Best Mountain Bikes Under 200

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Best Mountain Bikes Under 200

These days, the trend of riding a mountain bike is fast catching up. And yes, mountain bikes with some of the trendy colors and features might be expensive. However, this is just an assumption. You can find a lot of trendy and best mountain bikes under $200 2021 that are power-packed with features.

When you check out the expensive and budget-friendly mountain bikes. You will notice that the difference lies in trendy colors, the packaging, and a few features. Many times, bikes that are expensive do not have the extra edge that we expect of them.

If you are an adventurous person and love mountain biking, you can check out some of the best cheap mountain bikes under $300 2021. When buying a mountain bike, irrespective of the cost, you must check out the performance of the bike than its style.

You can look up some of the Best affordable mountain bikes online or best full suspension mountain bikes and you will definitely get a list of budget-friendly bikes.

Factors to consider while buying a mountain bike

1. Type of Riding: When buying a mountain bike, it is very important to consider the riding type as you can check out all the necessary features based on the type of riding. This will help you select some of the best budget mountain bikes. The main types of riding consist of Cross Country racing, enduro racing, trail riding, and gravity riding.

2. Cross Country Racing: Those who love experiencing a lot of challenges in their ride would prefer Cross Country Racing. Initially, a mountain bike was meant for this type of riding. Cross Country races are mostly on tough and natural trails such as between the forests, uneven roads, roads with stone bumps, etc.

There are a lot of Best Mountain Bikes available that can sustain a  cross country riding challenge. Mountain Bikes for this type of riding require a full suspension as well as dual-suspension for rougher terrain. The wheel size of the bike has to be about 26-29.

3. Trail Riding: The mountain bike for trail riding lies in between an enduro bike and a cross country bike. The trails and terrains are tougher in this kind of riding and the balance has to be maintained when you ride uphill and downhill. The bike must have a dual suspension to be able to meet the challenges it faces.

The tire size has to be between 27.5 to 29 in order to get the best trail riding experience. The head tube has to be at the angle of 67-69. Have a look at some of the Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes.

4. Enduro Racing: In this type of riding, there is more focus on downhill riding and has a lot of challenging high jumps, tough terrains, and huge drops. During the race, the riders are well-planned for a downhill ride itself.

The suspension of the bike has to be 140-170mm to get a good experience, and the bike’s tire size must have a width of more than 2.3.

5. Gravity Riding: The downhill riding is also known as gravity riding and it is meant for those who want a thrilling experience. The bikes generally take a high hilltop by way of walking or by lifts and then they chase downhill with a top speed. The riders get to experience very steep slips, slides, huge jumps, etc. The bike for this kind of riding has to have a suspension in the range 170-210mm, a wheel width of 27.5 and the head tube angle has to be in the 62-65 degree range. You can look up online for some of the best downhill mountain bikes to get a list of the bikes available.

Can one get a good mountain bike under $200?

An expensive bike is a good bike – this is a myth. In fact, you can get a lot of mountain bikes under $200 or at a lower price and this totally depends on the knowledge the individual has on mountain bikes. The appropriate way of selecting a good mountain bike is by understanding the size available.

There are three basic sizes of bikes – Small-S, Medium-M, and Large-L. You must choose a mountain bike based on the type of riding, your height, and flexibility. This will ensure that you get a very comfortable experience and helps you get a challenging ride.

Most of the brands have a size chart and in case the height lies in between 2 measurements, you must opt for the smaller one as it will give you more comfort and you can also add additional accessories.

1. Suspension Type: When buying a mountain bike, it is vital to look into the suspension of the Mountain Bike. Especially, if you are considering buying one amongst the best affordable mountain bikes. There are three suspension types: Rigid, Hardtail and Full/Dual Suspension.

  • Rigid Bikes: These bikes do not have any suspension
  • Hard trail Bikes: These bikes come with front suspension only
  • Full or Dual Suspension:These bikes come with both front as well as Back Suspension

The hard terrain rides require a bike that has Dual Suspension as it gives good support to the riders.

2. Materials: The basic materials that are used in creating the frames of mountain bikes are either steel, aluminum or a mix of both. Aluminum is quite light in contrast to steel. However, steel makes the bike more sturdy and solid. You can also check out bikes wherein a mix of both the materials is used.

3. Trail Bike: The most common bike considered by riders if they wish to ride through simple trails in the railbikes. However, in case you wish to have a challenging ride through tough terrains, you could opt for a cross-country mountain bike. For a beginner, bikes with fat tires are recommended.

Advanced riders have a lot of options to choose from like downhill bikes, all-mountain bikes, etc.

4. Gears and Brakes: Another important factor to consider is the gear system of the bike as it is directly related to the rider’s safety. When buying a mountain bike, be an expensive one or a cheap one, the brake and gear quality is very crucial.

A majority of the good bikes come with Shimano shifters to give the rider a smooth gear operation. Do not compromise on the brakes and gears.

5. Other Factors: A few more factors that you must look into while buying a mountain bike are:

  • Size of the Bike based on the user comfort and height
  • The pedals, seats, and handlebars
  • Wheel Size based on your height

Final Verdict

If you are someone who wishes to experience challenging sports and a lot of adventure, then mountain biking should top your list of to-do things. This adventure allows you to explore the best areas in the country in a different way. However, do not rush and take a plunge.

Make sure you get used to the trails, study the trails, start off with small paths and distances and build upon your experience. For mountain biking, skills and experience along with a great mountain bike are what is required. There are plenty of mountain bikes available in the market with some amazing features, designs, and styles.

However, when buying a mountain bike, you must research well, especially if you are a beginner. You can find some of the best mountain bikes under $200 and you can also find some of the best mountain bikes over $1500. However, in the end, you must select a bike that makes you feel comfortable, safe and gives you a good biking experience.

If you consider the factors listed above, and if you are on a budget, you will definitely be able to find a good mountain bike for less than $200 that matches your requirements.

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