Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Review

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Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Review

Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table is acknowledged among the best inversion tables for sciatica as it comes equipped with an extended ankle lock system, extended support handles, and preset rotation control for optimal results.

The provision of lumbar support with acupressure nodes helps to improve the trigger point release and increase the traction of the lower body. This inversion table like other Teeter inversion tables is FDI approved and ensures all safety parameters for effective results.

Also, the customization of Comfort track bed with hand grips make it a preferred choice for people with severe backaches. Read more about Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table review 2021 to have an understanding of this pain-relieving table that offers incredible results even for prolonged pain.

Best Suited to Whom?

Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table is precisely viewed among the top-selling inversion tables for back pain & sciatica as it helps to relieve severe back pains in just a few minutes each day.

This inversion table is highly recommended for people who suffer from damaged discs and have to bear excruciating pain. As, the inversion tables help to enhance blood circulation in the body while in an inverted position, so, it becomes an effective way to treat all pains and aches by regulating the blood flow.

People who suffer from sciatica also face the regular concern of constant pain, so they can rely on this fitness equipment that helps in decompressing the spine to relieve pain.

Many people who have to perform daily chores, and they struggle due to stress, stiffness, and tension in muscles. By using inversion therapy, they can get rid of their nagging pain as all the back muscles get in a relaxed position, and it helps to cut down stress and strain in the muscles.

Also, people who look for added comfort and secured position can opt for this machine as its triple-lock security along with extended handle minimizes the requirement of bending while securing the ankles. Overall, it is effective fitness equipment that caters to all significant backache concerns to provide complete relief from pain.

Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of the Teeter EP-970 inversion table is effortless and straightforward as all the instructions are appropriately mentioned in the manual along with an instructional DVD.  Also, it takes only thirty minutes the assemble the whole machine in simple five steps.

As this machine weighs 65.3 Ibs and is a heavy machine, so the user must opt for another person’s help to assemble it as he won’t prefer to hurt his back badly while assembling the unit.  If the user has any problem concerning the assembly, then he can download the free BILT assembly app to make things a lot easier and effective.

Design and Build Quality

The Teeter inversion table ranks among the premium inversion tables of the market owing to its durability and high-end construction. The designing of this inversion table is slightly improved with newly added features as compared to previous models.

This unit is a well-built tablet that has dimensions measuring 7.87″ x 48.82″ x 29.13″ inches with a weight of 65.3Ibs. It can support 300 Ibs user weight and has transport wheels to store it, effectively. It also supports a broad base that comes with a larger footprint for added security and convenient usage.

One major feature is the Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System that aims to relieve pressure from the ankles, and the extra long handles make it quite easy for users to secure the ankles with safety provisions. This unit comes equipped with Stretch Max Handles that are designed to provide extra-long grip surface for better stretching and optimal results.

The provision of EZ-Stretch™ Traction Handles is meant for increasing decompression, particularly at the shallower points. This feature proves great for beginners along with pro users as they can use the easy release lever from the level of complete inversion.

Furthermore, the availability of EZ-Angle Tether allows for having the best results with pre-set rotational control at 20, 40, and 60 degrees. The use of Comfortrak bed helps to stretch better with its low-friction surface.

Along with this, the grip and stretch handholds that are located in the bed and frame allows for better stretching provisions. There is the use of Ergo-Embrace Support with a specialty foam that helps to enhance ankle comfort and minimizes the pressure.

The users can also avail the benefit of head pillows that are designed for comfort and have the feature of adjustability with the benefit of removal as well. The provision of eight acupressure points with customizable pressure point relief and adjustable lumbar support for added traction and convenience makes this equipment as the most preferred inversion table over $400.

Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Features

Ergonomically designed

The Teeter Inversion Table is designed with advanced features like an extra long traction handles, stretch handles, eight acupressure nodes with lumbar support.

Ankle system

This inversion table comes packed with a patented extra long ankle lock system with wraps- around ankle cuffs helps provide the secured and comfortable fit that helps to avoid slipperily.

Also, the ankle cushions arrive in contoured form and are extremely comfortable covering the back and front part of the lower legs, and are adjustable up and down, side to side to perfectly fit the users.

The extra long ankle cuffs prove a boon for people with severe back pain as there is no need to bend over to get them appropriately locked.


The Teeter Inversion Table comes equipped with accessories like a manual, an instructional DVD, and five healthy back routines to enable the optimal usage of the equipment.

Heat-treated steel

The heavy gauge steel parts of this inversion table is heat treated that makes them highly durable and perfect for long-term use.

Auto-locking hinges

The auto-locking hinges ensure the optimal safety levels for the users as the users can get into the inverted position without fear of falling on the ground as the base is attached to the main frame with hinges.

Safety Features

The cam locks, heat-treated steel parts, pivot bearings, auto-locking hinges make this machine highly reliable and safe for extended usage.

Foldable/ Non-Foldable

This inversion has a foldable frame that helps to store the machine efficiently after usage.

Accommodates users of Height and Weight

The Teeter inversion table supports the use of this unit by a person whose height ranges from  4’8” to 6’6” to have the best results. People with 300 Ibs or less weight can derive benefits using this unit.


The backboard of the Teeter inversion table is designed using the plastic that moves along with the use of the inversion table by the user. The flex backboard allows ample opportunity to twist, stretch and move the body with adequate airflow to avoid sweaty back.

Further, it is strong enough to hold the pressure and provide continues support during inverted position and also when getting into the normal position.

Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Workout Programs

The Teeter Inversion Table is designed for relieving the prolonged and severe back pains and spinal concerns of the users. It helps to relieve the pain of people who suffer from a herniated disc, sciatica, stressed, strained back muscles by decompressing the back muscles in an inverted position.

The user needs to place his feet in the ankle lock and lock it properly. Now, the user requires to lay his head back and the body against the table and secure a firm grip on handles to move the table in back and forth position. 

Now, the user requires to keep on moving the table until he reaches an ideal back position where the decompression of back muscles is effective and retain that position for some time.

The user can stay in an inverted position till he feels comfortable, but, it is highly advised for beginners to stay there only for a few minutes to avoid putting excess pressure on the back. Then, the user starts by moving his head up and get back in a normal position slowly by grabbing the handles.

Kind of Exercises (Include Body Parts affected): This Teeter Inversion Table is meant for offering complete pain relief from backaches and involves the inversion therapy where the body is put into an inverted position or in upside down manner to get the benefit of gravity to decompress the back muscles.

This position involves the inverted position of the entire body with preset rotation at 20, 40, and 60 degrees using the Teeter strap that help to minimize back pain.

Toning the legs, abs, and glutes is quite effective with the inversion table as it promotes overall well-being and better flow of blood in the entire body.

Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Warranty

Teeter brand is an established brand that supports its customers with valid warranty provisions. This model comes equipped with a five-year warranty. There is a provision of availing the replacement parts under warranty period as the customer care is available from Monday to Friday, and their contact number is number 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm).

Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Pros and Cons


  • Premium build quality with Foldable design
  • Comes equipped with eight acupressure points
  • Offers three preset rotational angles with 20, 40 and 60 degrees
  • Supports 300 Ibs of user weight
  • Cushioned back for additional support
  • Extended support and traction handles
  • Provision of advanced ankle support with the extra-long ankle lock system
  • An FDA approved and UL listed equipment
  • Provision of detailed instructional DVD
  • Availability of five bonus healthy back routines
  • It is easy to get in an inverted position and then get back to the normal position.
  • Valid warranty support


  • Not preferred for people who are taller than 6’6”
  • People suffering from low blood pressure, spinal injuries, or any medical condition, during pregnancy, must avoid its usage.
  • Not recommended for overweight people with weight more than 300 Ibs
  • Heavy equipment and thus, there is a need of another person to assemble it.
  • This model is costlier than other models with a price range of over $400


Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table is rated among the best selling inversion tables for providing relief in back pains as it is FDA approved and provide relief in a range of severe back problems. As it is an advanced model with amazing feature line, so it comes at a higher price too, but, the price is justified as a valid investment in the long run.

If your budget is low, then you can opt for Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table as it is available at less than $300. The key difference between Teeter EP-960 vs. EP-970 is that the latter formers extended ankle lock system and a vibration cushion with a heated neck pillow for added comfort and pain relief.

Thus, EP-970 Inversion Table offers premium build quality along with offering immense relief from prolonged backaches. Therefore, Teeter Inversion Table reviews reveal that it is one of the top-rated inversion tables that offers incredible pain relief from spinal and back problems.