Stamina Inversion Tables Review
Stamina Inversion Tables Review

Stamina Inversion Tables Review

Stamina Products was founded in 1987 with an objective to create an affordable piece of fitness equipment to its customers. It develops a wide range of home fitness equipment using innovative technology, however, successfully offers them at a more affordable price by getting them manufactured in China. Stamina is known to offer a range of fitness trainers that best suits beginners as well as experienced users.

The enthusiasts can keep themselves fit and healthy at the comfort of home using these products. It is one of the first fitness manufacturers to develop infomercial products. Most of the stamina products are designed for a home gym that means users can avoid subscribing to a gym membership to achieve a fit body.

Why Stamina Inversion Tables Stand Out Among the Rest

Stamina has developed Stamina Inline Inversion Table that allows easy getting on and off the chair to support even people with limited mobility get some inversion therapy to strengthen their back.  Stamina Inversion chair stands out because it can easily accommodate different heights with a quick-adjust button.

It allows the users to control the degree of inversion with the help of an inversion-angle adjustment strap, a feature not so common in its price range.

Stamina Inversion Tables

Stamina Inline Inversion Chair is the most popular inversion table offered by the brand Stamina. It helps users with their back issues and also boosts blood circulation through inversion therapy. The inline inversion chair is designed to support even people with limited mobility with a design that makes the getting on and off easier. It makes the therapy convenient through its cushioned, comfortable upholstery and padded handlebars.

It makes your training safe and secured with ankle support and leg locking system. Users can control the degree of inversion by adjusting the inversion-angle adjustment strap. Also, through a quick-adjust button, the chair can be adjusted to suit the user’s height. One can bring home this inversion table at a much affordable price of around $300. Let’s have a look at the features of Stamina Inline Inversion Chair below.


  • It supports easy getting on and off the chair for utmost comfort and convenience.
  • It features a lap belt to secure the users in the chair in all degrees of inversion.
  • It is incorporated with a nylon inversion-angle adjustment strap underneath the seat to allow the users to control the degree of inversion.
  • It comes with a ratcheting leg lock system with push-button release to secure the lower calf and ankle.
  • It has foam-padded ankle support to provide the most needed comfort.
  • It has a quick-adjust foot bar that allows the machine to accommodate different heights.
  • It is built with heavy-duty steel construction for increased durability.
  • It comes with cushioned, comfortable upholstery and padded handlebars.

Pros & Cons of Stamina Inversion Table


  • Easy getting on and off
  • Adjustable lap belt
  • Leg-lock system
  • Foam-padded ankle support
  • Quick-adjust foot bar
  • Cushioned Upholstery
  • Nylon inversion-angle adjustment strap
  • Rubber floor protectors


  • Non-foldable
  • Limited Warranty

Final Verdict

Stamina Products helps the users to strengthen their back using their own weight with its Stamina Inline Inversion Chair. If you are looking forward to bring home an inversion table at a moderate price to get rid of back issues in a safe and secure way, Stamina Seated Inversion could be your preferred choice.

With added comfort features such as leg-lock system and inversion-angle adjustment strap along with an adjustable foot bar, Stamina Inversion Tables easily make to the list of Best Inversion Tables under $500 for Home Use.

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