Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Review

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Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Review

Bowflex M5i Max Trainer is well-recognized fitness equipment that arrives with the breakthrough technology to accelerate the fitness attempts of the fitness enthusiasts.

It provides 14 minutes max interval workout that offers the benefit of best cardio sessions equipped with low-impact workout sessions.

 The Bowflex M5i Max Trainer is power-packed fitness equipment that is quite tough on the calories and offers the benefit of excellent weight loss sessions without having any jarring impact on the joints and muscles.

Moreover, the users can maximum burnout of calories in half the time as spent on treadmills. This Bowflex max trainer is designed with computer controlled resistance having 16 levels of resistance and nine workout programs that make it a well-integrated machine that offers excellent results.

Thus, it provides commercial-grade built for home-based users at an affordable pricing structure. You can take a comprehensive look at the Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Review to know about its functional efficiency with precise information.

Best Suited for Whom?

The max trainer from Bowflex is a sturdy machine that is designed for all those fitness enthusiasts who prefer to yield the best results in a short span of time.

Thus, if the user wants to lose weight, he can do so by opting for 14 minutes max interval training program along with perfectly sculpting their body. The users can benefit from burning out 280 calories in just 14 minutes workout, and they can enjoy a fit and healthy body with perfection.

Also, those people who need to work out with zero impact on their joints and muscles, then working out on this max trainer can provide excellent results. Therefore, the  Bowflex M5i Max Trainer is the best trainer under $2000 ideal for home use that makes it the best buy max trainer 2021.

Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Bowflex max trainer is a smartly designed machine that fits anywhere owing to its compact size, but it is a reliable machine that requires perfection in assembly for hassle-free functioning.

Thus, the user needs the help of another person and strictly follow all the guidelines of the manual. But, if you prefer hiring professional support for the assembling process of the trainer, then you have to pay the additional cost to get it assembled correctly.

Design and Build Quality

This max trainer from the house of Bowflex is power-engineered using the innovative technology that makes it well-designed and robust fitness equipment. The sturdy steel built of this fitness equipment makes it an accomplished trainer that delivers commercial build quality to the home users.

This max trainer arrives in dimensions measuring 46.1″ x 25″ x 62.9″ and can bear maximum weight up to 136 kg.  The max trainer is designed with backlit LCD that is highly impressive regarding its functioning and offers various workout programs for keeping the users fit.

This max trainer from Bowflex provides both upper and lower body workout as it offers ultra smooth workout sessions with zero-impact on joints and knees.

The 16 levels of resistance provide an exciting challenge to the users to get ahead and workout at higher intensity levels with precision.

The provision of target zone monitoring and burn rate indicators enable the users to set a goal and strive hard to attain that goal with perfection. This Bowflex M5i Max Trainer is accompanied by a heart rate monitor and chest strap to ensure that the users derive maximum benefit from workout out.Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Review

Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Features


The Bowflex M5i Max Trainer arrives with 16 resistance levels that are controlled by the computer to yield the best results. The user can easily control the resistance levels by just the press of the button and can also modify the level of intensity as per their comfort level and workout program.

Fitness meter

This Bowflex max trainer is designed with the backlit display screen that shows the workout information precisely. The LCD screen display information about speed, distance, time, calories.

The max trainer shows nine workout programs incorporating max interval, smart max interval, calorie burn, fat burn, calorie goal, stairs, steady state, fitness test + manual mode.

Furthermore, the compatibility with the free max trainer app and Bluetooth help in sharing exercise data on Android devices and Apple iOS.

Heart Rate Monitor

This max trainer has got a heart rate monitor that makes it practical to observe the workout results easily.

Furthermore, this max trainer is equipped with a contact heart rate monitor with the added benefit of the wireless feature makes it a program that can be shared by syncing with Bluetooth facility.

The availability of the chest strap with the max trainer makes it a highly preferred option for people who need to maintain a complete check on the heart rate during different workout programs.


This Bowflex max trainer comes equipped with pedals that are comfortable, and the users don’t feel exerted even after the long duration of workout sessions.

Built-in transport wheels

This Bowflex max trainer has got transport wheels that make this compact-sized equipment ideal for small areas.

Thus, the user can move and store the equipment as per this requirement without bothering about the wear and tear of the machine owing to its premium quality build.

Furthermore, the ultra-small footprints make this trainer compact equipment for anywhere usage.

The Grab handles

This Bowflex max trainer has got firm grip handles that provide excellent support to the users during different levels of workout sessions. Thus, the unwavering support of firm grip handles makes this equipment a must-have machine for fitness enthusiasts.

Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Workout Programs

The max trainer of Bowflex is well-designed fitness equipment that aims to provide incredible loss of calories in incredibly less time as compared to the traditional treadmills.

It helps to tone the upper body along with offering the intense cardiovascular sessions that help to keep the users healthy. This max trainer comes equipped with nine workout programs incorporating max interval, smart max interval, calorie burn, fat burn, and fitness test.

The users can also go for the manual mode of programs by setting the speed and resistance levels as per their specific requirement. Overall, these max trainer workout programs provide excellent results with impressive calorie burn out and sculpting of the body.

Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Warranty

The Bowflex M5i Max Trainer is supported by a valid warranty set up that makes the users consider buying this fitness equipment relying on its warranty policy.

Thus, It is backed by a two-year whole machine warranty from Bowflex. Therefore, the provision of a valid warranty backup on the Bowflex max trainer makes it rank among the best trainers for fitness enthusiasts for optimal results

Bowflex M5i Max Trainer Pros & Cons


  • Durable performance due to robust steel build
  • 14 minutes max interval program for higher calories burn
  • The backlit LCD screen for ease during the workout
  • The provision of 16 levels of resistance challenges
  • The syncing of workout data with Android devices and Apple iOS devices
  • Contact heart rate monitoring with wireless connectivity and chest strap


  • Assembly is tedious requires a professional.
  • There is no provision for speakers and iPod.
  • It may seem to be pricey equipment considering its less warranty coverage.


The Bowflex M5i Max Trainer is the recommended fitness equipment for having the expert fitness results owing to its commercial-grade build quality.

Moreover, its advanced features accompanied by safety provisions make it an excellent option for all fitness enthusiasts who prefer to have a robust fitness trainer with the splendid performance.

Also, the target-zone monitoring provides maximum benefit to the users to keep them fit and healthy. The max trainer offers innovatively designed computer controlled resistance that makes it accomplished equipment.

Therefore, the user can have the assurance of zero impact workout sessions and burning the calories at halftime as compared to treadmills. So, if you intend to lose out the weight within considerable time-period, then you can avail the benefit of this Bowflex max trainer.

Therefore, the Bowflex M5i Max Trainer is the professionally designed fitness equipment that excels in performance, precision and ultimate cardio workout with body sculpting and calorie loss.

Thus, if you prefer to buy excellent fitness equipment that turns your workout goals into a reality, then purchasing the Bowflex Brand is the must for you in the year 2021.