Merit Fitness Equipment Review
Merit Fitness Equipment Review

Merit Fitness brand is known for its product quality and innovation. It has come forward in the world of healthcare to make fitness care accessible and affordable to everyone. The designs are pleasing and beautiful, made to be both useful and attractive. Merit Fitness brand has been long in the health industry and has improved itself with constant feedback. This valuable step in its growth has provided it with insight into what the customer needs. Knowing the requirements has helped Merit Fitness to innovate accordingly. Its fitness machines are equipped with the latest technology that makes your workout experience fun and enjoyable too. Thus, the brand had brought into the market only those products that will ensure complete satisfaction to customers.

Why Merit Fitness Stands Out Among the Rest

Long-lasting products that are comfortable to use and easy to maintain are the ideals of Merit Fitness. Further, every single piece of equipment undergoes layers of quality check in the manufacturing units before they are shipped to the retail stores across the world. Also, these machines are supported with lifetime warranties by the brand s just build a little more trust with you.

The customer relationship, when it comes to Merit Fitness, doesn’t end with the sales. Rather it is just the beginning. From assembling the product to free maintenance services and replacement of parts, the brand stands with you all the way.

Merit Ellipticals

With LCD display and more attractive features, the ellipticals of Merit Fitness are an attractive buy. There are two different models named 725E and 715E respectively. These Merit Ellipticals have a 16 inches stride length for each of them and pivoting pedals with adjustable resistance ranges. They support a maximum user weight of 275lbs and have great warranties.

There is a five-year warranty on the frame and a three-year warranty on the brake. What more, they have free maintenance and labor services for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.

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Merit 715E
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Merit 725E
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Merit Exercise Bikes

The Merit Fitness brand has the 720B as its best and sole model in bicycle range. It comes with six inbuilt programs that include intervals and heart rate controlled programs. With a 7.5 V power pack and Programmable resistance, Merit Exercise Bikes equipped to give great workout results for any user. The steel frame has a five-year warranty while the parts and labor warranty lasts as long as 90 days. There is an attractive 10*10 dot matrix, dual window LCD display.

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Merit Treadmills

The Merit treadmills come with a solid 42mm roller dimension which ensures comfort and ease of use no matter how tall you are. They also have adjustable incline which is electrically powered in the top models. They have a lifetime warranty on the frame, a separate warranty of individual parts that vary from 1 year to lifetime warranty in successive models and 90 days of free labor and maintenance. The power of the basic models is 2.50 hp while it increases to 2.75 hp in the top model. They are quiet and noiseless during workouts, making the sessions peaceful and enjoyable for you.

Pros and Cons of Merit


  • Premium quality at great prices.
  • The Warranty Period is awesome.
  • Home delivery of the product.


  • The multi-program treadmills, ellipticals, and treadmills are complex to use for novices.
  • Assembly of the products is time-consuming.
  • The products are not easily movable.


The Merit Fitness brand offers a great variety in its models. In the models, there are features that fit your needs perfectly. They combine comfort, efficient workouts, and entertainment into a single package. There is nothing lacking in the features of these models. They are also a great buy for their prices and the prices themselves are lower in comparison, making it accessible for everyone. There is one of their kind features in the equipment, fitted as a result of years of experience in the field of fitness training.

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