Best Affordable Mountain Bikes 2021

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Best Affordable Mountain Bikes 2021

Mountain bikes are a thrilling and exciting way of going off-road. Many people love this kind of adventure and fun. But, the main task lies in choosing the appropriate mountain bike and also have value for money. It is a critical process to find one which is both affordable and best because of the variety of mountain bikes available in the market.

This article will be your buyer’s guide and will give you everything you need to know before buying the best affordable mountain bike. A mountain bike, first of all, should be capable enough to withstand harsh rocks, logs, mud, water, etc. without any breakage. The market is full of bikes which will deliver excellent results initially, but break down after some rides.

My article’s main aim is to escort you through this world and help you choose the best mountain bike. There are three main kinds of mountain bikes – Hardtail, Rigid, and Full-suspension. You can pick the one that suits your needs.

Top 3 Affordable Bikes 2021


Buying Guide to Find the Best Affordable Bike 2021

Define Affordable. Define Good: Define Budget…

Many factors come into play when you are looking for the best rocky mountain bikes, like Frame, Suspension, Rubber, and Wheels. Before anything else, first, decide on the money you can spend on owning such a bike. This aspect helps in narrowing down your choices to a great extent. You have an option of choosing the best mountain bikes under $200 or even the best mountain bikes over $1500.

This range is pretty broad, so it is ideal to first decide on a budget and then go ahead. The second important thing is to understand the difference between an ‘affordable’ and a ‘cheap’ mountain bike. Be very clear that the best cheap mountain bikes under $200 will compromise on some of the other factors.

You can easily find the Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes under $500, with aluminum frames and these affordable bikes will offer you good desirable results. The third thing is being aware of the skill of the person who is riding the bike, irrespective of the price. This is because, after a particular level, the bike and its cost have no role except the rider’s capabilities.

Now, here is the in-depth buying guide for the right mountain bike. It depends on your purpose of buying a mountain which further decides what kind of bike you should eye. I will start by reviewing the different bike styles for you:

Bike Styles

  • Trail Bikes – These are the most common types of bikes which are not so specific in purpose. You can use them for local trail heading, casual riding on descents and climbs, etc. The best trek mountain bikes are fun and efficient in the journey and are sturdy enough. They are not meant for racing though. The movement offered by this bike’s front and rear suspension (Suspension Travel) is between 10 and 140 mm.
  • Cross-Country Bikes – These kinds of bikes mean riding on a fast speed, with the ability to climb, etc. It lets you turn around faster and is perfect for competitions. They are not so heavy so that they can whip around quickly. Their suspension travel is between 80 and 100 mm. As compared to the trail bikes, they have a greater head tube angle.
  • All-Mountain-Bikes – These kinds of bikes involve more strenuous activity and climbing power, with more decent and steep climbs. Technologically, this bike has more features than other bikes. They are also perfect for pedaling uphill and are lighter in weight. The Suspension Travel of these bikes is between 140 and 170 mm. These are also the best full suspension mountain bikes.
  • Downhill Bikes – These types of bikes are made for professional and expert riders who like to trail on the dangerous terrain, participate in aggressive competitions, etc. The best downhill mountain bikes are tough bikes, and the riders of these bikes need to use full-face helmets and body armors because they face a lot of jerks, jumps, rocks, and wood while riding.
  • Fat Bikes – As the name suggests, these are the bikes with oversized tires. Such bikes are suitable for beginners because the wide tires absorb the shocks and deliver extra suction while traversing on sand or snow. The measurement of the tire is between 3.7” to more than 5” in width. These are also referred to as the kids’ mountain bikes.

Wheel Size

The size of the wheel is also a critical factor in deciding the best mountain bike. The standard wheel size in the market is 26 and 29 inches. The most popular ones are the 26-inch size wheels because they are very stable and buoyant. They are also widely available in the market. Hence there is no issue when you want to replace them.

The 29-inch tire is more stable and has more control over the bike, apparently due to some extra inches in it than the 26-inch tire. They work great on rough terrain and have a constant momentum. The only issue with these tires is that some riders find it difficult in moving around small spaces and sharp turns. To solve this issue, there is also a 27.5-inch tire available in the market which is ideal for obstacles, taking sharp turns, and easy maneuverability.

Frame Materials

There are many frame material used for a mountain bike. But, it all boils down to the type of bike that is being made. Mountain bikes should be lightweight and enduring, thus are usually made of aluminum alloy. But, if we see the high-end bikes, they make use of much lighter aluminum so that the bike is very light in weight. Such bikes need more precision as they are used on rough terrain.

Lighter the bike, more accessible it is to maneuver around hills. Steel is more substantial material for mountain bike because the heavier the bike, the more difficult it is to balance and move. Titanium and Carbon fiber are solid and expensive materials but light in weight. This is why they are used in high-end mountain bikes.


The ideal mountain bikes come with Suspension Forks. These are either coil or air-sprung. This feature gives more turning options to the bike and the user can adjust the settings as per the riding weight and riding style. These factors do add on to the cost of the bike. The user must make a note of the suspension to see if it smooth and does not creak, or leak. The user must also check for the suspension linkages before buying the bike.

Happy Shopping!

I am sure this buying guide will help you understand more about mountain bikes and decide which one suits you the best. It is the best mountain bikes 2021 guide for you which will give you the confidence to go and select the best one for yourself. Be realistic and get ready to hit the dirt with your new mountain bike.

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