Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table Review

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Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table Review

Teeter is a trusted brand of inversion tables all over the world, and it has made its mark over so many years by giving fantastic home gym products to its customers. It has satisfied many customers all over the world, and the feedback speaks volumes of the quality products adept with superb features. TheTeeter EP-950 Inversion Table is also among the best inversion tables offered in the market. It is also among the best in the line running products in the industry presently.

The overall feedback and the performance given by this inversion table have been without a doubt, the most prudent and therefore, the most preferred also in its segment. Many noteworthy features of this inversion table are worth mentioning. Whether it is the ankle locking system, the Ergo-Embrace Ankle System or the EZ Stretch Traction Handles, it has many par-excellence features in its kitty. All of these make it the most popular exercise home gym in this segment. It is also an option to modify this inversion table with accessories which may not be a possibility with many other variants of inversion tables.

Ergo-Embrace Ankle System

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table has a complete ankle system called the Ergo-Embrace, and this is such that it is best for the user and takes complete care of the comfort of the person using the inversion table. Also, it is a safe system, and it is so manufactured that it is easy to reach. One can very easily get on and off the table, and there is also not much need to bend. This feature makes it very convenient for the user to use the table in a relaxed manner.

Comfort Dial in the Ankle

The Comfort Dial helps the users of all kinds to use it, whether they have small or large feet. The ankle clamps help the user to get a proper fit so that comfort is ensured. All the body weight is distributed all over the foot and heel of the foot so that there is no uncomfortable feeling in the ankle. Due to this, there is least pressure on the ankle and one can exercise efficiently.


  • This Teeter Hang Ups table can help the user to invert to a whole angle of 90 degrees. With the aid of this, you can hang and do your situps in an inverted position and also perform other exercises of your choice.
  • It is easy to use model and convenient to use for any person.
  • The Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table can accommodate users of the weight capacity of 300 pounds which mean that most of the users find good use of this inversion table.
  • The base is robust and has a tubing of A-framing. There are corner feet which inhibit the table from sliding on surfaces.
  • The best in line inversion tables are offered bu Teeter, the EP-950 being no exception. It comes with a warranty of 5 years which is a great one to be offered.
  • The patented Ergonomic Flex Technology is another highlight of this inversion table. Teeter has this technology as its patent. The table has a padded foam for extra convenience, therefore, hold you in a comfortable position while you exercise. A pillow is also there, though small, is easily adjustable for a good workout.
  • There is an Angle Tether Strap that helps you to rotate to angles of up to 60 degrees. This way you can find the position that suits you the most and gives you maximum comfort.
  • Stretch Traction Handles are also present in this Teeter inversion table that helps you to make that extra stretch and also increase the traction so that you have a great overall workout by getting maximum stretches of your body.
  • There are also many security attributes that this inversion table comes with like steel parts that are heat treated, hinges that have the feature of auto-locking and also cam locks. In this way, the table becomes more secure and, therefore, can be trusted entirely with your body.

Customer Reviews

Customers are pretty happy with the amazing patented technologies that this Teeter inversion table comes with like the Angle Tether Strap, the Stretch Traction Handles and also the Ergonomic Flex Technology. All these make it an even more preferred home gym equipment in its segment.

Drawbacks of the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950

Although there aren’t many drawbacks that the customers suffered from of this inversion table, there is only one thing that is to be mentioned. It is the fact that this equipment is bulky at 78 pounds, and many users felt that it is hard to move it around too. Apart from that, this Teeter table does not have any other downsides.


The Teeter  hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table Review is a great buy for the features that it has. The patented technologies of Teeter make it all the more desirable and adept with all the vast array of exercises that you can perform on it. It is the only inversion table that has the quality of getting accessories added to it. Therefore, there is no need to think much and just go ahead and grab it!