Bowflex M3i Max Trainer Review

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Bowflex M3i Max Trainer Review

Bowflex M3i Trainer is acknowledged as one of the leading fitness equipment that is designed with low-impact and high-intensity workout programs.

The provision of breakthrough 14-minute max trainer workout makes it the highly recommended equipment for the advanced level of the fitness regimen to achieve desired goals.

The Bowflex M3i Max Trainer is innovatively designed to provide optimal results for fitness enthusiasts as it has got resistance and speed controlled by the click of a dial.

Furthermore, the streamlined design makes it ideal fitness equipment for hardcore fitness training along with being gentle for beginner level users.

Therefore, the Bowflex max trainer provides a unique design while being an entry-level max trainer that is highly affordable and powered with advanced features.

Thus, this trainer becomes an excellent option for home-based users. You can take a detailed look at the Bowflex M3i Max Trainer Review to get a precise view of its functioning capability.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Bowflex max trainer is designed for all those fitness enthusiasts who look for high-intensity workout sessions but without compromising on their safety.

This max trainer is ideally meant for those people who prefer to have rigorous workout sessions but without having any jarring impact on their knees and joints.

As this max trainer from Bowflex provides upper and lower body workout sessions, so it is a recommended option for people who prefer to have an amalgamation of an elliptical and stair climber for optimal results.

Also, all these results are provided with max 14-minute training program with perfection. Therefore, the  Bowflex M3i Max Trainer is the best compact trainer under $1000 that makes it budget-friendly equipment and also the best buy max trainer for 2021.

Bowflex M3i Max Trainer Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The max trainer from Bowflex is a durable machine that comes with a compact design and hence, can be utilized with ease and precision. But, the premium quality parts of this fitness equipment require the assembling by more than one person.

Therefore, the user needs to follow all the guidelines with precision for the perfect assembling of the equipment. But, if the user needs to hire professional help for assembling, then he has to incur extra expenses for getting the trainer assembled accurately.

Design and Build Quality

This Bowflex max trainer is innovatively designed to fit all the places and owing to its compact size; this machine can be used anywhere.

Moreover, its sturdy steel built with gym quality commercial grade parts make it long lasting and perform exceptionally well for a long time.

This Bowflex max trainer has got the dimensions measuring 46″ x 25″ x 63″ inch, and this equipment can easily bear maximum weight up to 136 kg.

The provision of heart rate monitor with chest strap helps the users to achieve the desired goals with accurate results. The Bowflex max trainer is an entry level model from the brand having the best features enhancing its productivity and precision for optimal performance.

It is designed with ultra-small footprints that make it highly useful for optimal results. It is designed to provide no-impact exercise sessions that make it a perfect choice for intense workout sessions without worrying about injuries.

The machine is designed with the target zone and burn rate indicators that motivate the users to get ahead and achieve their goals with the dedicated approach.

This Bowflex M3i Max Trainer is designed two workout programs that aim at pushing the users to the max limit and enjoy the different workout regimes to keep fit and healthy.

Bowflex M3i Max Trainer Features


The Bowflex M3i Max Trainer is designed with eight resistance levels that allow the users to engage in the workout with their preferred level of intensity.

The users can productively modify the level of resistance as they move from beginner level to the more advanced level of workout with higher intensity levels.

It enables the users to conveniently use the intensity level and workout as per their specific requirement to attain desired fitness goals.

Fitness meter

 This max trainer from Brand of Bowflex doesn’t come equipped with an LCD display screen. But, it is equipped with a dial that shows information regarding burn rate, calories, resistance level, and speed.

Thus, the user can easily control the speed as well as the levels of the resistance by just clicking on the dial. It keeps the user engaged in the workout and modifying the intensity levels and speed without stopping the machine.

Heart Rate Monitor

This max trainer is equipped with a dedicated heart rate monitor that provides a comprehensive detail about the heart rate during different levels of workout sessions.

The provision of the chest strap further enables the users to keep a continuous check on the heart rate and workout as per their convenience.


This Bowflex max trainer comes equipped with easy to use and most comfortable pedals that allow the users to go on with their workout sessions for longer duration without exerting themselves.

Moreover, the users can experience the professional gym-like experience with this trainer as it provides secure workout sessions at amazing speed without any exertion.

Built-in transport wheels

This Bowflex max trainer is designed with the inbuilt transport wheels that make it highly mobile and usable especially in space-constrained areas.

The feature of ultra-small footprints makes this trainer compatible for small areas owing to its compact size. Also, it weighs 143 pounds that makes it easy to handle and transport for optimal results.

The Grab handles

This Bowflex max trainer is designed with firm grip handles that provide strong support to the users mainly during the intense workout sessions.

Furthermore, the users can freely engage in the rigorous exercise regimen with assurance as the firm grip grab handles provide safety to the users.

Bowflex M3i Max Trainer Workout Programs

The Bowflex max trainer is designed to provide a complete workout for the upper and lower body as well. Thus, two workout programs that are preprogrammed into this trainer for optimal results.

These programs incorporate max trainer and manual programs. The max trainer is a 14-minute workout program that enables the user to burn off excess calories in 14 minutes workout trainer as compared to traditional treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbers.

The manual mode allows the users to choose the workout and the level of intensity as per their convenience. Thus, this trainer provides complete full body workout sessions with amazing cardiovascular programs that not only transforms the body but enables the users to shed off excess calories in less time.

Bowflex M3i Max Trainer Warranty

The Bowflex M3i Max Trainer is backed by a valid warranty that makes this fitness equipment worthy of investment. It is backed by a one-year whole machine warranty. Therefore, the provision of a valid warranty back up makes this machine ideal equipment for home-based users.

Bowflex M3i Max Trainer Pros & Cons


  • It is budget-friendly equipment for less than $1000.
  • Control the speed and resistance levels just by the click of a dial.
  • Offers 2.5x more productive results with its zero-impact workout sessions
  • The target-zone and burn rate programs for better results
  • Eight levels of resistance to increase intensity levels for fitness enthusiasts.


  • It offers a minimal time frame for the warranty
  • Doesn’t come equipped with an LCD display screen and premium grips.
  • It doesn’t come equipped with speakers.
  • There is no provision of iPod and Bluetooth.


The Bowflex M3i Max Trainer is the highly recommended max trainer owing to its features and commercial build quality. Even though it is the basic level model of max trainer that is not equipped with all the premium features but it has got all the necessary features that make it worthy of investment.

The max trainer is excellent fitness equipment that offers impressive performance owing to its zero-impact workout sessions.

This max trainer allows the smooth and natural movements of the body resulting in power-packed cardiovascular exercise sessions and burning off lots of calories in less time.

Thus, if you prefer to have portable and convenient to use the max trainer at reasonable pricing with trusted performance, then this max trainer from Bowflex must be your preferred choice to keep you fit and healthy.