Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table Review

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Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table Review

In today’s time when people do not have time for physical exercise, they often suffer from back issues. 7 out of 10 people complain of back problems at a very early age. All thanks to sitting jobs, lazy lifestyle, and lousy exercise routine.

Inversion Tables are excellent machines to relieve back pain and get your back in perfect shape. It works on the Inversion Therapy where you suspend yourself upside down and stretches your spine to relieve back pain. Many companies are manufacturing Inversion Tables for people with back pain.

Exerpeutic is an excellent brand under Paradigm Health and Wellness and is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness equipment. It is an American company which is also a parent company to brands like Ironkids, Progear, etc.

Read the Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table review 2021 here and learn how this company has made one of the best inversion tables in the market. The Exerpeutic 975SL All Inclusive Extra Capacity Inversion Table is excellent equipment which has a classy and colorful design, outstanding features, and great built.

It has a patented iControl Disk Brake System and other innovative features which you will read in this review. It has a space saver foldable design and an excellent warranty. It gives exceptional comfort as well as security to the user and is ranked in the top most wanted inversion tables.

Best Suits for Whom?

The Exerpeutic 975SL All Inclusive Extra Capacity Inversion Table is an excellent choice for people who are either very heavy, very tall, or both. This is because this machine is very powerfully built with a tubular form of heated steel. It can take weights up to 350lbs and heights in the range 4’9” to 6’6”.

Also, due to the lumbar back support which is large and padded, it is good for people with back problems. Overall, its a very sturdy machine and is one of the best folding inversion tables.

Its foldable design makes it desirable for people with small homes. It also comes at an affordable price and is one of the best inversion tables under $300.

Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of this inversion table by Exerpeutic is straightforward. The user can assemble the whole unit in an hour. The package comes with easy-to-read instructions and all the necessary nuts and bolts.

The user has to read the manual and do as it says in a step-by-step fashion. Overall its a cakewalk.

Design and Build Quality

The designing of the Exerpeutic Inversion Table is terrific as it comes with innovative design. It is colorful as well as bold which can grab anyone’s attention.

It has iControl Disk Brake System, “Palm Activated” SURELOCK ™ Adjustable Ratchet, AIRSOFT Ankle Holder Cushions, Padded Backrest, etc. which gives an unmatched comforting experience while exercising. It is foldable and saves a lot of space when not in use.

The 975LS model of Inversion Table is made of a steel frame which is heavy-duty and in a tubular shape. It is so robust and sturdy that it can take weights up to 350 lbs. It is also coated with scratch-resistant powder coated finish which makes it last longer.

This durable machine can also take users in the height range from 4’10” to 6’6”. The solid two-piece ratchet design gives more safety and security over other models.

Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table Features

Ergonomically Designed

The Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table with Extra Capacity is very ergonomically designed. It is foldable which makes it easy to store this machine. It has patented stretch handles which position the body easily on to the machine. Its design has multiple air chambers which great comfort to the user.

Ankle System

The Ankle system of this Inversion Table by Exerpeutic is perfect and provides excellent security and comfort. It has a double lock mechanism which protects the user as it locks the ankle cups very firmly in place. The ankle holders are Airsoft and perfectly fits the shape of the user’s ankle. The 975SL Inversion Table has one of the best ankle support systems.


It has a robust non-skid rubber stabilizer which avoids any movement or slippage during inversion. The handles of this machine are stretched so that the user can position his body quickly. It also has an accessory holder where the user can keep his tablet or smartphone.

Heat-Treated Steel

The frame of Exerpeutic 975SL Extra Capacity Inversion Table is made of heat-treated steel which is extra wide and tubular. This adds excellent robustness to the machine that it can support weights up to 350lbs.

Auto-Locking Hinges

The Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table has a ‘Palm Activated’ Ratchet Locking System. It is easily reachable and adjustable. The ankle cushions are ergonomically molded which help in holding the ankles safely and comfortably. The iControl Disk Brake System locks the table when the user is mounting or dismounting. This makes the table more secured when inverting.

Safety Features

This All-inclusive extra capacity inversion table by Exerpeutic has a double lock ratchet tooth mechanism which makes the table extra safe and secure while inverting. This table has a solid two-piece ratchet design which makes this machine much more reliable than other inversion tables. It also comes with long side safety handles.


The 975LS Inversion Table is foldable for easy storage. Its folding design is highly appreciated by people who have less space in their homes.

Accommodates Users of Height and Weight

The Exerpeutic extra capacity 975LS inversion table is a robust machine made of heated steel and thus can take weights up to 350lbs. It can take users of height ranging from 4’9” to 6’6”. This range is pretty high and can accommodate a majority of the users. This feature makes it more accessible to the maximum number of users.


 The backboard of this Inversion Table is padded and large. It has a soft memory foam padding (2.3” thick)  which provides excellent comfort to the user.  The backboard is vinyl covered and is double stitched for extra durability.

Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The user can use the Exerpeutic All Inclusive 975LS Inversion Table for inverting as well as stretching exercises. It provides excellent stability for such type of workouts. The user can also perform the back row exercise with this machine.

Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table Warranty

The warranty given by Exerpeutic is excellent as compared to the price it offers. The 975LS inversion table comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. If you want an extended 5-year warranty, then you should buy the product from the official Paradigm website paradigmhw.com

Exerpeutic also gives an excellent Customer Service to its clients. This department is just a phone call away at +16268102100 or their Toll-Free number +18669241688. The user can request for replacement of parts here or any other request, and within 24-48 hours, the Customer service representative will be at your doorstep.

Exerpeutic also has an attractive and comfortable Return Policy for its clients. It does not fool them into buying and gives freedom to the user to decide whether he is satisfied with the product or not. Within 30 days from the date of invoice, the user can demand a full refund or an exchange. You can reach this department at +18669241688 between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday or email them at service@paradigmhw.com.

Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table Pros & Cons


  • The built is very strong and can take weights up to 350 lbs.
  • iControl Disk Brake System locks and unlocks the table safely.
  • AIRSOFT technology gives unmatched comfort.
  • SURELOCK “Palm Activated” adjustable ratchet is an excellent ankle locking system.
  • Removable back lumbar support for extra lower back support.
  • The design is Ergonomic and user-friendly.


  • No bottle holder.
  • No cooling fans.


From the above verdict of this inversion table, it is clear that the Exerpeutic 975LS is one of the best inversion tables by Exerpeutic. It is heavily loaded with excellent features and accessories. It is very rare that one table possesses all such beautiful qualities, be it design, built, features, safety controls, technology, etc.

The main USPs’ of this machine is the iControl brake system, Airsoft ankle holders, memory foam backboard, the ratchet lever, etc. This machine gives all that you need.

It is user-friendly, comfortable, and very very safe. It is built with the highest innovation and precision and is undoubtedly one of the best folding inversion tables.

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