Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Review

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Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Review

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2021 Model, is acknowledged among the top-rated inversion tables for backaches as it comes equipped with customizable pressure points with required lumbar support. It is the most advanced inversion table of the international market.

As it is the upgraded model of Teeter LX3 model, so it supports premium features like Bluetooth angle, a digital guide that allows users to download 24 inverted stretches and exercises that are meant for both the beginners and advanced level users.

Also, the provision of Flextech backrest with stretch grip handles and precision rotation control system plays a vital role in providing better stretching of the back muscles. Read more about Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2021 model review to know more about this fitness equipment that is FDA approved and have got UL certification as well.

Best Suited for Whom?

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2021 model, is recognized as the top-rated inversion table for back pain as it offers premium features to alleviate back pains and aches. This inversion table is highly suitable for those people who suffer from severe back pains due to spinal degenerative joint disease and degenerative disc disease.

As this table makes optimal usage of the gravity along with the weight of the body to release the pain from the back muscles, people having pain due to sciatica, and the herniated disc would find it extremely useful.

If your body’s muscles remain semi-contracted due to muscle tension and stress, then using the inversion table would bring a positive impact on the health of the muscles. As inversion therapy plays a crucial role in releasing all the stress from the paraspinal muscles, the body feels light and pain-free.

Also, the users who feel extreme pain in a joint between the two points in vertebrate, due to swollen joints or osteoarthritis popularly termed as facet joint can get treated with the help of inversion table.

People who need relief from regular pain due to spinal degenerative joint disease and muscle spasm can avail the benefit of use of the inversion table for optimal pain relief.

Overall, this fitness equipment proves ideal for people having backaches due to causes above-mentioned and also, improves the flexibility of the body.

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of the Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2021 Model, is simple and quick with the help of a manual guide and 3-D instructions. It is a five-step assembly process and assembled in thirteen minutes.  As 85% of this unit arrives in preassembled order and the user has to click together.

The key components of the inversion table, join their handles and it is ready to use.  But, if there is any concern regarding assembly, then the user can download the BILT assembly app that is free to understand things in a much easier way.

Design and Build Quality

The Teeter inversion table is currently the topmost model of the brand that provides excellent build quality with durable performance. The heat treated steel components have a longer shelf life that makes this unit more promising and result-oriented.

The dimensions of this unit are 81.5″ x 27.5″ x 87″ inches weighing 69 Ibs. It has a boarding platform that makes extremely effectively to mount and demount quickly. It can bear 300Ibs user weight and has got an extra-long ankle lock system for optimal performance.

The unit is designed with a FlexTech bed that has got eight-point floating suspension system, helping in better range of motion and also aids in providing optimal body slide for better relaxation of the muscles. Users have acupressure nodes for having the trigger-point release while the lumbar bridge helps in supporting traction on the lower back area.

The bed and the frame support the grip and stretch handholds for having better stretching position. The users can comfortably place their ankle in patented wrap-around ankle cups for a perfect fit. The provision of EZ-Traction handles help in having decompression at lesser angles or user can smoothly release and push the handles for having the precise oscillations.

The provision of extra-large max stretch handles further add to the convenience of the users as it helps to provide better stretching positions. The availability of precision rotation adds to the total control of the user over the inversion table as simple arm movements enable the user to divert his body weight to get in an inverted position and get back to the upright position. The EZ-angle tether has got preset markings at 20, 40 and 60 degrees for easy modifications.

This equipment can be stored with its dimensions 20-inches x 28.8-inches x 66 inches, and the foldable feature further adds to save the space. Also, users have storage caddy that can be used for storing various items.

Therefore, it proves to be the recommended fitness equipment for backaches and approved as the best inversion table under $500.Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Review

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Features

Ergonomically designed

The Teeter Inversion Table comes equipped with premium features like effective decompression surface, FlexTech bed suspension points along with acupressure nodes and adequate lumbar bridge support for optimal results.

Ankle system

This inversion table is designed with the longest ankle lock system that is manufactured with aerospace-grade steel with micro-adjusting closure, gravity lock security, and a ratcheting to have durable performance.

It reduces the need for bending too low for securing the ankles and thus, prove to be highly beneficial for people with nagging backaches. There is the provision of patented wrap-around ankle cuffs for better safety provisions as it supports the ankle appropriately.


The Teeter Inversion Table is accessorized with a manual, along with an instructional DVD, and five healthy back and routines to provide the best user experience to the customers.

Heat-treated steel

The steel parts of this fitness equipment are heat-treated that makes them durable and long-lasting.

Auto-locking hinges

The auto-locking hinges of this unit are designed to provide the highest level of security to its users as the user doesn’t have to fear of falling on the ground as the hinges secure the bed to the frame with precision.

Safety Features

The cam locks, pivot bearings, auto-locking hinges, and heat-treated steel parts add to the safety of this unit, making it ideal for long-term usage.

Foldable/ Non-Foldable

The foldable frame of this equipment makes it an ideal choice for space-crunched areas with incredible performance levels.

Accommodates users of Height and Weight

The Teeter inversion table is recommended for people whose height ranges from  4’8” to 6’6” to derive its optimal benefits. People having 300 Ibs weight can utilize it effectively.


The backboard of this pain relieving fitness equipment is designed with premium material to make it withstand the pressure of the whole body in an inverted as well as upright position for extended use.

Storage Caddy

This inversion table is accessorized with a storage caddy that helps to store the personal items like a phone, keys, sunglasses while you are engaged in an inverted and upright position.

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Workout Programs

The Teeter Inversion Table is a highly recommended fitness equipment for relieving the tensed and stressed muscles and improving the muscle soreness. People with severe and nagging back pain would find this inversion table suitable as.

It helps to release the pain from the back muscles by keeping the body in an inverted position for a few good minutes each day. The whole process is quite simple as the inversion table helps to put the entire body in an upside down position.

The gravity is used to work on the bones, muscles, and joints to decompress the spine and release all the pain in a natural progression. This position enables the users to feel more comfortable and refreshed as the blood flow is improved, and the body comes in a relaxation mode.

Also, the users derive the benefit of 24 inverted exercises that make back workout more result-oriented. Kind of Exercises (Include Body Parts affected) This Teeter Inversion Table is preferred for users who need relief from the aching back and constant pain that affects their lifestyle as well.

The inversion therapy helps to rejuvenate the back muscles and make them perfectly relaxed that aids in relieving pain from the body. The inversion table helps to make glutes, abs, and leg muscles more toned and add to the flexibility levels of the body.

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Warranty

Teeter brand is a reputed brand that makes certain to provide customer-oriented services with its valid warranty support. This model offers a five-year warranty. The user can get the replacement parts provided the table comes under warranty period. The customer care support is available from Monday to Friday at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm).

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Pros and Cons


  • Use of high-grade steel material
  • Easily folds to save space
  • Provision of storage caddy to store phone, keys, etc.
  • Availability of longest ankle lock handle to assist in effective usage
  • Provision of 3-D instruction guide
  • Free BILT app for all users
  • Availability of heavy duty boarding platform for quick entry and exit
  • Allows for optimal body slide for better outcomes
  • Eight point suspension on Flexbed helps in aiding better decompression of the muscles
  • FDA registered with U/L certification
  • Precision controlled rotation at 20, 40 and 60 degrees
  • Provision of healthy back and body routines
  • Quick assembly
  • Effective warranty
  • Provision of Bluetooth angle


  • It is costly equipment with a range of less than $500
  • Not useful for severe spinal injuries, pregnant ladies and people suffering from high blood pressure
  • Can’t support heavyweight people with more than 300 Ibs
  • People who are above 6’6” would find this unit not effective


Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2021 Model, is ranked among the top-selling inversion tables for home-based users as it offers high-rated features with the credibility of FDA approval and UL certification. Being the top model of an inversion table.

It comes equipped with additional benefits like Bluetooth angle, longest ankle-lock system with a storage caddy that you would not find in any other contemporary model. But, if you prefer to buy a more budget-friendly option,.

Then you can buy Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table that comes under $400 but lacks the premium feature of LX9 model. Thus, Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table offers high-end quality with durable performance.

Therefore, Teeter Inversion Table reviews state that it is the best foldable inversion table of the year 2021 that proves highly-efficient results for long-term usage.