Exerpeutic Inversion Tables Review
Exerpeutic Inversion Tables Review

Exerpeutic Inversion Tables Review

Exerpeutic is one of the best manufacturers in the fitness equipment industry. It is a famous brand under Paradigm Health and Wellness, Inc. which is a US-based company in Southern Carolina. It has several brands under its name like Progear, Exerpeutic, Ironkids, etc. Each brand has its own set of products which are unique and running quite hot in the market.

It has a strong customer base who believe and admire its products. It has a great line of products and brands to choose from. This company’s motto is to get new and innovative products in the market which act proactively to the requirements of the users. They design and manufacture keeping the user’s needs and pockets in mind.

Why Exerpeutic Stand Out Among the Rest?

Exerpeutic is a brand which specializes in producing low-cost, useful machines for home use. These products are more durable than other brands’ products and fit into the user’s routine very well. It manufactures a good line of products like Treadmills, Ellipticals, Inversion Tables, and Exercise Bikes. Each machine has an innovative design, strong built, and fantastic features.

These machines are also affordable, and the highest model does not cost more than $500. It is very rare that one gets such an excellent cost/value ratio. This article discusses all the inversion tables by Exerpeutic and lists the outstanding features of each.

Exerpeutic Inversion Table Series

1. Exerpeutic 975SL All Inclusive Extra Capacity Inversion Table with Air Soft Ankle Cushions, Surelock, and iControl Systems: The Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table is a very colorful inversion table with a stylish design. It has all the extra features and attracts everybody’s attention. It has a high weight capacity and is ideal for users who are large or heavy. It uses the iControl technology which ensures excellent safety of the user while exercising.

The user has the freedom to select any angle of inversion without getting off the table. It has a foldable design and is one of the best inversion tables that folds. It is hard to get everything in one plate, but this model by Exerpeutic does it all. Be it looks, designing, built, weight capacity, features, technology; it has everything that one can ask for.  It is also affordable and is one of the best inversion tables under $300.

Here is a list of its amazing features:

  • It is built with an extra-wide tubular steel frame and can take weights up to 350lbs. It is also coated with scratch-resistant powder.
  • The iControl Brake System is terrific which helps in secure locking and unlocking at ‘infinite’ inverting angles.
  • The Airsoft Ankle Holders give a firm and soft grip to the ankle while inverting. It does not provide any pain on the ankles.
  • The Airsoft technology gives extra cushioning to the ankles, and the grips fit securely to the shape of the legs.
  • The Ratchet Locking system is perfect and is ‘Palm Activated’ and adjustable.
  • The Double Lock Ratchet Tooth Mechanism makes this inversion table highly secured and safe to use by anyone.
  • The backrest is another plus point, as is its large with 2.3” thick foam. The lumbar pillow is removable and gives extra support to the lower back.
  • It allows 180 degrees of vertical inversion.

2. Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table with AIRSOFT No Pinch Ankle Holders & SURELOCK Safety Ratchet System: The Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table is another excellent product by Exerpeutic and is one of the best inversion tables 2020. It gives the absolute comfort to the user while inverting and gives perfect results. It gives you a feeling of being fit and strengthens the muscles of the back.

It is UL certified for safety and is one of the safest inversion tables too. It is packed with beautiful features and gives no pain on the ankles during inversion. It is a newer model of the 225SL Inversion Table by Exerpeutic and is also a well-rated version. This is also one of the best budget inversion tables and falls under the $200 bracket. It is robust and very-designed.

Here is a list of its amazing features:

  • It is built with 1.6” heavy-duty square steel frame which makes this unit very stable and lets it take weights up to 300 lbs.
  • It has Patent Pending Airsoft Ankle Holders which gives excellent comfort during inversion exercise.
  • It also has a 4-position adjustable control pin which helps in adjusting the angle of inversion and gives more security to the user.
  • It comes with the ‘Palm Activated’ Ratchet Locking system which molds the ankle cushions to grip the ankles safely.
  • The headrest comes in two positions which give rest to your head while inverting.
  • The backrest is very supportive and has a large 1.8” thick foam. It gives immense support and comfort while inverting and the full loop foam handlebars enable easy repositioning of the body after inversion.
  • This inversion table enables full 180-degree vertical inversion.

3. EXERPEUTIC 225 SL Inversion Table with SURELOCK Safety Ratchet System, Lumbar Support and AIRSOFT No Pinch Ankle Holders: This 225 SL model is one of the exceptional models of the inversion table by Exerpeutic. It has a fantastic fan base and has left the buyers extremely happy. It has a high rating in the market and is one of the best inversion tables 2020. A lot of consideration is given during its designing and manufacturing.

It comes with added features like a Rear Crossbar angle limiter, a stretch bar, and long looped side handles. This machine is ideal for stretching and inverting exercises. It comes with much-added support and safety features as compared to other models and is one of the best compact inversion tables.

It is also very affordable and does not burn a hole in the pocket. It is one of the best inversion tables under $200. It is also foldable and is adjustable to user’s height ranging from 4’9” to 6’6”.

Here is a list of its features:

  • It is a UL Safety Certified which ensures that it is a very safe machine.
  • Its ankles holders are Airsoft which does not cause any pain in the ankles during inversion.
  • It has a ‘palm activated’ ratchet locking system which ensures full safety of the user.
  • To enable easy adjustment of the inversion angle, this inversion table has a rear crossbar which can be positioned in 3-angles.
  • The removable lumbar pillow is another advantage which supports the lower back.
  • The backrest is 1” thick, soft foam and gives excellent support and comfort.
  • The vertical inversion angle in this machine is 165 degrees.
  • The handlebars are fully looped with foam which helps the user to come back in the upright position safely and quickly.

Exerpeutic Inversion Tables Pros and Cons


  • Exerpeutic makes a highly stable and robust inversion table.
  • They help in easing the lower back pain effectively.
  • These tables are loaded with excellent features and use innovative technology.
  • They have excellent safety features to ensure natural coming back in the upright position.
  • The backrest and lumbar support is incredible and doesn’t put any strain.
  • The ankle support is fantastic and grips the legs correctly.


  • A few models do not have 180 degrees inversion angle.
  • These tables are ideal for beginners and not enthusiasts.

Final Verdict

Exerpeutic has a good line of inversion tables that have all the great features and qualities. All the above models are its best and rated very high in the market. They are helpful in easing the back pain, strengthening of back muscles, and improving flexibility. Owning one of these inversion tables is sure to give you a fresh and happy look after a long working day.

They are built with high precision and thought and are the best folding inversion tables in the market. They are cost effective and give what is expected of them. They cater perfectly to Inversion Therapy and provide an effective, low-impact workout. This article will help you understand each model in a nutshell and decide the one that will suit your needs.

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