Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table Review

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Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table Review

Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table is a new and improved machine, which is affordable and fantastic. It has a superb built and has a wide range of useful features.

Ironman is a company which entirely focuses on health and fitness. The brand Ironman have a good reputation in the market, and their products are priced well and offer excellent quality.

This inversion table is a great way to introduce yourself to the benefits of inversion therapy. It is one of the top-rated inversion tables by Ironman and offers an excellent price/value ratio.

Read the Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table review 2021 here and know why this product is garnering so much appreciation from home as well as gym users.

Best Suited to Whom?

This is a best inversion table for back problems like sciatica, muscle tension, lower back issues, etc. This machine comes with 180-degrees inversion and thus offers maximum flexibility.

Also, it is a perfect machine for homes as it is foldable and can be easily stored. It is rated as one of the best-selling inversion tables for home use. This machine is excellent to get rid of your back problems. It comes at a very reasonable price and is one of the top-selling inversion tables under $400.

Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Essex 990 Inversion Table is easy to assemble. The package contains the necessary tools and stepwise instructions to guide you all through the assembly process. The illustrative diagrams are helpful when you get stuck.

You can also contact the customer support assistant for any queries regarding the assembly. The whole process will not take more than 30-40 minutes.

Design and Build Quality

The Ironman Essex 990 is well-designed inversion table that provides stress relief to the back and works by the principle of gravity assisted stretching. It allows 180-degree of inversion and has long safety handles, that are covered with foam.

This feature helps in easy getting up from the inverted angle. The backrest is very comfortable and durable. The ankle cuffs are also padded and the foam-roller that holds the feet in position comes with a pull-pin release system.

The stretch strap is easily adjustable so that anyone in the family can use this inversion table. Its removable lumbar pillow gives a more customized experience. In case you need more support at the back, then you can attach this vinyl covered foam pillow.

The build quality of this inversion table by Ironman is excellent. It is made of the heavy-duty framework, which comprises of a 1.5-inch square steel frame. It avoids any instability while inverting and gives robustness to the machine. The tubular steel frame has a powder-coated finish and is also scratch-resistant.

The thick rubber material on the foot stabilizers makes this machine non-skid and extremely stable while inverting at extreme angles. This sturdy machine can take weights up to 275 lbs and height from 4’10” to 6’6”.

Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table Features

Ergonomically Designed

The Essex 990 Inversion Table is ergonomically designed, which is visible from its construction. It makes Inversion Therapy extraordinarily comfortable and has a space-saving design too.

Its molded ankle cushions, foam-vinyl padding on the backrest and foam-padded handlebars make it a straightforward machine to use. The safety handles are also extra-long, which keeps the user at ease at all levels of inversion.

Ankle System

This Inversion Table has appropriately molded ankle cushions for extreme comfort. They help in easing the pressure on the ankle joints and keep you going. The top of the ankle support system comes with thick foam padding, which is good enough to support you during a 180-degree inversion.

The back of the ankle support system has a pre-formed plastic molding to rock your ankle during the inversion process.

Heat-treated Steel

The Essex 990 Inversion Table by Ironman has a steel frame, which is a combination of steel alloys and aluminum. Due to this, it achieves the right balance between being lightweight as well as sturdy.

The tubular steel frame with powder-coated finish makes it scratch resistant. The heat-treated steel makes the machine more stable and durable.

Safety Features

The SURELOCK safety system in this inversion table has a double-tooth mechanism for safe inversion therapy. The “Palm-Activated” system is easy-to-reach and boosts the security while inverting.

The safety handles are extra-long and are covered with soft-foam grip for ease. The safety tether strap controls the angle of inversion and keeps you safe. These safety features make it one of the best inversion tables for home use.


This inversion table is foldable and can be easily folded for storage purposes.

Accommodates Users of Height and Weight

The Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table can take weights up to 275 lbs and height within the range of 4’10” to 6’6”. This full height and weight range make it usable by a majority of people.


The backrest of this beautiful inversion table is made of a combination of foam, steel and vinyl. It enhances comfort while exercising and relieves stress from the back. The extended backrest has a lumbar pillow, which can be removed if you do not require it.

Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises (Include Body Parts Affected) – With Inversion Table, you can ease your back in case of stiffness or stress. It helps in relieving muscle stress, herniated discs, sciatic nerve pain, and tension, plus relieves from general neck and back pain.

Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table Warranty

The brand Ironman offers a 1-year Limited Warranty on the Essex 990 Inversion Table and 2-years warranty on Parts. This company has a good track record of catering to the needs of their customers and helping them in solving any issues about the product.

The customers can feel safe if anything goes wrong with their inversion table or they are facing operating issues.

Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table Pros and Cons


  • The heavy-duty steel framework gives a solid construction
  • Extended safety handles with foam, help in easy coming back to the upright position
  • The backrest is very comfortable and has a detachable lumbar pillow
  • It can take maximum weight up to 275 lbs
  • It is easily foldable for storage


  • No entertainment options
  • Not ideal for a tiny room


The above review of the Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table clearly shows that owning this machine will help you ease and even get rid of your back problems. This inversion table can be used by a person with a back pain after a long day at work and also by someone suffering from major lower back issues.

It has superb safety features and locking facility which keeps you secured even at the maximum inversion angle. It also relieves stress from hands and ankles while inverting due to its ergonomic build and design.

It is designed with comfort in mind and also caters to space-saving needs. It is tailored to withstand heavy weights and tall heights as well. It is the new and improved version of the older types of inversion tables. It’s super adjustability options makes it a perfect customer choice.