Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain 2021

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Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain 2021

People these days now too busy working on their desk jobs and everyone has a story of their back pain. Inversion tables have found a favorite spot among the people who got rid of their back pain. Based on the recent studies conducted by researchers, it has been found out that the stress put on your vertebra while sitting is almost 250% more than standing. Even when you lay down around 75% pressure is exerted on it. The only time when your vertebra relaxes is when you invert your body at a 60-degree angle.

And don’t think of an inversion table as a layman’s equipment, it is even used by famous stars. Celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes have testified that its usage has helped them a lot to advance in their career by keeping their body fit. And it is not just them who use the inversion table. People including David Duchovny, Rosie O’Donnell, Matt Lauer, Regis Philbin, Martha Stewart, and Ozzy Osbourne are all fans of the inversion table.

This is rather new equipment and there has to be a lot more research to be conducted to identify all of its benefits but the users are all happy and they even share their experience of having improved brain function, decreased level of stress, good metabolism, and increased immunity, good blood flow and a lot in maintaining their mood levels. So, get the best inversion table for back pain and reap all the benefits.

Key Considerations about Inversion Tables For Back Pain

As we have already told, a proper study has not yet been done to analyze all of the benefits of the inversion table. But we are sure of one thing; it has a lot of benefits. This is because anyone who got the inversion table never regretted their decision and is now praising the device like anything else.

1. Positive Reviews: You will be surprised to see the positive experiences of those who have shared their experience. Many are telling that they got cured of sciatica, lower and middle back pain. But don’t simply jump into buying one without proper consultation.

2. Talk to your Physician: Consult a physician and understand what is good for you. Inversion can be harmful to people who are dealing with health issues. And not just those pregnant women, people dealing with hiatal and ventral hernias, those who have degenerative discs, arthritis, ear problems, glaucoma, and hypertension, people who have the risk of getting a stroke or any disease related to high blood pressure must stay away from inversion tables.

3. Don’t use Boots: We don’t advise using boots that are attached to the bar. It will require a lot of your ab strength to move out of position and very often people do get stuck. And also don’t go into 180-degree inversion immediately after you get on the table.

4. Don’t Compromise your health for Money: Inversion tables aren’t that costly so don’t go and get a cheap one. They might be less safe and uncomfortable and it will destroy the whole comforting part you are trying to get with the inversion table. If you suffer from back pain, then choose the best inversion tables for back pain because not all tables are created equally.

People suffering from ankle, knee, or hip issues must choose inversion chairs over inversion tables as they the tables might elongate your joints and cause injuries. An inversion chair will provide good enough traction for the spine without harming your joints. Moreover, they are easy to control and use so are best for old and weak people.

How to use an Inversion Table?

1. Instead of going into a full-fledged inversion, start with small inversions to know whether your body can take it even if your doctor has given you the permission to go with smaller inversions for short periods of time and ensure that your joints, ankles, and heart is not straining during the process.

2. If you are having intense back pain, make sure that someone is nearby when you firstly invert because there are chances where you get hit by acute pain and cannot revert back to your normal position. There are many funny yet dangerous stories of people who got stuck upright on the inversion tables. This is especially possible if you are using gravity boots that you attach to the bars of the inversion table.

3. Even the experts are telling that 180-degree inversion is not really needed for the therapy. All the experts prefer 60-degree as the ideal angle you need to invert as it is enough for your body to be relieved of 100% pressure. And that is enough to relax your body from the strain.

4. The best inversion tables have bars on them which you can use for stretching your body by twisting from one side to the other. You can also press your back into the lower back of the table repeatedly.

5. There are people who bend their knees to open up their hips. There are many things you can do like holding the lower back of your head and stretching other parts. Consider the time on the table to be of complete relaxation and stretch your body.

6. With proper usage, you can increase the time of inversion. But doing the inversions many times a day is much more effective than taking all that inversion timings at once.

7. The keep point is to relax your body so always make sure to do that. For example, you can start inverting for 30 seconds and gradually with time you can increase your inversion timings to as much as 5 minutes. Based on recent studies, by the invert, you invert for 10 seconds your body will start to relax by 35%. Some chiropractors we advised to use the inversion first then go back to your original position and then again invert. They consider it to be extremely useful for retaining the result of inversion longer.

8. If you are among the people who are experiencing muscle guarding, then you may not be getting the benefits of an inversion table. Muscle guarding occurs when our body muscles tighten up at a specific part of our body as a defense mechanism to protect an injured area. These parts will prevent traction or decompression so you won’t be able to take the benefits of inversion therapy with it. If you still want to take the benefits of inversion therapy the only thing you can do is getting a heating pad to heat up that part of your body before doing the inversion therapy.

How Inversion Therapy Works?

Inversion therapy is a lot similar to spine traction. If you are suffering from back pain or sciatica, then turn your body upside down and the power of gravity will help in relaxing your body by using that force to decompress your spine. It is simple but they are really useful. In standing position, the gravity pulls your vertebra and your whole body down causing all your muscles, discs, joints and nerves to compress. While doing inversion therapy the whole body dynamics is changed with the assistance of gravity relieving you from spinal compression.

With a proper inversion, you get your spine lengthened and the pressure on your back gets reduced. The theory looks promising and simple but it’s a bit more complicated to consider it as the simple and the ultimate non-surgical solution to the back pain you are suffering from. Some research organization demands to show evidence to prove that inversion therapy is a good alternative to spine surgeries. While on the other hand 77% of the subjects who suffered from back pain were cured of the use of inversion therapy table without any surgeries.

Out of the people who didn’t use inversion therapy, only 22% was able to avoid surgery and for the other 22, the treatment didn’t work out. And not all people have the same problem so not all of them can be fixed with the same treatment. It is always best to talk to your doctor and come up with a conclusion on what therapy to use on you based on your boy and medical history. Even if you are planning to get inversion therapy, a proper consultation can ensure that you are getting the best inversion table for your use.


As we have told, you might have now understood that inversion tables are one of the best solutions for getting rid of back pain in most of the cases. If your health matters, then make sure to get the best inversion table rather than adjusting with something that is available for cheap. We are again warning you of not jumping into this with excitement. A proper consultation with your doctor is always required before starting the inversion therapy.

Ultimately you want it to get some benefit so don’t risk injuring yourself in that attempt. Many kinds of research are still going on to figure out the proper benefits of inversion tables but the only information we have now is that provided by the actual users who were really benefitted out of this equipment. So, before buying one we will advise you to talk to the people who are actually using it.

And once you get the equipment, starting with smaller inversions is always the best choice to make and then gradually increase the inversions to a higher level. This way you can be pretty clear that you are having a healthy inversion. Anyway, get the best inversion for back pain and get rid of that pain of yours.

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