Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike Review

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Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike Review

The Diamondback Release 2 is one of the mountain bikes that come with full-suspension and high-mileage. This bike has a high shred factor and has been built similar to the smaller bikes from Diamondback that have a 130mm travel and Level Link suspension.

Diamondback has modified the geometry to include 29-inch wheels and also have maintained the playful attitude for which the Level Link bikes from Diamondback are quite famous.

The bike is good for steep and technical terrains as the Fox Float DPS Performance along with the air sleeve – EVOL LV air sleeve that offers outstanding responsiveness.

The bike has features such as a Shimano SLX drivetrain, hydraulic stoppers, and a 140mm travel Fox Rhythm 34 fork of 140mm travel that enable the user to remain focused irrespective of the trails.

The goal of the Diamondback Release series’ was to display the design of the Level Link bikes and this bike is definitely one of the best-pedaling trail bikes created by Diamondback. The Release 2 bike has stable speed, is quick on the corners, and is ideal for climbs.

If you are on the lookout for some of the best-pedaling trail bikes 2021, then the Diamondback Release 2 mountain bike is a good option. To know more about the bike, read through our Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike Review 2021.

Best Suited to Whom?

Whenever you purchase a mountain bike, it is better to get a bike that matches your requirements and is a right fit. The Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of those riders who wish to ride on hard terrains and difficult routes.

In case you are someone who wishes to step up the biking experience, the Diamondback Release 2 is worth considering.

The Diamondback Release 2 bike is also a good choice for those who are on a budget. It is good for beginners as well as experienced riders. If you are not tight on your budget you can opt for high-end bikes such as the Yeti SB150 Mountain Bike or the Yeti SB130 TURQ X01.

The Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike is well-equipped with a full-suspension system available and is one of the very comfortable mountain bikes available to ride on tough terrains.

Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike Assembly, Design, and Build Quality


The Diamondback Release 2 is hand-built and is shipped with a ready-to-ride system in place. There are only a few steps that have to be done before you take your bike on a ride. Diamondback ReadyRide bikes get rid of the tedious assembly process that might need hours to complete.

The ReadyRide bikes enable the user to ride the bike immediately. All the user has to do is fit the seat, front wheel, and the pedals. The brakes have already been fit in, and the derailleurs have been adjusted beforehand as

Design and Build Quality

The Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike has been a good debutant in the mountain bikes and trail bikes section. The trademark yet a patent-pending feature of Diamondback bikes – the Level Link system is among the best-pedaling suspension design ever designed.

This bike also has a progressive geometry that ensures the bike is fast makes the Release bike fast yet stable at high speeds. The Release 2 is also equipped with many durable components, inclusive of a Shimano SLX single-ring drivetrain, a KS E30i S dropper post, and a Fox Rhythm 34 fork of 150mm. The Release 2 enables the user to go through tough climbs as well as fast, technical, and steep descents.

The Release 2 has a great drivetrain and the Release 3 mountain bike has an upgrade on the drivetrain to X1. Overall, the bike is a budget-friendly bike that definitely makes it to our list of best pedaling trail bikes under $3000.

Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike Features


The design of the frame of the Diamondback Release 2 is quite unique. It has been designed and constructed using hydroformed aluminum. The use of aluminum makes the frame quite lightweight and this, in turn, enhances the bikes handling as well as performance.

The framework’s geometry coupled with the suspension platform of Diamondback minimizes the center gravity, which in turn enables the bike to accelerate easily even in corners.


The bike falls short in the brakes. The Release 2 has the SRAM’s DB5 brakes along with 180 mm rotors. These, no doubt, are quite affordable, which is the reason behind the bike being priced low. However, there is a lack of modulation as well as tool-free adjustments.


The bike comes with a 200mm travel Fox Float DPS EVOL LV. It comes with 3 compression positions i.e., open, semi-open, and fully open in addition to rebound adjustment. This shock operates well if the user rides on less intense trails. The shock might not be sufficient if you wish to take the bike on some aggressive trails.


The Release 2 comes with the Shimano SLX M7000 Shadow Plus shifters with about 11 – speed levels.


The Release 2 from Diamondback consists of 2.35” tires from Schwalbe. These are of amazing quality and good for intensive use. These are among the best tires that offer value for money.


Diamondback offers its users one of the very useful platforms of MTB suspension available in the industry currently – the level Link Suspension. It has about 4 suspension bars that completely isolate the drivetrain of the bike.

This gives users a very efficient pedaling platform. In addition to this, there is an efficient transfer of power to the rear wheel.


The wheels of the Diamondback release 2 belong to the house brand itself. The front and rear wheels are color-matched to the frame of the bike. The width of the wheels is about 28mm which is decent enough and though not very light, they are effective.


According to the brand Diamondback, the Release 2 mountain bike weighs about 31.3 pounds and this is a bit heavy for any trail bike. But, the weight can be reduced by swapping a few components or get some other wheels for the bike.


The Diamondback Release 2 has a KS dropper post that has to be raised for a climb and dropped for a downhill ride. Diamondback comes with the KS’s Southpaw lever along with a Supernatural dropper post. The Release 3 has a KS Lev Dropper that uses the Stealth routing, whereas the Release 1 does not have a dropper.

Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike Warranty

Frames of Diamondback bikes come with a 5 years warranty. But the full-suspension mountain bikes come with a warranty of 5 years. In case there is an issue with the frame of your bike, you just have to get in touch with Diamondback.

Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike Pros & Cons


  • The bike has the ReadyRide feature which ensures the assembly is taken care of
  • The frame is made of aluminum
  • The bike is light-weight
  • It has an SRAM drivetrain with 11 speeds to change gears easily
  • The bike has a front fork of 150mm
  • The bike has strong rims
  • It can be used for tough terrains
  • The bike has RACE FACE crankset that enables easy maintenance
  • It also has SRAM Flat T pneumatic wheels that give a maximum stopping power
  • The bike comes with 2.35” Schwalbe tires that offer optimal grip
  • The bike has its home brand wheels of 27.5″ wheels
  • The bike is affordable and budget-friendly


  • The tires are not tubeless
  • The warranty on full suspension bikes is not very good
  • The bike is little heavy for a trail bike


The Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike is one of the best trail bikes 2021 that is best suited for tough terrains and it is quite comfortable during the uphill climbs as well as the steep downhill ride. For users who wish to go on such adventurous terrains, the Release 2 is a dream.

This Mountain bike from Diamondback also comes with the Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires that enhance the grip as well as performance. The bike has a frame that is quite sturdy and light as it is built using aluminum. This is a full-suspension bike that merges the Degree Link suspension with the frame.

The SRAM Level Hydraulic brake levers are quite responsive and have the feature of Tooled Reach Adjust that improves on convenience. The front wheel has a very top-quality as well as productive suspension fork – the DebonAir Monarch RT3 and also comes with a very comfortable seat – the WTB Volt Race seat.

At the price, though the mountain bike is affordable it offers some of the best features that make it almost as good to some of the high-end mountain bikes available at a higher price. These features are tough to find in models in the same price range.

If you wish to have a bike that will sustain your tough rides and adventurous trails, then the Diamondback Release 2 Mountain bike is worth considering.

FAQs of Diamondback Release 2 Mountain Bike

What is the kind of bearing used in this bike for the wheel hubs?
Sealed bearings are used for the wheel hubs in the Release 2.
Is this bike ideal for a cross country rider?
The Release 2 mountain bike may not be ideal for a cross country race. However, it can be used for the purpose with the right rider.
What are the Diamondback release bike models best-suited for?
The Release models of Diamondback are perfect for riders who wish to take rough terrains and tough trails. They are also not hard on the budget. You can choose from the various models that are in the price range of $1,999.99 to $4,799.99. The various models are - Release 4C Carbon, Release 5C carbon, Release 29 2, Release 29 3, Release 1, Release 2, Release 3.