Nautilus Equipment Review
Nautilus Equipment Review

Nautilus Equipment Review

Nautilus is the gold standard fitness brand and one of the oldest amongst the popular ones. Many people even consider it as the founder of the modern commercial gym. It revolutionized fitness and produced world-class training equipment for home gyms. Nautilus has a range of fitness trainers such as Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Upright Exercise Bikes, and Recumbent Exercise Bikes to serve the different set of users with different capabilities and fitness goals.

They have given some of the Best Treadmills and Elliptical Trainers for Home Use. It has developed a large satisfied customer base over the years with its professional quality trainers and cutting-edge technology.  Nautilus offers an array of workout options, user-convenient features, and industry-average warranty in all of its products making the workout a pleasurable experience to its customers.

Why Nautilus Stands Out Among the Rest

Nautilus is one of the largest brands in the world when it comes to fitness. There are many factors that make this brand stand out from the rest. Nautilus offers a wider range of pre-set programs in all of their models, a rare feature in the price range. It is known to provide extra comfort and user-convenience with cutting edge technology.

Nautilus trainers come with the high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheels that make the workout rides smooth and consistent. Some of the factors that enable the Nautilus trainers to provide the next level of comfort to the users are the ergonomic handlebars and foot pedals.  The adjustable handlebars provide a variety of hand positions, and the ergonomic pedals are padded and can be adjusted 4-ways for the increased comfort.

The top-end models from the brand come with SightLine adjustable and tilting console that provides a better view and reduced glare.  Another factor that differentiates Nautilus trainers from most of the other brands in the market is the Dual Track LCD display with two windows.

The two windows help the users multi-task during the workout as one of the windows can be used for reading emails or magazine while the training progress can be read on the other. The upgraded Nautilus models enable mixed-reality training allowing the sync with RunSocial App.

Nautilus Treadmills

Nautilus is a veteran when it comes to Treadmills and has produced innovative home treadmills with a comfortable console and a variety of workout options. It has introduced treadmill trainers suitable for all types of users with different capabilities and experience levels. Its folding treadmills come with transport wheels to facilitate easy movement and convenient storage after day’s use.

The brand has developed three models in its home treadmill series inclusive of the basic model as well as the top-end models in the price range of $750 to $1500.

T614 treadmill is the basic, entry-level model that comes with a user-friendly console loaded with convenient features and is the most preferred model for the beginners.

T616 is the mid-range treadmill with advanced features, higher pre-set workout options, multiple connectivity options, and is one of the top-selling home Treadmills Under $1000.

T618 treadmill is the high-end model in the series that comes with heavy-duty construction and premium quality features and is an excellent machine for weight loss and cardio strengthening. With innovative technology and high-end features, Nautilus Treadmills offer quality performance and a great value for money.  

Nautilus Ellipticals

Nautilus Elliptical Trainers are known for innovative technology and user-convenient features offering extra comfort to the customers. The brand produces Commercial quality Elliptical Trainers for Home Gyms with a solid frame and a large number of workout options.

The flexible pedals, handlebars, and tilting console maximize the user experience. E614, E616, and E618 are the three models introduced by the brand in its home elliptical trainer series.

While E614 elliptical is the entry-level model for the beginners and casual users, the other two models are best suited for experienced users.

The E616 and E618 elliptical models have a sturdy built and offer higher resistance making the workouts more challenging. They also come with contact pulse grips and telemetry-enabled heart rate monitoring to allow the users to monitor and control the heart rates during the training.

Though the company offers only an industry-average warranty on its frame and parts, the high-performing elliptical trainers are available in the market in the price range of $500 to $1500 and make the club-quality fitness training affordable at home gyms.

Nautilus Upright Bikes

Nautilus Upright Bikes are sturdy, durable and offer low-impact cardio exercise at the comfort of home. They feature wide tubular frame, 3 piece chrome crank system with weighted pedals, and optimized belt drive system to make the workout rides quiet, smooth and consistent.

The perimeter weighted flywheel provides for easy starting and running. Nautilus Upright Bikes come with padded seats, oversized pedals with straps, and adjustable handlebars to offer increased comfort.

U614 is the basic Upright Exercise Bike from the brand for beginners and intermediaries.

U616 Upright Bike is the upgraded model with impressive features and good performance suitable to all types of users.

U618 Upright exercise bike is the top-line model from the brand with a higher resistance level, increased user capacity, and tilting console offering the highest quality performance and user experience. Nautilus Upright Bikes are economically priced and sold at a price below $1000.

Nautilus Recumbent Bikes

Nautilus has developed three different Recumbent Bike models for home users. While R614 is the entry-level offering, R616 and R618 models are for the experienced users with advanced features and flexible components.  Recumbent Bikes offer more relaxed exercising to the users with a leaned backrest and padded bottom seat.

Nautilus Recumbent Bikes have the sliding seat rail system that allows the users to adjust and lock the seat firmly before starting the workout to suit their profile and body length. They are equipped with the belt drive system and a perimeter weighted flywheel to make the operation free from frictions.

Nautilus Recumbent Bikes are high on entertainment features with Media Shelf, MP3 input port, USB charging port, and Acoustic chambered speakers for big quality sound. While the Nautilus Recumbent Bikes offer gym-quality workout experience to the users, they are friendly on their pockets and are available at a price below $1000 in the market.

Pros & Cons of Nautilus


  • A wide range of workout programs
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Extra Comfort Features
  • User-friendly Console
  • Appealing Design
  • Transport Wheels
  • Entry-level models costing below $500


  • Limited Warranty
  • Average Built
  • Average Display


Nautilus is not only the oldest and largest fitness brand in the world but also offers innovative and comfortable training equipment to the customers. Nautilus fitness trainers provide extra comfort and higher convenience in their features and components making exercising an enjoyable experience.

The company has developed its fitness trainers using modern, cutting-edge technology to enable users to get the best workout experience possible. While the Nautilus trainers have a solid frame and a powerful drive, the company provides a decent warranty on them though not a lifetime warranty.

Most importantly, the brand Nautilus has a variety of fitness trainers for all types of users and is priced moderately with some of the Entry-level models costing below $500. When you have a moderate budget but interested in bringing a club-quality workout experience to the home gym, the brand Nautilus could definitely be considered as the first preference.

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