Yeti Fitness SB150 Mountain Bike Review

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Yeti Fitness SB150 Mountain Bike Review

The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike is the latest model from Yeti and it represents the various changes that have taken place in the bike line of the company since the launch of Yeti SB100 Mountain Bike. The Yeti SB150 has been designed keeping in mind the speed as well as stability required by a bike.

The bike is completely carbon, has rear travel of 150mm and a fork of 170mm.  This mountain bike from Yeti has a suspension system that is well proportioned and balanced. The height of this bike is low in contrast to other bikes from Yeti, however, the suspension has additional support and a very steep seat angle.

The Yeti SB150 Mountain Bike is among the expensive mountain bikes as well as impressive bikes when it comes to appearance and performance. This is quite a competitive bike and one of the best bikes in the market right now.

Ready through our Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike Review 2021 to understand the specifications and benefits of this bike.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike has been designed keeping in mind the enduro racers of Yeti, that can be felt when the mountain bike moves downhill and speeds. The bike is quite stable and has a FOX suspension at either end that allows the 4-way adjustable damping to give the user a specific and exact setup.

The Switch Infinity suspension system of Yeti has proved that it is a leader when it comes to overall performance. The Yeti SB 150 is good for those riders who want to own an enduro race bike and loves a big and long ride.

It is the perfect model for those who wish to ride on rough and tough trails and terrains.

Yeti Fitness SB150 Mountain Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike comes with the owner’s manual that provides the necessary details about the geometry of the bike. The manual has pictures that indicate the assembly process and makes it simpler.

The tools needed for the assembly process are not provided by the company. Ensure that the servicing is done only at authorized Yeti service centers. Also though the bike is low maintenance, make sure it is kept clean and checked regularly.

The website of Yeti also has a setup guide on the suspension of the bike. The user just has to plug in their weight and height, the bike will recommend the settings required.

Design and Build Quality

The Mountain Bike from Yeti-fitness comes with 29” wheels and has a lot of changes done in its size and geometry. It has a very generous reach of 480mm. This race-bred 29er comes with a head angle of about 64.5-degrees and a reach of 460mm on a medium-size bike along with a seat angle of 77-degrees.

The bike is quite compact and has a top tube that is very low-slung thereby making it simple and easy for the riders to select between four different sizes. The frame has clean lines and has no edges, knee pads or clip heels. This gives the rider a seamless movement.

The Yeti SB 150 also has a water bottle holder placed in a manner that does not ruin the overall appearance of the bike. It is quite a big bike and has dampers that can be adjusted in four ways. It is perfect for riding on mountain trails at great speed or could be used for the races.

You can compare the Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike with other bikes from Yeti, like the Yeti SB 130 Mountain Bike or the Yeti SB 100 Mountain Bike in order to get an idea about the difference in features offered by these bikes.

The new Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike comes in two different colors – turquoise and orange and it has two choices for the carbon frame – the C Series and the Turq which is quite expensive and it shaves about 200-300 grams based on the size of the frame.

Yeti Fitness SB150 Mountain Bike Features


The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike has numerous minute details that could possibly go unnoticed, but are quite important. Just like other companies, Yeti also has its set of internal testing standards that surpass the minimum standards a bike has to meet.

The frame of this mountain bike comes in two different levels: The top-end level is TURQ is the top-end, and it is created using some of the top-quality materials as well as manufacturing techniques.The low-end frame is a little heavy and meets the DH-testing standards of Yeti.

The frames of Yeti were making use of press-in headset cups, however, the latest frames make use of drop-in headset bearings which easily fit into carbon cups that are molded. Have a look at some of the best mountain bikes over $1500 that are our personal favorites.


The Yeti SB 150 is a long bike that has a slack head angle, and 29-inch wheels. The Eagle Race model comes with a Fox’s Float X2 shock that gives the user a good control and is consistent.

It is about 30 pounds. The bike has 30mm DT Swiss wheels that give the rider a great ride. However, the overall unit is very expensive, especially for a bike having mid-range wheels of alloy.


The shortcomings related to the tires are not very obvious. The bike’s tires of Maxxis rubber are good, however, the casing on the rear is quite basic and cannot face the beating that this bike has been designed to handle.

A lot of 2.6″ tires are available in the market, however the max tire size of the SB 150 Mountain Bike is 2.5″. You can have a look at our list of best mountain bikes for beginners in case you wish to check out some basic options.


The Switch Infinity suspension of Yeti is a direct development of the rail system pioneered by Yeti ten years ago. The Switch Infinity is a single pivot of variable height.

So instead of the front triangle having a fixed pivot point, the SB 150 has a pivot that moves up the sliders that are Kashima coated and the suspension gets compressed to maximize the anti-squat. The Switch Infinity system of Yeti has a very unique feel.


The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike comes with the RAM XO1 Dub Eagle, a 30t chainset, a GX shifter, and SRAM XO1 r mech.


The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike comes with the Shimano XT M8020. Thus, reliability on the rough terrain is much assured.

Water bottle

The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike comes with a water bottle holder. Thus, you are hydrated even during long cycling.

Yeti Fitness SB150 Mountain Bike Warranty

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike. This warranty is applicable to all the is 2021 Yeti models.

Yeti Fitness SB150 Mountain Bike Pros & Cons


  • The bike has great stability as well as control at high speeds irrespective of the trail
  • It has a great pedaling platform
  • The bike has a space to hold your water bottle
  • The bike has a very comfortable as well as roomy cockpit
  • The bike comes with a steep seat tube angle and the rider can control the front wheel easily during climbs
  • It has a slack front that is good for steep terrains
  • The bike has a good range when it comes to shock compatibility, inclusive of coil and piggy-back
  • It has a wide range of shock tuning range
  • The frame has a lifetime warranty
  • The frame has a good finish that is anti-corrosive
  • Smart component specifications are included in this bike
  • It has a clearance of about 2.5 tires
  • It is good for any kind of terrain


  • Long wheelbase indicates tight switchbacks
  • Steering might appear to be a bit slow on calm terrains
  • The shock extender is considered by a few people to be a band-aid
  • It is an expensive bike


The performance of the Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike will blow your mind and will make you love this bike. Though expensive, this bike is one of the best mountain bikes in 2021 for any kind of terrain and trails. It is an ideal bike for those into racing and those who wish to have a bike to go on rough terrains.

The Yeti SB130 is a livelier bike and even the SB100 is a good pick if you are looking for bikes to be used regularly on easy terrains. However, a rough trail, descents, and a fast ride definitely need a bike like the Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike.

This bike is ideal for riders who are into bike park laps, enduro races as well as shuttle runs. The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike is a big bike and is popular for its high performance. It is a 29er that is race-ready at all times.

If you are on the lookout for a bike that is going to be your companion for steep climbs, descents, rough trails, etc.then the Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike is worth considering.

FAQs of Yeti Fitness SB150 Mountain Bike

What is the Yeti T-Series Bike?
The Yeti T Series or the TURQ Series come with a frameset and the complete bikes are matched with the suspension -FOX Factory that gives the rider a race-level performance.The Yeti Carbon Series mountain bikes have the suspension system from Fox Shox Performance and have a combination of solid yet less expensive drivetrain parts, along with good wheels.
In Yeti Bikes
The term SB, as per Yeti, is the short form for a superbike.
what does the term SB indicate?
The Yeti SB 150 Mountain Bike is built for the EWS racing and can handle any demanding course or terrain. It comes with a frame that matches the standards of downhill tolerance of Yeti. It is a very versatile bike, and pedaling is quite efficient. However, this bike needs extra input front he rider to ride it up as well as downhill. The Yeti SB130 is quite slack and long, the ride being more neutral. The SB130 is considered to be a comfortable, lively and playful bike by many people.
How can a rider choose between a SB 130 and an SB 150 Yeti Bike?
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