Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Mountain Bike Review

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Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Mountain Bike Review

The Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Bike is a bike for growing girls who are graduating from a kid’s bike to an intermediate bike. It is apt for streets and mountain trails. It will offer a comfortable and fun ride to your daughter and make her confident to ride anywhere, be it in the neighborhood or into the woods.

Diamondback is a famous bicycle brand that designs and manufactures bikes for explorers and dreamers. This particular bike is a robust and enduring bike, which can climb hills as well.

It is a perfect gift for your growing daughter so that she can experience the joys of dirt riding. It is sturdy and comes with fantastic features – 24-inch maneuverable wheels, solid steel frame, reliable brakes, suspension fork, etc.

Read the Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Bike review 2021 here and know why it is the best mountain bike to gift your daughter. We will learn more about the beautiful features of this article.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Tess 24 Youth Bike by Diamondback is designed for growing girls, who are graduating from a kid’s bike to a big one. This bike is perfect for girls who want to feel the rush while riding in the dirt. You can use this bike for a regular ride around the neighborhood and explore the woods.

This fantastic bike is ideal for a specific age group and aims at providing the best riding experience. It has a low-slung geometry to suit girls and a very strong built to handle tough routes. It is rated as one of the best mountain bikes for girls.

This mountain bike is also affordable and is rated as one of the top-selling mountain bikes under $250.

Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Mountain Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


Diamondback delivers its products partially assembled. The rest of the assembly is to be done by the customer, and this is the most challenging part. You ought to have some knowledge of working with tools and machinery.

But, the package comes with an instruction manual and a toolkit, which helps install the cycle with ease. You may take the help of one person to smooth down the assembly process. It will save you time and energy as well.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this mountain bike is excellent. It is sturdy and comes with a front suspension fork, which grinds the bumps smoothly. It has a seven-speed gearing system that is easy to operate. It helps in manipulating the twist shifters (Shimano M310 shifter), for achieving different speeds.

You can obtain 21 speeds with this mountain bike. It is a versatile bike that uses Shimano components. It has a robust and linear-pull braking system, which will bring the bicycle to a halt even if you are cruising at a reasonable speed.

The 24-inch tires of this Diamondback Mountain Bike are wide and knobby, which provide fantastic traction on different surfaces. The seat is 2-panel and padded and offers excellent comfort. Its design has a low-slung geometry that makes it perfect for girls.

The build quality of the Tess 24 Complete Youth Bike is superb. It is based around a very durable steel frame. It has a heavy-duty and high-quality steel material construction. It can take on local streets as well as cross-country loops.

It ensures the safety of the rider and is a perfect fit in terms of its built. A rider in the height range of 5’3” – 6’2” can easily fit on this bike. The XC suspension fork absorbs the uneven bumps and broken pavements. It is a highly robust bike, which is fun to ride.

Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Mountain Bike Features


The frame of a mountain bike is the most critical parameter when you go to buy a bike. Sturdier the frame, safer the bike. Tess 24 Mountain Bike is made of a heavy-duty, high-tensile steel frame, which gives it more durability and strength.

It is neither a lightweight bike and not so heavy to make the handling difficult. It is built just the perfect way to ensure safety and fun together.

24-inch Wheels

The wheel size of a mountain bike is also important to consider if you want your daughter to get exposed to new trails and terrains. The Diamondback Tess 24 comes with 24-inch wheels, which are ideal for rolling over any obstacle and trails. It also provides excellent traction and roll-over speed.

These wheels have 32h R-alloy rims and 14g stainless steel spokes for easy maneuverability. These broad and knobby tires can make any ride smooth and comfortable.


Kids bikes usually come with a single gear system, which makes the riding less enjoyable. But, as the kid grows up to use the Diamondback Tess 24 mountain bike, it exposes her to a wide range of gear levels.

These gears help in adding some fun riding with this bike. Drivetrain offers 21 gears so that you can beat the hill terrains on a cruise on flat roads. You can choose the gear effortlessly as per the terrain you are riding on.


Brakes are an essential feature when it comes to bicycles. It’s always adventurous riding a mountain bike, especially one that has a wide range of gear levels and speeds.

In such cases, having a powerful braking system is essential to ensure the full safety of the user. This mountain bike will come to an immediate halt, irrespective of the speed you are cruising on it. The linear-pull brakes give this bicycle the power to bring it to a halt.


The tires of this Diamondback Complete Youth Bike are wide and knobby. These 24-inch tires offer perfect traction and give a confident feel to the user.

They can absorb bumps as they can take more air volume. This bicycle can also accommodate wider tires by getting wider rims on it.


The Tess 24 mountain bike comprises of Shimano Revo twist shifters. For a smooth gear shift, this mountain bike comes with Shimano M310 shifter. This feature enables easy and smooth shifting for beginners and average riders.

You have to twist the thumb and index finger while keeping the hands on the handlebar. The shift collar is of dual-diameter, which enables any hand size to get a firm grip on the collar.


The suspension system of this mountain bike by Diamondback is a point on. A bogus suspension system limits the riding experience and makes it uncomfortable. This mountain bike’s suspension system helps in roughing challenging trails.

It is ideal for intermediate riders, and it will be easy to ride through minor bumps and obstacles. The HL Zoom 24-inch suspension fork with 40mm of travel makes it possible for this bike to deliver a smooth ride.

Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Mountain Bike Warranty

Diamondback is a popular brand in the fitness industry. All the equipment with this brand embraces high quality. The brand offers a very pretty warranty for its equipment. Lifetime warranty on the Rigid bike frames. Five years on the full suspension bicycle frames.

All these warranties will be applied only from the original retail purchaser.  Diamondback includes magazines, warranty cards, and owner manuals and trigger lock with itself. But the brand does not provide warranty for abuse, tear, and normal wear. The main motive of the brand is to provide you the safest ride.

Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Mountain Bike Pros & Cons


  • The steel frame is of high-quality and durable
  • The HL Zoom 24-inch suspension fork absorbs shocks and bumps
  • The linear-pull brakes are powerful and fast in action
  • The 7-Speed drivetrain gives a wide range of speed options
  • The 24-inch wide wheels give proper suction
  • The Shimano trigger shifter helps easy changing of the gear


  • The bike does not have a kickstand
  • Assembly needs necessary skills
  • No water bottle holder


The above review of Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Bike shows that it is a perfect bike for growing kids. The Diamondback Tess 24 mountain bike has impressive features and a fantastic built.

It is one of the best traditional bicycles to gift your daughter and help her in a smooth transition from a kid’s bike to an intermediate bike. It is also very affordable and is rated as one of the top-selling mountain bikes under $500.

Its robust frame, excellent suspension system, powerful brakes, wide tires, handlebars, padded seats, etc. make it the most-liked bicycle. It is an entry-level product but still manages to provide the best features at a wonderful price.

FAQs of Diamondback Tess 24 Complete Youth Mountain Bike

Can an adult your this mountain bike?
This mountain bike is ideal for young girls but comes with height specifications. A rider up to a height of 5’4” can use this bike comfortably.
Does the bike come with a kickstand?
This bike does not come with a kickstand, and this is the main drawback it has. But, you can use a floor rack to overcome this issue.
Doe this bike has gears?
This mountain bike comes with 7-gear options and gives a wide range of options to select from.