Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity Inversion Table Review

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Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity Inversion Table Review

The decision to buy an inversion table to home gym depends on many parameters. If you are looking for a good high capacity inversion therapy system at a restricted budget, then you are on the right page. The Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity Inversion Table 2021 Review 2021 rates it as one of the best inversion tables under $300.

There are not many inversion tables in its price range that can handle high weight capacity. The Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity inversion table, also known as Ironman 5800 is built with an extra-wide tubular steel frame to support up to 350lbs user weight.

It has a multi-layered foam-padded backrest, patented ratchet ankle lock system, and cushioned rubber ankle holders to provide comfortable inversion therapy to its users.

An in-depth study and analysis of the design, features, and suitability help in making the right decision. In this review, we throw light on all the aspects of this inversion table and also discuss the pros and cons of the machine.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Inversion Tables are designed to provide relief from the back issues while allowing you to stretch the back muscles to the highest degree possible. The Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity is an excellent therapy trainer with a higher user capacity of 350lbs.

It is designed to suit the needs of people with a limited budget. The machine has the design and comfort of a high-end inversion table but is available in the economy price range.

Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity Inversion Table Assembly, Design & Build Quality


You wouldn’t find it difficult to assemble this machine as only some assembly is required from your end. The box includes an Owner’s Manual with detailed instructions. Follow these instructions thoroughly and you should be able to complete the job within 30 minutes even if it is your first time.

Design and Build Quality

The Ironman inversion table has a strong built with an extra-wide steel tubular frame to support high capacity. In fact, it can accommodate large people with a maximum weight capacity up to 350lbs and up to 6.6” height. The powder-coated scratch proof finish increases the durability of the machine. With a foldable frame and assembled dimensions of 49” L x 26” W x 65” H, it can easily fit in your home gym.

It is designed for comfort; the 2.5” multi-layered foam-padded vinyl backrest offers the best comfort to the head and neck. Its extra-long safety handles are also foam-padded to help you easily return to the upright position after the inversion therapy. It has the adjustable tether strap to let you control the inversion angle and allows you to go 180-degree inversion.

Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity Inversion Table Features

Tubular Steel Frame

It is a sturdy inversion table featuring an extra-wide tubular frame made of heavy-duty steel metal and the powder-coated scratch resistant finish.

High Weight Capacity

It is known for its high capacity feature. This inversion table can easily support a higher user weight with a maximum capacity up to 350lbs. It can accommodate people with height up to 6.6”.

Foam Backrest

It features 2.5 inches’ thick vinyl backrest with memory foam padding to support head and neck and provide greater comfort during the inversion training. To make the backrest durable, it comes with double stitching.

Ratchet Ankle Lock System

Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity has Palm-activated Ratchet Ankle Lock System to let you easily lock and unlock the ankle holder. The ankle holders have an ergonomic design and cushion comfort to safeguard your ankles.

180-Degree Inversion

This inversion table allows you to control the inversion angles and lets you go up to 180-degree inversion for maximum benefits.

Floor Stabilizers

It features rubber floor stabilizers to save the machine from the possible skidding while providing increased stability and support.

Extra-long safety handles

It is designed with extra-long safety handles that support you to come back to the upright position quite easily after an inversion.

Vinyl Safety Side Covers

 Another safety feature provided by Gravity 3000 is the Vinyl Safety Side Covers to protect your hand and fingers during the inversion training.

Adjustable Tether Strap

It features Adjustable Tether Strap to help you control the inversion and provide you safe and fear-free inversion. The machine offers three adjustment points to allow you to invert at different angles.


It comes with Foldable Frame Design, a feature that works better for home users as it requires smaller storage space.

Ironman High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table Workout Programs

Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity Inversion Table is one of the best inversion tables for back pain available for you in lower to mid-budget range. It offers excellent inversion training to the back muscles, stretching them to the maximum and thereby increasing the body flexibility.

It provides you up to 180-degree inversion, however, if you are a beginner try the lower angle inversions in the initial days till you are accustomed to sudden blood rush to your head. Users can also perform sit-ups in an inverted position for better abdominal muscle toning.

Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity Inversion Table Warranty

Ironman brand offers a limited warranty of one-year warranty on machine.

Ironman Gravity High Capacity 3000 Inversion Table Pros and Cons


  • High Weight Capacity of 350lbs
  • Extra-wide, durable steel tubular frame
  • Powder coated scratch proof finish
  • Non-skid Rubber Floor Stabilizer
  • Inversion angle adjustment with Adjustable Tether Strap
  • Ratchet Ankle Lock System and Cushioned Ankle Holders for Comfort
  • 2.5” Memory Foam Vinyl Backrest with double stitching
  • Folding frame design to save storage space
  • Allows 180-degree Inversion
  • Vinyl Safety Side Covers to safeguard fingers and hands


  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Not suitable for users looking for heat therapy


The Ironman Gravity 3000 High Capacity Inversion Table is one of those very few inversion tables that can handle high weight capacity in the price range of under $300. Another advantage of this machine is that it has all the safety and comfort features you would ask for.

For the users with a higher budget, the upgraded model Ironman Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table could be more attractive. However, if you are looking for heat elements in your inversion table then Ironman offers you another economy model – Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Inversion Table.