Yeti Fitness SB130 Mountain Bike Review

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Yeti Fitness SB130 Mountain Bike Review

The Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike has been designed in a way to dominate a very popular category of bikes. The bike comes with a 150mm front along with rear travel of 130mm. The steering is very precise and the body positioning is excellent.

The wheels of the bike are about 29”. The Yeti 130 is quite good for rocky climbs and technical descents. This bike’s frame is quite lightweight and efficient and there are no limits to using this bike. This Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike, in short, is a monster!

The Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike is the perfect alternative to the Yeti SB 5.5 Mountain Bike. There is quite a difference in the appearance, the structure, and the features. The bike also has a place for holding a water bottle and this is located on the right side of the bike’s down tube. This feature was not available on the previous models of the Yeti. You can also check out the Yeti Fitness SB 150 mountain bike if you are into races.

The Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike is available in about five variants and you can select the one that is perfect for you and within your budget. You can read our Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike Review 2021 to know more about the features of this bike.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike is designed to meet the requirements of riders who are into high-speed riding and who focus on style and precision and can adapt to the long cockpit as well as the wheelbase of this bike. The Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bikes 2021 and comes with 29” wheels.

The suspension of this mountain bike is good for even daily riding. The bike has the rear of 130mm and the front is 150mm. This bike is the best for rocky climbs and you can maneuver the corners at high-speed quite easily. The steering is very precise and this is enough to boost your confidence in tackling any trail.

Yeti Fitness SB130 Mountain Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike arrives along with the instruction manual that gives you detailed information regarding the assembly process. The manual also has pictures that give you a better understanding of the process.

All you have to do is go through the instructions and you will need just an hour to fix the bike. A torque wrench is recommended by the company when the user assembles the frame. You will need tools like Allen keys, grease, etc. to set up the bike. Also, it is better to get the servicing and repairs done by only authorized Yeti Dealers.

Design and Build Quality

When the Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike was released by Yeti, a few features were kept by the company, for instance, the Switch Infinity design in the suspension and the proprietary Turq layup of carbon fiber as well as materials. This bike also comes with a shock extender that can shift the leverage ratio and also add additional shock clearance. Yeti has also created the design in a way to accommodate a water bottle as well.

This Mountain Bike is the perfect trail bike or enduro bike. This bike comes with a 130mm rear travel combined with a 150mm front. In contrast to other trail bikes having similar rear travel, the 150mm fork of this bike is quite long.

It is long, and the distance between the rear and the front is about 26mm which is better than that of most of the sports bikes where the widest distance is just about 20mm.

This bike comes in different colors – Turquoise, Spruce(greenish in color), Raw (a simple finish of black carbon).

Yeti Fitness SB130 Mountain Bike Features


The Yeti SB130 has wheels that are of about 29”. The wheels make it good for trail riding, rocky terrains, however, the rear is not good for speeding up in wet dirt.


The SB130 Mountain Bike has a well-designed frame and it has a sharp as well as aggressive appearance than a rounded one. The shock mount is not located on the top tube instead of the down tube. The frame comes with a clearance that is enough for a tire of 2.5”.


The SB130 Mountain Bike comes with the platform pedals of Shimano XT that are quite light.


It has an SRAM ‘X01 Eagle’ drivetrain of 12 speeds and it works really well. The bike has a heavy cassette and a cheap chain, thereby reducing the costs.


The rider position of the SB130 is almost perfect. Seated or climbing, the rider’s hips are placed in the right position to give the power. To make it more dramatic, the angle of the seat tube has been boosted by an additional three degrees to about 76.9, thereby making the bike an outstanding one amongst the various 29er trail bikes.

The wheelbase as well as the reach, are the longest in mountain bikes of this class and are a lot longer than the Yeti SB 4.5 or the Yeti SB 5.5.


This bike comes with the Shimano XT twin-piston brakes.


This Yeti Fitness Mountain Bike comes with the unique design of Switch Infinity that ensures that the main pivot moves on the pair of Kashima-clad sliders. This enables the Yeti bike to fine-tune the feel of the suspension along with the location of the virtual pivot.

The goal is to provide sufficient anti-squat to make sure that the user has an efficient pedaling throughout the sag point and a more fluid absorption of any deeper hits in its stroke.


The Fox DPX2 shock of this bike does not give you the most receptive rear suspension. The frame transfers many of the bumps. The shock sinks right via the mid-stroke very quickly in case you load the rear tire well.


The front tire i.e. the Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 is a favorite, however, the rear tire, i.e. the Maxxis Aggressor 2.3 can be swapped for a much more aggressive tire that is best suited to ride in wet mud and wet terrains.

Water Bottle Holder

The Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike comes with a holder for your water bottle that is located in the triangle.

Yeti Fitness SB130 Mountain Bike Warranty

The brand Yeti Fitness offers an extended warranty on the latest exercise bikes. Most of the latest Yeti bikes of 2021 come with a warranty of a lifetime on their frame and the Switch Infinity link. The Paint, as well as finish, of the bike come with a warranty for one year.

In case the frame is defective, it will be replaced at the sole discretion of the manufacturer. Frames of the older models (2018) will have a warranty of 5 or 2 years depending on when it was purchased.

Yeti Fitness SB130 Mountain Bike Pros & Cons


  • It is a versatile bike
  • The bike does not slow down even if the terrain is bumpy
  • Be it seated or climbing position, you get a very efficient pedaling
  • It has a tunneled cable routed internally that gives you a quiet and clean ride
  • The bike offers a great suspension
  • The manufacturer offers excellent warranty on the 2021 models


  • When it moves through lighter tunes, the bike would need a flow of aggression. This might not be suitable for many riders
  • It is expensive


If you are confused as to which mountain bike should you purchase, the Yeti SB 130 Mountain Bike is a good option as it transforms you from being just a good rider to a great rider. Earlier, if you opted for a mid-range suspension in a mountain bike, it would mean a sacrifice made by you in terms of features. The SB130 does not compromise on either the climb or descent.

It gives you a very efficient, smooth and quiet ride and even bumps will not slow down this bike. You can check out some of the best mountain bikes for beginners in case you wish to check out different models.

In short, the Yeti SB130 is a capable bike and can be taken through any trail and terrain. It has a very aggressive geometry and this makes it unique and one of the best trail bikes 2021. If you wish to own just one bike, then the Yeti SB 130 Mountain bike is worth considering.

FAQs of Yeti SB130 Mountain Bike

What is the meaning of Yeti TURQ?
In the year 2017, Yeti had split their bike lineup as well as the frame into two different levels - the TURQ Series and Carbon Series. The TURQ has its iconic color and makes use of the best quality of materials as well as the best production process. The name TURQ does not stand for the color turquoise. Carbon Series is priced low and has an equally high-performance and is engineered in a similar fashion as the other models of Yeti are designed.
Can SB 130 be considered to be a good brand?
Yeti is one of the most iconic brands when it comes to the designing of top-quality mountain bikes.
Does the Yeti SB 130 Mountain bike come in different colors?
The Yeti SB 130 comes in three different colors -Turquoise, Raw (carbon) and Spruce (greenish).
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