Bowflex M7i Max Trainer Review

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Bowflex M7i Max Trainer Review

Bowflex M7i Trainer is rated among the best trainers that offer significant performance featuring the all-new performance targeting programming. It records the users’ performance and adjusts the parameters accordingly.

It helps the users by guiding them to push to their maximum limits and remain fit and healthy for life. The Bowflex M7i Max Trainer is precisely the top of the line fitness equipment of the brand that is powered by advanced features as discussed in detail at Bowflex M7i Max Trainer Review 2021.

The provision of the dual mode of LCD/LED displays, aerobar grips equipped with burn rate and commercial grade handles make this machine perform exceptionally well.

Therefore, the advanced features of this Bowflex max trainer make it rank among the best trainer for home use having the commercial-grade quality build

Best Suited for Whom?

The Bowflex max trainer is primarily meant for all those fitness enthusiasts who prefer to burn more calories within less time.

As the max trainer from Bowflex provides excellent results as compared to the traditional ellipticals and treadmills, so the users can exercise at high levels of intensity using the same perceived efforts.

Moreover, those people who prefer to work out with low-impact exercise sessions can opt for this max trainer as it significantly reduces the chances of injury to the users.

Therefore, the Bowflex M7i Max Trainer is the best trainer under $4000 that makes it the high-end trainer but also the best buy max trainer 2021.

Bowflex M7i Max Trainer Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Bowflex max trainer is a compact sized machine that is highly durable and has a solid built quality that needs to be assembled carefully.

Therefore, the user usually requires the assistance of one more person and needs to follow all the guidelines of manual carefully and strictly to ensure the assembling is done precisely.

But, if you seek to hire professional help for the assembling of the trainer, then you have to pay extra money for availing the professional services.

Design and Build Quality

This Bowflex max trainer is compact sized fitness equipment that is highly durable and solid that surpasses all the levels of perfection and precision.

It is an intelligently designed machine with solid steel build that makes it perform exponentially well and enhance its shelf-life as well.

The max trainer from Bowflex is engineered to provide excellent results in less time with no jarring impact on the joints.

Thus, the provision of zero impact motion accompanied by commercial grade handles, ultra small footprints make this equipment a powerful gym styled machine that provides maximum convenience to the users.

The provision of burn rate console offers a clear insight into the exercise data, and the adjustable resistance levels make it a well-designed machine.

This max trainer from Bowflex has the dimensions measuring 124.5 cm x 77.5 cm x 166.4 cm and the user with maximum weight up to 300 lbs can effectively utilize this trainer.

Bowflex M7i Max Trainer Features


The Bowflex M7i Max Trainer comes equipped with 20 resistance levels that enable the users to choose the level of resistance that they prefer to engage in their workout sessions.

The feature of adjustability in the levels of resistance further adds to the comfort of the users as they can easily modify the intensity levels during the exercise sessions and make most of their fitness routines on this max trainer.

Fitness meter

 This Bowflex max trainer arrives with the provision of large-sized dual mode LCD/LED display screen.

The LCD/LED display screen provides information about eleven preset programs that offer different workout plans incorporating target mode programs and performance mode programs for optimal performance.

The information regarding speed, distance, time, calories along with additional workout programs enhance the usability of the max trainer.

The max trainer is compatible with integrated heart rate sensors, USB charging port that adds to the productivity of the trainer and makes it perfect fitness equipment.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth connectivity also adds to the productivity of the max trainer making it a viable source to share information about exercise data across different platforms. The user can easily sync his exercise data with max trainer app that is available for Apple iOs and Android devices.

Heart Rate Programs

This max trainer from Bowflex Brand comes equipped with a heart rate monitoring program that clearly shows the heart rate of the users during different workout programs.

It is a wireless heart rate program that offers the provision of contact grips system build into the handlebars for effective heart rate monitoring. The users can also the avail the chest strap that comes along with the trainer.

It helps to maximize the efficiency of the trainer allowing the users to have better access to the heart rate programs.


This Bowflex max trainer is designed with the premium quality stainless steel pedals that not only provide durability but also add to the comfort of the users.

The racing-style pedals of this max trainer make it ideal for hardcore fitness trainers who prefer to have the experience of a gym trainer at their home.

Built-in transport wheels

This Bowflex max trainer comes equipped with transport wheels that make it highly mobile and usable especially in space-constrained areas.

Also, this Bowflex max trainer arrives with the provision of ultra-small footprints that makes this trainer an ideal option for space-constrained areas making it the best compact trainer.

It not only offers a professional gym-like experience to the users but also can be quickly moved to any place owing to its small size.

The Grab handles

This Bowflex max trainer arrives with the provision of sculpted dipped handlebars that are designed with an upgraded aero bar for offering the professional gymming experience to the users

Bowflex M7i Max Trainer Workout Programs

The max trainer from Bowflex is designed for offering the hardcore fitness results owing to its impressive workout programs. The trainer has got eleven preprogrammed workout options incorporating target mode programs and performance mode programs.

The target mode programs include 7-minute interval, 14-minute interval, 21-minute interval, power interval, calorie goal, and steady pace. While the performance mode programs include fat burn, calorie burn, stairs, manual and fitness test.

All these programs are designed to provide excellent results to the users. The dual mode of LCD/LED display with numerous workout options and four users profile offer ample opportunities to the users to engage in preferred workout regimes precisely.

This Bowflex M7i Max Trainer is designed with targeted programming that guides the users and pushes them towards their maximum limits to attain fitness goals.

Bowflex M7i Max Trainer Warranty

The Bowflex M7i Max Trainer is powered by a valid warranty that enhances the confidence of the users and also provides credibility to the brand as well.

It is backed by a three-year whole machine warranty. Therefore, the availability of a valid warranty backup on the Bowflex max trainer makes it rank among the best fitness equipment for home use.

Bowflex M7i Max Trainer Pros & Cons


  • The premium quality steel built for enhanced durability
  • The large-sized dual mode LCD/LED console
  • The provision of 20 levels of resistance
  • The stainless steel pedals offers utmost comfort and convenience
  • The provision of Bluetooth connectivity and syncing of data
  • Heart rate monitoring with the provision of chest strap
  • The zero-impact workout sessions enhances the performance
  • Provision of 4 user profiles


  • It is not budget-friendly fitness equipment
  • It is not meant for the beginner level fitness enthusiasts


The Bowflex M7i Max Trainer is the perfect fitness equipment for all those enthusiasts who prefer to have a commercial grade fitness machine at their home.

Even though it is high-end equipment but considering its premium built quality, advanced features and impeccable designing, it is worthy of its cost.

The max trainer provides excellent results with zero-impact workout sessions, and the user can attain the same results in just half of the time.

All these factors make it highly recommended equipment for those people who face time constraints and can’t go to the gym regularly.

Therefore, the Bowflex M7i Max Trainer is a power-packed machine that offers incredible performance, durability, valid warranty back up and safety provisions.

Thus, if you intend to invest in a machine that can provide you with the excellent results in the long run, then this max trainer from Bowflex must be your pick for the year 2021.