Lifespan Equipment Review

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Lifespan Equipment Review

LifeSpan is the renowned international fitness brand that is acclaimed to provide the quality-driven and innovation inspired fitness products. The brand was established in the year 2001 with the aim of offering the best and encouraging way the people live, work and keep themselves fit and healthier in a more sustainable way. The LifeSpan brand manufactures LifeSpan ellipticals, LifeSpan treadmills, LifeSpan indoor cycles, LifeSpan recumbent bikes, LifeSpan upright bikes, LifeSpan treadmill desks and LifeSpan bike desks.

The headquarters of the LifeSpan is based in Salt Lake City, USA. The brand is motivated to make people healthy with LifeSpan Fitness and LifeSpan Workplace and LifeSpan App. The LifeSpan Fitness manufactures the equipment for home and commercial use while the LifeSpan Workplace is dedicated to manufacturing fitness equipment for office use like treadmill desks and bike desks. The LifeSpan App is further divided into active trac, train and trac and LifeSpan club to encourage users to get ahead towards their health and overall fitness.

The brand is dedicated to providing the fitness treadmill equipment for home, workplace and gym and its business is spread across 29 countries of the world. The market share of the brand is expanding as the brand is spreading the horizons to cater to the new rage of clientele.

Why LifeSpan Stands Out Among the Rest

The LifeSpan brand is acknowledged as the premium fitness brand that provides top-notch fitness equipment across the globe. It is dedicated to providing the quality-driven hardware accompanied by progressive technology to ensure that the users have amazing health benefits using the Lifespan equipment.

The brand is also an accomplished global leader in providing the active professional workstations to motivate people to remain healthy in their office environment. The primary intent of LifeSpan App is to keep the users informed about their fitness updates and how can they achieve more with the use of LifeSpan equipment. All these factors enhance the reputation of the brand LifeSpan making it the fastest growing brand that is trusted by millions of people throughout the world.

LifeSpan Treadmills

LifeSpan Fitness is recognized for manufacturing the best treadmills for home use that are meant to provide the superior fitness results to the home-based users. Also, the brand manufactures the best commercial treadmills offering the range of fitness solutions specially designed for the gym and commercial purposes to make people healthy.

The home fitness treadmills of LifeSpan is designed with the provision of folding capacity, and it is meant to enhance the overall fitness with hard-core endurance training accompanied by low-impact exercise sessions.The commercial Treadmills of the Lifespan brand offer the high-end quality with impeccable performance and various fitness programs. The brand also manufactures the medical treadmill that is designed with impressive construction and meant for rehabilitative purposes.

The brand offers innovative technology by providing the treadmill desk for office use that removes the constraints of the space and allows the people to keep themselves fit along with working in the office environment. The users can opt for the treadmill computer desk to ensure that they remain fit even while working in their office space.

LifeSpan Ellipticals

The elliptical series of LifeSpan has been categorically redesigned to provide the high-end and impact-free exercise equipment to the users.The ergonomic designing, smooth functioning of all the LifeSpan ellipticals equipped with corebalance training technology and Bluetooth connectivity make them the best elliptical trainers of the market.

All the ellipticals trainers are designed with the provision of the intelligent console, apps and “Go Green” feature. Moreover, the LifeSpan ellipticals are quite useful as these are designed to provide the benefit of cardiovascular training, muscle toning with weight loss program. The brand manufactures the top-notch home use ellipticals, semi-commercial ellipticals and folding ellipticals that cater to different requirements of the users.

LifeSpan Exercise Bikes

LifeSpan Indoor Spin Bikes

LifeSpan Recumbent Bikes

LifeSpan Upright Bikes

The brand LifeSpan manufactures the premium quality exercise bikes for residential as well as the commercial use. The users can avail the benefit of best indoor cycle spin bikes for home designed by LifeSpan for offering the muscle strength, weight loss, cardiovascular health and general well-being of the users. The user can opt for LifeSpan recumbent bikes, and LifeSpan upright bikes that are designed with the advanced features and premium build quality to offer the high-end fitness equipment to the users.

The brand also manufactures the office Lifespan exercise bikes with the provision of bike desks that arrive in solo design, duo design for two people and trio design for accommodating three people at the same time. The essential intent of LifeSpan brand is to transform the standing desk into a progressive and active workstation for single user and multi-users.

LifeSpan Rowing Machines

The LifeSpan Rowing Machines are designed to provide the hard-core cardio workout sessions with total body fitness. Moreover, these rowing machines offer the low-impact rowings sessions that make them gentle on joints and knees. The folding rowing machines provide the smooth and natural drive system equipped with magnetic resistance. All the LifeSpan rowing machines offer the benefit of sturdy built material with user-friendly features that enhance their usability.

Also, the LifeSpan rowing machines arrive with the benefit of comfortable to read consoles, ergonomically designed seat, handlebars and paddles to ensure that the users have great workout sessions with maximum precision and convenience. It helps to avoid overexertion during the rigorous workout sessions. Thus, the budget-friendly fitness rower with all safety provisions makes the exercise sessions precise and result-oriented.

Pros and Cons of LifeSpan Equipment


  • All the LifeSpan equipment are designed with innovative technology to provide only high-end products to users.
  • These equipment come equipped with superior quality build material that enhances their shelf-life.
  • The industry standard warranties in frame, parts, motor and labor ensure the reliability of the brand.
  • The provision of intelliguard makes the LifeSpan equipment safe to use.
  • The Go Green feature puts the LifeSpan equipment into the low-energy state to enhance the efficiency of the machine.
  • There is a provision of free shipping on all the LifeSpan equipment.
  • The provision of 30-day guarantee on all the LifeSpan equipment enhance their reliability.
  • Most of the LifeSpan equipment provides access to free LifeSpan Club membership to its users.
  • Many of the LifeSpan fitness equipment comes equipped with the folding provision making them suitable for space-constraint areas.


  • The few models of LifeSpan equipment may appear costly to a few users.


The LifeSpan equipment is rated among the leading fitness equipment of the international market owing to their commitment to delivering high-end treadmills, customer-oriented and easy to use fitness machines. The brand is acknowledged and awarded by the prominent platforms like Treadmill Doctor, Health, businessinsider, Runner’s World and many others for providing the world-class fitness equipment.

The fundamental motivating force behind the innovation is the brand’s determination to manufacture the fitness equipment that transforms people’s lives and make them involved in healthy living programs. Thus, their monotonous and lethargic working schedule be it at home, office or gym is converted into more active and result-oriented workout sessions. Moreover, the LifeSpan equipment is meant to provide the varied, healthy workout programs that the users can choose as per their convenience and comfort level.

Also, the brand attempts to create the equipment that is budget-friendly even though some of their products are high-end to ensure their reach to the masses. Thus, if you are a fitness enthusiast who intends to buy new fitness equipment or upgrade the existing model, then taking a look at the LifeSpan equipment review would enable you to purchase only the best fitness equipment with amazing health benefits.

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