Teeter Inversion Tables Review
Teeter Inversion Tables Review

Teeter Inversion Tables Review

Teeter is the renowned international fitness brand that is based in Buckley in Washington State, USA. It is the only brand in the global market that is manufacturing the inversion tables since 1981. The Teeter Inversion Tables stand out for their premium build quality, high-end precision, and accurate results.

The brand is acknowledged for manufacturing the premium quality equipment that is FDI, and UL certified, making them the only brand in the fitness industry that offers the dual certification that stands for rigorous testing and safety parameters.

Why Teeter Stands out Among the Rest?

Teeter is the best-selling brand of the market that is striving to provide the top-notch inversion tables for home use, commercial fitness set up and clinical setup. The brand is dedicated to delivering the exceptional fitness equipment to the users for the past thirty years, and still having a significant share of the market with keen insight into the user’s requirements and procuring the equipment with accuracy.

All the inversion tables of the brand are designed with innovative technology that makes them highly result-oriented. The Teeter Inversion tables have passed through the intense testing procedures in the real-time conditions that have proved their strength and durability for optimal results.

Teeter Inversion Table Series

Teeter manufactures two lines of Inversion Tables-Hang Ups Series and Teeter FitSpine X-Series. So, take a close look at each series and view their key distinct features below:

Inversion Table Hang Ups Series

The Hang Ups Inversion Tables by Teeter are designed for providing backaches relief with the use of inversion therapy. The users can get relief from a variety of back pains ranging from sciatica, muscle soreness, herniated disc, and a lot more. The hang-ups series of Teeter inversion tables offer the natural, affordable, and easy to use the methodology to reduce the back pains.

These inversion tables have been in the market for three decades and claim to have two million customers that rely on inversion therapy. These inversion tables make use of a natural and progressive form of traction that helps in decompressing the joints and offer benefits of reduced nerve pressure, rehydrating the discs, relaxation of the tensed muscles and realigning the spine.

Consequently, the pressure is released from the neck, shoulders, back, that further aids in improving the functional fitness, and shock absorption capacity. Also, the users benefit from the tightening of the core muscles and that too, without any compression of the spine. The Teeter Hang Up series inversion tables are designed with unique features that include the ComforTrak Bed that aids in providing a better range of motion.

The track design of the bed helps in the customized placement of the acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge according to the requirements of the users. The feature of a smooth bed surface helps to minimize friction that aims to provide a better sliding experience with full stretch. There are grip and stretch handles for effective movement. The users can avail the ankle comfort dial, precision balancing to control the rotation degree.

Also, there is the provision of auto-locking hinges, heat-treated steel, and special squeak-free roller bearings, for having adequate reliability and precision. The easily foldable design makes them fit for space-crunched areas as well.

There are seven inversion tables under Hang-Ups Series

1. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table, 3rd-Party Safety Certified is the entry-level model of the series that is available under $400. Read the review in detail here.

2. Teeter EP-960 Ltd. Inversion Table is the upgraded model of EP-560 Ltd with extra-long stretch max handles and comes equipped with EZ-Up gravity boots, vibration cushion, and acupressure nodes. It is available at under the range of $400.

3. Teeter EP-970 LTD Inversion Table, 3rd-Party Safety Certified, Precision Engineering, with Extended Ankle Lock Handle and Better Back Accessories is an upgraded model with added features and is available over $400. Read the review in detail here.

4. Teeter 700ia falls under the affordable range of inversion tables of the brand, but still, it offers an excellent feature line that is available in the topmost models, making it a promising contender for effective results. It is available under $200 to have optimized results.

5. Teeter Contour L5 Ltd is the top of the line model of Teeter that offers every feature that a user prefers to have in his inversion table. Featuring the extended handle, Ero-Embrace cups, a Flex Technology Bed, this model offers premium accessories like acupressure nodes, decompression arch, and a vibration cushion is available at less than $1000.

6. Teeter NXT-S is also one of the most affordable models of Teeter, but it is the only inversion table that provides padded support handles for a comfortable design. It comes equipped with ComforTrak bed that offers grip and stretch handhold position with slots that help to create better stretch for back muscles. This model is available under $300.

7. Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table is one of the best-selling inversion tables of this series that is available over $400. Read the full review here.

These inversion tables are acknowledged as the best-selling equipment for home use and commercial purposes as well.

Teeter FitSpine-X Series Inversion Tables

The Teeter Fitspine X-Series Inversion Tables are the upgraded version of EP series but also, offer the features that are available in EP-560 and EP-960 models. The X-Series models of inversion tables arrive with the futuristic backrest design that makes the look of inversion tables more refined and stylish. There are four models of x-series that offer slightly different features from each other.

All the models feature the FlexTech backrest that helps in the effective spinal decompression due to which the body slides down effectively on the table, resulting in better invert position. The backrest of these inversion tables is not padded just like we find in the models EP-960 and EP-560 that have ComforTrak backrests with adequate padding. However, the key benefit of the non-padded FlexTech backrest of X-series models is that there is a reduction in the friction levels that are often found in the padded beds.

All the models of X-Series have ridged design that makes it possible to make room for storing the accessories in the backboard. The backrest of all the X-series inversion tables comes accessorized with the Teeter trademark features three stretch grip handles and padded headrest. The two grip handles are placed on each side of the headrest, and the other one is situated at the topmost of the bed area. The grip handles enhance the stretching options for the users in the inverted position.

There is an eight-point flex suspension system that flexes according to the movement of the body and provides better decompression of the spine. Thus, the FlexTech backrest offers incredible comfort and support to the users, making it the popular and best-selling series of the brand. There are four models in this X-series of inversion tables, as mentioned below:

1. Teeter FitSpine X-Series Inversion Table, 2019 Model, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered(X1) is the basic model of X-series and is cheaper as compared to the other two models. It also offers the eight-point flex suspension system with acupressure nodes and all essential features, and you can buy it under $350.

2. Teeter FitSpine X-Series Inversion Table, 2019 Model, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered (X2) is a high range inversion table that has got an advanced feature like EZ-Reach ankle lock lever, long side safety handles that are not available in X1 model but you can find it in X2 and X3 model. Its pricing is less than $450.

3. Teeter FitSpine X-Series Inversion Table, 2019 Model, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered is the premium model of X series and offers the advanced features that are not available in X1 and X2 models. These features include EZ-Stretch traction handles and EZ-Angle Teether and you can buy it under a price range of less than $450.

4. Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2019 Model, Deluxe Easy-to-Reach Ankle Lock, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered is an upgraded and topmost model of the brand with added features like storage caddy, stretch max handles, and boarding platform that you won’t find in any other Teeter model. It is available under $500. Read the full review here.

Teeter Inversion Tables Pros and Cons


  • The premium build quality of Teeter inversion tables makes them highly durable and long-lasting
  • All the inversion tables are FDI approved, and UL certified
  • The valid warranty backup adds up to the reliability of the brand
  • Ease of assembly makes this range of equipment more popular
  • Ease of storage
  • Effective back pain relief
  • No difficulty in using the inversion tables
  • A safe and natural way to decompress the spine
  • The essential safety parameters are used in designing the equipment


  • These inversion tables are not recommended for pregnant women, serious back injuries, and people with high blood pressure concerns
  • Some of the models are pricey that may not be appealing to many users

Final Verdict

Teeter Inversion Tables are exemplary of modern engineering with providing complete relief from back pain by naturally decompressing the spine. The users are not required to bear any pain, book an appointment with the doctor for surgery as these inversion tables offer a natural way to release pressure from the paraspinal muscles of the back in an inverted position.

The Teeter FitSpine LX9, 2019 model is the bestselling and topmost model of the brand, whereas the other models of each series also offer distinguished features. Even though these models don’t have storage caddy and other advanced features, but still, all the models offer an interesting combination of features that make them worthy of investment. Overall, the Teeter Inversion Table reviews reveal that these equipment are highly recommended for backaches and best for home, commercial, and therapeutic usage.

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