Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000

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Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000

We have been witnessing a huge growth in the number of people who opt for Mountain Bikes as a part of their adventure journey. Mountain Bikes (MTBs) are durable, tough and perfect for off-road cycling. They remain strong and perform efficiently even on the rough terrains. If you are a newbie to the sport looking for a best suitable mountain bike, then you might be surfing through the wide variety of options available in front of you.

You can keep in mind that even if you are aiming at climbing mountains, riding downhill, or cycling for long distances, you don’t have to spend a huge amount on your MTB at the beginning of your journey and the high-end expensive MTBs can be your long term goal. What’s important is to go for a high-quality Mountain Bike with disc brakes for smooth riding on the hard terrains.

Generally, cross-country bikes and all-mountain bikes with wide tires can be chosen when you start with your off-road cycling journey. There are quite a number of best cheap mountain bikes available in the market. Let’s read through the Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 below.

Buying Guide

To buy a mountain bike could be an easy decision; however, buying the right mountain bike is not an easy process. The options are vast. Different kinds of Mountain Bikes are available for different terrains such as cross-country bikes, trail bikes, endure/all-mountain bikes, downhill bikes, and dirt jump bikes. Cross-country bikes are the best affordable mountain bikes that form the greater part of Mountain Bikes Under $1000.

Before finalizing an MTB, a number of factors should be taken into consideration. While the questions such as where do you want to ride, what is your current skill level, what kind of experience you are aspiring for, what is your budget etc need to be answered, the other factors like types of mountain bikes, suspension, wheel size, frame, brakes, and  gears also influence the decision.

Types of Mountain Bikes

There are hardtail bikes that have shocks only at the front and full suspension bikes with shocks both at the front and back. If you are looking for the best mountain bikes under $1000, then chances are high that you would want to go for a hardtail mountain bike. Generally, the full suspension bikes are expensive and cost above $1000. But, Schwinn and Diamondback Bikes offer full suspension, 29-er mountain bikes under $1000.

Another advantage of the hardtail bikes is that they help you to develop skills and become a better rider, especially when you have just started off with off-road biking. Huffy Escalate 21 Speed Hardtail Mountain Bike is one of the best selling hardtail MTB available in the market.

Wheel Size

Mountain bikes are available in different wheel sizes most common being 26-inch wheels, 29-inch wheels, and 27.5-inch wheels.

  • 26 inch: It has been the standard size in the industry for a very long time and also the conventional wheel size for mountain bikes. 26-ers are relatively small in size with shorter spoke length. They are stronger than the large size wheels of similar type and also convenient to change the directions quickly. Hence, 26-ers are best suited for technical off-roads with high twists and turns.
  • 29 inch: 29-ers are relatively new in the market, however, are most popular for mountain bikes. The bigger size wheels are more efficient and can carry the momentum better. Also, the bigger wheels can roll over the obstacles easily making the rides safer. However, it is difficult to turn these big wheels quickly when the need arises. 29-ers are best suited when you want the best speed and absolute performance.
  • 27.5 inch: It is the newest wheel size being introduced in the market that can offer the benefits of both 26-ers and 29-ers. It tries to balance the features of the two, without going extreme in any of the sides. In fact, it is the most recommended mountain bike wheel size in recent years.

Frame Material

Most of the Mountain Bikes come with the frame made of an aluminum alloy as it is light, strong, and durable. It is also the least expensive material that allows the bikes to be priced below $1000. There are also other materials such as Titanium and Carbon fiber being used in mountain bikes. Titanium is lighter, stronger and more durable than aluminum but even expensive as well.

The second alternative is Carbon fiber which is the costliest and the lightest amongst the three. While carbon fiber is used on mid-range to high-end MTBs, titanium is usually found only on high-end MTBs. Some of the cheap mountain bikes even use steel frame but it’s good to avoid steel on mountain bikes.

Frame Size

The size of the mountain bike doesn’t really matter as much it matters on road bikes; however, the right size MTB will help you get the best experience. Even the Best Mountain Bikes for Women are usually not different in frame size but are only easier to get on to. If you are choosing a mountain bike for the first time, you can go for a slightly smaller frame MTB which makes it lighter.


If you are willing to get yourself a good performing, quick, and lightweight mountain bike under $1000, the front suspension fork, aluminum frame, and 27.5-inch wheel would be the best choice. A point to be taken into consideration is that when the price of an MTB goes down, it means the bike has a heavier frame. Lighter the bike, easier the rides.


A wide gear range is required for biking over hard and tough terrains. But, crisp shifts are helpful to react quickly to ascents and descents. So, fewer gears in the front are always preferable because it requires more time if the swapping from the big to small chainring is to happen in the front.  Hence, a 20-gear bike (1 in the front, 10 in the rear) is better than a 27-gear bike (3 in the front, 9 in the rear) if it is available under $1000.


Traditionally, affordable mountain bikes had rim brakes. The latest addition in the low-priced mountain bike segment is the inclusion of disc brakes. Disc brakes react quickly and have increased stopping power, a feature needed in the mountain bikes. Also, in general, disc brakes are easier to use and allows the riders to concentrate on the path ahead.

What do you get by spending more?

When you are buying a mountain bike for the first time with only basic skills required for the sport, any good MTB under $1000 makes sense. However, if you are serious about long term plan or aiming at rocky, muddy, root filled terrains for riding then a high-end MTB with a greater budget is more useful. An increased budget gives you a wider choice of full-suspension bikes with better quality, lighter frame and also an increased trail performance and longer life.


Off-road cycling is one of the most loved adventure sports with an increased number of men and women taking a keen interest in it in recent years. However, selecting the right mountain bike is the only way to enrich that trail experience. Once you decide to buy an MTB, doing research on the variety of mountain bikes available and the features offered them will be helpful. Selection of a mountain bike depends on various factors such as budget, skill-level, wheel size, etc.

Also, there are best Women’s Mountain Bikes available under $1000 that are specially designed for women riders. If you are a beginner, then look for some hardtail mountain bikes and there are a number of options available at the affordable price range. Gravity and Marx Falcon are some of the brands selling mountain bikes under $500.

If you are an experienced rider looking for buying your second or third bike, then you can go for specific bikes such as Trek Mountain Bikes or Downhill Mountain Bikes which come with full suspension and bigger wheels to provide the best experience.

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