Ironman Inversion Tables Review
Ironman Inversion Tables Review

Ironman Inversion Tables Review

Ironman is one of the leading brands of Paradigm Health & Wellness, a well-known fitness, health, and wellness company. It is a US-based company with headquarters situated in Southern California. Ironman Inversion Tables is a renowned brand in the inversion tables category, offering a wide variety of collections like infrared therapy inversion tables, gravity inversion tables, and disk brake system inversion tables.

The Ironman Inversion Tables Review 2020 throws light on these different inversion tables, their benefits, and their suitability to help you to make the right choice. Ironman offers home inversion tables in the price range of $150 to $400 and you can check the in-depth reviews of each of these products to see if they are the best-fits of your home gym.

Why Ironman Inversion Tables Stand Out Among the Rest:

Ironman Inversion Tables are known for offering different kinds of inversion tables using cutting-edge technology. The brand can offer an inversion table to every user and has collections from basic models to high weight capacity models to inversion tables with infrared therapy.

Ironman Inversion Tables stand out from the competition because of the safety and comfort features they offer. They have a soothing foam-padded backrest and ratchet ankle lock system to make the inversion training as comfortable as possible.

For additional safety of the hands and fingers, these inversion tables come with safety vinyl side covers. Also, they have sturdy tubular steel frame construction offering durability and stability to the machines.

Ironman Inversion Table Series:

Ironman offers a variety of inversion tables with different technologies like infrared heat therapy, brake system, high-tech backrest, high weight capacity, and abs workout. It mainly offers inversion tables under the following series which are explained below.

Ironman iControl Inversion Tables: The iControl series of Ironman Inversion Tables are the revolutionary products in the inversion table category that has the innovative disk brake system in place of traditional adjustable straps to control the inversion angle.

The advantage of this disk brake system inversion control is that it helps you have the better and full control over the inversion angles and provides you secured 180-degree inversion.

There are two inversion tables in this category

1. Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table which is one of the lowest priced inversion tables under $300 offering disk brake control. Read the review in detail here.

2. Ironman iControl 600 Weight Extended Disk Brake System Inversion Table which is the top-selling inversion table available over $400. Read the review in detail here.

Ironman ATIS Inversion Table: The ATIS Inversion Table series was introduced to help users get the added benefit of abs workout in the inverted position along with the regular inversion training. These inversion tables facilitate you to perform abs and core workout during the inversion safely and thus allow you to train the abdominal muscles more effectively. Currently, there is one inversion table available in the market from this series.

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table which is the only non-folding inversion table from the brand providing you effective training. Read the review in detail here.

Ironman Gravity Inversion Tables: The Gravity Inversion Tables are the most commonly purchased, and affordable collections offered by the brand. They are designed to suit the requirements of home gyms with a steel tubular folding frame construction, full-length safety handles, cushioned backrest, safety side covers, and comfortable ankle holder system. This series has three inversion tables available in the price range of $150-$250.

They are:

1. Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table which is the most basic inversion tables offered by the brand. Read the review in detail here.

2. Ironman High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table which is the upgraded version of Gravity 1000 with a weight capacity of 350lbs. Read the review in detail here.

3. Ironman Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table which the best-selling inversion table of the series with the highest weight capacity. Read the review in detail here.

Ironman IFT Inversion Tables: The IFT Inversion Tables are amongst the few inversion tables that provide the built-in infrared therapy in an affordable price range. Ironman IFT inversion table series includes one of the best-selling models offering the soothing heat elements in their backrest.

Many users go for heat therapy in their inversion tables because the far infrared rays used in the backrest is very helpful in relaxing the muscles and reducing the stress levels.

There are two inversion tables offered by Ironman in the IFT series

1. Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table which is the entry-level model in the series with a weight capacity of 275lbs, available under $300.

2. Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table which is one of the best-selling inversion tables of Ironman, available under $400. Read the review in detail here.

Pros & Cons of Ironman Inversion Table


  • Extra-wide steel tubular frames have sturdy construction providing increased stability and durability
  • Ratchet Ankle Lock System ensures safety while facilitating the easy reach
  • Cushioned Ankle Holder increases the comfort offered
  • Safety Vinyl Side Covers help to protect the hands and fingers during the inversion
  • Safer 180-degree inversion ensures the maximum backstretch and highest benefit
  • Offers a variety of inversion tables to suit the needs of all types of users


  • Limited Warranty of just one-year warranty on frame and 90-days warranty on parts is quite disappointing
  • Cutting-edge technology is offered only in the top-end models


Ironman Inversion Tables are definitely one of the best brands available for you in the inversion table category. They are not only the excellent providers of secured inversion therapy, but also have a variety of collections to suit the different needs of the users. Whether you are looking for infrared therapy or the newest disk brake system, Ironman offers all of it.

These inversion tables are safe to use with a number of comforts and safety features like inversion angle control system, safety side covers, extra-long safety handles and cushioned ankle lock system.

Probably, you would feel a little disappointed to know that it provides only a limited one-year warranty, however, the sturdy built and durable frame assures you the long-lasting experience. We recommend you explore these inversion tables before choosing any other brand.

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