Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike Review

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Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike Review

If you are on a budget, the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike is one of the most affordable mountain bikes available in the market. This bike is a classic hardtail bike made of aluminum and is quite durable and reliable. The bike has wheels of 27.5 inches, about 24-speed settings, a suspension fork from Suntour which is about 4” and powerful disc brakes.

Read through our Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike Review 2021 to know all about the features and specifications of the bike. The tyres are quite huge and provide a good grip on rocky and bumpy trails which keeps you in control of the bike while you explore the trail.

Irrespective of whether the rider is a die-hard hardtail lover or is someone who is on the lookout for a sturdy mountain bike for beginners, the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike will definitely impress you!

Best Suited to Whom?

The Diamondback Overdrive Sport 27.5 Mountain Bike is the perfect model for gravel roads, mountain trails, and any other area which has rough terrains. The bike’s built allows the rider to enjoy a very smooth and comfortable ride on different kinds of trails in the countryside.

This bike is good for those who want an introductory bike which will put you at ease into mountain biking, the Diamondback Overdrive Sport 27.5 Mountain Bike is a perfect choice. Be it gravel roads or wooded trails.

This bike is quite a durable one which can be used on any kind of trail. You can check out some of the best mountain bikes 2021 which will give you a complete list of all the different bikes available.

Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike comes with very simple and easy instructions as well as advice which will help you assemble the bike very quickly. All you have to do is follow all the steps and your bike will be ready in no time. The assembly time varies depending on the skill level of the individual.

Assembly Time

Level 1- Not assembled a bike at all
This is if in case you have never ever assembled a bike or worked with any kind of tools and mechanical work. The assembly time for such a person will be 60-80 minutes

Level 2 – Help with basic mechanics
This is in case you have not assembled a bike but you can help out with basic mechanical work. The assembly time for you will be around 40-50 minutes.

Level 3 – A Bike Mechanic
If you have never assembled a bike fully but you have done a bit of bike-tuning work, you will fall in this category. The assembly time would be around 30-40 minutes

Level 4 – A Certified Mechanic
This level indicates that you are quite skilled at mechanical work. Hence the time taken to assemble the bike would be approximately 10 minutes or less.

Tools Needed
1. 4 and 5mm Hex Allen Keys* (Included with the bicycle)
2. A 15mm Pedal Wrench or a 6mm Allen * (Included with the bicycle)
3. A pump for the Bicycle Tire*
4. Grease for the Bike*
5. Head and Flathead Screwdriver- #2 Phillips*
6. Needle Nose Pliers
7. A Box Cutter or pair of Scissors
8. Cable Cutters
9. Shock Pump* (Included with the bicycle)

* Required

Design and Build Quality

The Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike has a build that is very durable. The tyres are rugged, and overall the bike has a very sharp appearance. This bike is designed to withstand the toughest of trails. This bike can accelerate quickly when you have to go through long trails and the large, knobby tyres work well with the bike.

What matters in any mountain bike is not its appearance and feel but the right specifications are important to have a good enjoyable ride. At times you might get a great looking bike, but the specifications may not be as great. However, this is not the issue with the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike.

This bike comes in many sizes and that is the best part of it. At times we find a good bike but do not find the perfect size and this can get annoying. In such scenarios, you may have to take home a big or a small model.

Riding a wrong bike size makes your body have a wrong posture and is very uncomfortable while pedaling. You will face a lot of difficulties while riding a bike of the wrong size. In the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike, you can select from various sizes depending on the height of your body.

The sizes are:

Small (16-in frame): best suited for a body height between 5’4” to 5’7”
Medium (18-in frame): best suited for a body height between 5’7” to 5’10”
Large (20-in frame): best suited for a body height between 5’10” to 6’1”
X-Large (22-in frame): best suited for a body height between 6’1” to 6’4”

It is obvious that the Diamondback 27.5 is excellent for riders having a body height in the range 5’4” to 6’4”. Almost all riders come within this height range, so every person will find the right bike size for themselves.

Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike Features


The Diamondback Mountain Bike is constructed out of top quality materials that offer maximum durability, just like the bikes from other manufacturers.

The bike has been constructed out of a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy – this enables the bike to hold up to any kind of riding condition, no matter how tough it is. Whether you ride on dirt roads, gravel pathways or a bumpy and rocky road, this bike will withstand all of it.

Another advantage is that the more durable the bike is, the less amount of time and money is spent on repairs. The aluminum used has lightweight properties that help keep the weight of the bike as low as possible.


The bike has rugged Kenda Honey Badger tires of 27.5 inches which can rollover any kind of surface and makes your ride comfortable and smooth. The Kenda Honey Badger tires have the capability of delivering more than required.


An expensive bike might give you a seat that is a little more comfortable while your ride. However, an uncomfortable seat can be easily fixed without any issues. In case you feel that your seat is not very comfortable, you can swap it with another seat or add some padding over it.


The gears of the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike make your ride very smooth and enjoyable. The bike has a 9-speed drivetrain from Shimano which gives you twenty-seven gears. With these gears, you can experience an instant transfer of power for unbelievable speed.

You can reach your destination as fast as possible, whenever necessary. The Shimano 9-speed drivetrain delivers the speed as well as power which is needed by the bicyclists when they pursue the challenging mountain trails.


Any mountain bike is known by the suspension it offers. This is the most important feature of any mountain bike. Thankfully, the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain bike comes with the SR Suntour suspension fork which makes sure you have a very comfortable ride even on the roughest ground surfaces.


If you have a look at the specifications of many modern mountain bikes, you will notice that most of them come with 21-speed settings at maximum. This might appear to be sufficient for a mediocre bike, but if you have a higher number of speed settings, it will always be good.

The best part about the Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike is that it has 27 speeds, which is 6 more than your average mountain bike. This helps the rider to tackle any kind of steep road easily. Check out some of the best mountain bikes for beginners.


Good brakes are very important in every bike. Good brakes are those which work efficiently all the time and anywhere.The brand Diamondback has equipped its Overdrive 27.5 bike with the Tektro Auriga series hydraulic disk brakes. These bikes are well-known for their amazing stopping power in all kinds of riding conditions as well as surfaces.


Another feature about this Overdrive 27.5” mountain bike is their sturdy wheels. If you buy a bike which has a solid body, many impressive features and does not have some good decently sized wheels, you will observe that you will not be able to have a good ride on some surfaces.

This specific MTB from Diamondback gives you rugged, large wheels that let you traverse on both smooth as well as challenging terrains with ease. No obstacles, rocks, pebbles, etc.will block your way when you have such sturdy wheels.

Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike Warranty

Diamondback products have been designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. Damages caused by abuse, regular wear, and tear, or neglect will not be covered by the warranty. Even the damages which do not affect the bike’s functionality or safety are not covered.

However, in case your bike comes with a manufacturing defect which is covered by the warranty, Diamondback will provide a prompt, courteous, as well as effective customer service.

A lifetime warranty is offered on the bike’s frame. The forks, Diamondback branded components and other components, suspension parts inclusive of but not limited to link plates, bushings, bolts, pivot bearing, fasteners, chainstays, seat stays, and shock units have a warranty of one year.

A one-year warranty is offered on labor cost and frame replacement. A 30-day replacement period is offered on labor cost, replacement of parts inclusive of the swingarm.

Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike Pros and Cons


  • The bike is reasonably priced
  • It has a variety of size options
  • The bike is sturdy and durable
  • The bike is made of aluminum which also makes it lightweight
  • It has some good aesthetics
  • The assembly process is easy and quick
  • There are about 27-speed settings
  • The bike comes with smooth shifting capabilities
  • A good warranty is offered


  • The teeth on the plastic pedals might be problematic in chilly weather
  • The seat may be a bit uncomfortable
  • Lockout is not available


It is definitely a tough and daunting task to find yourself a budget-friendly mountain bike that matches your requirements. The options are plenty these days in the market, and we are definitely spoilt for choice!

Finding a bike that is perfect for you when there are so many specifications and features can make the task much harder than expected. Fortunately, you can familiarize yourself with our Diamondback Overdrive 27.5” Mountain Bike Review 2021 which highlights all the specifications and features for you.

The Diamondback Overdrive 27.5” is an excellent option for various reasons. Firstly, it is a mountain bike which is available for just under $1,000 making it one of the most affordable mountain bikes out in the market.

It is a bike that is easy to ride, and this makes it a fantastic option for the new mountain bike riders. Most importantly, the Diamondback 27.5” Bike gives its riders just the perfect blend of specifications, benefits, and features which make it the perfect choice for a mountain bike.

It has all the most crucial features that anyone would want in their mountain bike, for instance, the larger tires as well as the solid frame. At a price tag of about $700, this mountain bike is worth checking out!


FAQs of Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike

What are the Alternatives to the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Mountain Bike?
There are many alternatives available to this bike which are as under:
(i) Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er: There can be quite a few similarities between the Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er and the Overdrive Sport, however, there are a few differences as well. For example, the Overdrive Comp 29er gives you a Shimano Deore 2×10 drivetrain and the Kenda Honey Badger tires are quite large at about 29×2.25 inches.
The Overdrive Comp 29er gives its riders a very comfortable, smooth and reliable performance due to its SRAM X-4 rear derailleur as well as Shimano front derailleur. Along with these, the bike has Tektro Novela disc brakes. A bike that is capable of riding through rain, dirt, mud, and any such scenarios.
(ii) Diamondback Overdrive Pro 29er: Just like the Diamondback Overdrive Sport, the Diamondback Overdrive Pro 29er comes with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame which makes it durable. However, the Overdrive Pro 29er is lower in terms of weight; it is just 28 pounds. It comes wilarge wheels of about 29 inches. This bike also has a 2×10 drivetrain from Shimano which offers both precisions as well as efficiency.
The fork from RockShox Reba RL lets the bike absorb maximum impact and makes your ride a very comfortable one. The M506 hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano let you stop as quickly as possible. Similar to the Overdrive Sport, the Diamondback Overdrive Pro 29er comes with front suspension, which helps in making your trail ride very smooth
(iii) Diamondback Apex Elite: The Diamondback Apex Elite is quite different from the Diamondback Overdrive Sport. This bike offers you a hydraulic lockout. In addition to this, its hydraulic brakes, which are a customized combination of Alivio Shimano, Acera, and Deore indicate that this Apex Elite bike can perform under any wet or rainy conditions.
The body is constructed out of lightweight aluminum material which increases its maneuverability and also gives the rider better control over the bike. Similar to the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5” Mountain Bike, the Diamondback Apex Elite provides durability in order to make sure that your bike can withstand even the roughest of terrains.
Are the mountain bikes from Diamondback any good?
Diamondback has got a great reputation for manufacturing bikes which are durable and which are often quite cheaper than any other brand. The company began as a manufacturer of BMX, but now it builds almost every kind and type of bike, inclusive of the mountain as well as road models. Diamondback is often viewed by Cyclists as a manufacturer of good entry-level bike models.
Where are Diamondback mountain bikes manufactured?
Diamondback mountain bikes are sold in numerous countries, inclusive of the United States, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh as well as the United Kingdom. The bikes are produced in China by the Kinesis Industry. Most Diamondbacks are known to be mid-type bicycles, having a high-end prototype in development as in 2011.
What is a Diamondback Bike best known for?
The Diamondback Overdrive Sport 27.5 is one of the best mountain bikes 2021 for mountain trails or gravel roads, or any other areas having a rough terrain. The build of this bike lets its riders enjoy a ride that is quite smooth even on various trails all through the rolling countryside. One of the most important and prominent features to be noticed in any mountain trail bike is its suspension. This bike offers you an SR Suntour suspension fork which makes sure you have a comfortable ride on even the roughest ground surfaces.
What Makes the Diamondback Overdrive Sport 27.5” Unique?
What makes this Diamondback Overdrive 27.5” Mountain Bike unique is that this bike is extremely fun to ride. This mountain bike is good for a person who is quite new to the concept of mountain biking. Yes, even a professional or advanced mountain biker will love this bike and find the Overdrive Bike to be a classic choice that offers many thrills.
Although hardtail bikes are a bit more challenging in terms of operation, in comparison to the full-suspension mountain bikes, the Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike is good for beginners for numerous reasons. For starters, a beginner can learn the trails more intimately. With a hardtail, the rider can refine their skills in order to compete against the professional bikers in no time.
How much does the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5” Mountain Bike cost?
This is a very important factor, as you will consider buying the Diamondback Overdrive 27.5” Bike because this bike is of top quality and is one of the best mountain bikes under $1000. The Diamondback Overdrive Bike can be purchased for about $700! This is a great price if you consider all the specifications, benefits and features of the Overdrive Mountain Bike.