types of treadmills that incorporate C series and the commercial treadmills. These are the best treadmills for home use and offer the best experience for walkers, runners, and serious runners.

Both these types of treadmills provide the best quality workout provisions, but the only difference is that the commercial grade treadmills come equipped with additional advanced features. These extra features incorporate additional side tracks for better workout experience, advanced level of cushioning, smoother and quieter operational efficiency and more durable build quality.

Furthermore, the NordicTrack treadmills come equipped with a well-designed LCD console with an iFit app, one-touch controls, the variety of workout programs, Google map routes, folding provision, sound motor, and power Incline. Thus, the users have the option to go for C series or commercial treadmills as both categories of treadmills offer best results.

NordicTrack Ellipticals

The NordicTrack elliptical series is well-recognized for offering the best ellipticals for home use as these equipment provide real value for money. The brand manufactures front drive, rear drive, and center drive ellipticals. All the ellipticals come equipped with different stride length to ensure that the users can pick up the equipment as per their convenience.

All these ellipticals come equipped with smooth flywheel, different resistance and incline levels, LCD console, iFit compatibility, the port for iPod, Google map, customization of workout programs and moving handlebars. The range of price varies from less than $1000 to less than $4000. The valid warranty coverage makes these ellipticals rank among the best ellipticals for home use having a compact design and folding provisions as well.

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes

The brand NordicTrack offers exercise bikes that are designed for effective workout experience with precision. The exercise bikes incorporate recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and indoor cycles. The NordicTrack recumbent bikes and upright bikes are designed with all the advanced features that make them super easy to function and store. All the exercise bikes of the brand arrive with smooth flywheel, LCD console having the provision of iFit membership, Google map route, and provision for an MP3 player.

These exercise bikes are best for light to intermediate level of training as these bikes support the lighter flywheels. So, people looking for light cardio, weight loss can opt for these range of fitness equipment. The indoor cycles of NordicTrack arrive with the sound flywheel but may lack some advanced features and programming options. But these range of equipment is meant for hard-core fitness trainers as these indoor cycles offer higher resistance levels for outstanding workout options.

Pros and Cons of NordicTrack Fitness Equipments


  • High build quality
  • Valid warranty back up
  • LCD console
  • iFit membership
  • Availability of speakers and port for an iPod
  • Inbuilt workout programs
  • Google map route
  • Browsing of the web
  • Provision of the tablet holder
  • Provision of the water bottle holder
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • AutoBreeze fan
  • Transport wheels
  • Good weight capacity


  • A few high-end models of NordicTrack may not be suitable for a few customers
  • iFit membership needs to be bought separately
  • The customer service isn’t encouraging.


The NordicTrack Fitness Equipments are rated among the best-selling fitness equipment of the year 2020. The brand is dedicated to delivering the high-end fitness equipment that doesn’t compromise on quality, performance, and durability. The brand makes sure that the users have a great experience while using their fitness equipment, so all their equipment is loaded with advanced features and programs.

All the equipment of the brand offers the customization of the workout programs as the iFit app provides a vast library of workout programs. The provision of Google map routes makes it a perfect option for users to engage in their favorite workout program that offers them challenging and more versatile workout programs. Furthermore, the certified professional coaches design the workout programs, and the users can track their growth accordingly.

The compact size of the fitness equipment makes it an ideal fit for the users facing space issues. The folding provisions with smaller footprints add to the benefit of the users. Therefore, if you are planning to buy reliable fitness equipment that offers performance, precision, and prefer to have accurate results, then NordicTrack equipment review would guide you to buy equipment that offers real value to your money.

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