Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table With Ankle Holder Surelock Airsoft Review

Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table With Ankle Holder Surelock Airsoft Review

These days, the majority of people are suffering from back pains. They join a gym but are not able to do much about their backs due to the growing hype on cardio and other machines. Technology has found a solution for such people in the form of Inversion Tables.

Exerpeutic is a well-known fitness brand which has solved this problem. It is a brand under Paradigm Health and Wellness, which is a California based company that works on building efficient equipment for home use. It makes Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Inversion Tables, etc.

Read the Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table review 2020 here and see how it helps users in getting into a fitness routine and shape up the back muscles. The Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table has the AIRSOFT No Pinch Ankle Holders & SURELOCK Safety Ratchet System, and many more extraordinary features.

It is a great machine which not only helps in building a good fitness routine but also provides safety and comfort to the user. It is an all-in-one machine which can help a person get fit and healthy. It is also very affordable, and anyone can own it for home use.

Exerpeutic has come up with this model so that the user gets a feeling of wellness and strength. It is also considered one of the best folding inversion tables. Read ahead and know about its every feature in detail.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Exerpeutic 475LS with AIRSOFT No Pinch Ankle Holders & SURELOCK Safety Ratchet System is an excellent inversion table for back pain as the inversion therapy works great in such cases.

This equipment is also beneficial for people who want to build their back muscles and shape them well. It is a great feeling to soothe your back muscles after a long day at work.

This machine is one of the best inverting devices for home use. Another plus point of this machine is that is is very affordable under $300.

Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table with Ankle Holder Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Exerpeutic 475SL is a sturdy table and comes very well packed. It also comes with clear assembly instructions which describe the whole assembly process.

It is manageable and easy to assemble this unit by two people. The user must keep the necessary tools and the instructions handy at the time of collecting this inversion table.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this inversion table is fantastic. It takes care of the user’s needs as it comes with ankle holders by AIRSOFT, 4-angle position adjustable control pin, ratchet locking system, 2-position headrest, thick backrest, a stretch bar, etc.

This machine is also foldable, hence straightforward to store anywhere in the house. This equipment gives the absolute inversion comfort that the user needs. Its designing is very efficient and offers excellent results.  The build quality of the 475SL Inversion Table by Exerpeutic is solid.

It is made up of heavy-duty 1.6 square steel frame which makes this machine robust so much that it can take weights up to 300 lbs. This frame also gives excellent comfort to the user due to the full loop foam covering in the handlebars.

This inversion table by Exerpeutic is superior in design and build quality.

Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table with Surelock Features

1. Ergonomically Designed: The 475LS inversion table is ergonomically designed because its rear ankle cushions are molded for security and comfort. The user can change the inversion angle with the help of a 4-position adjustable control pin.

The handlebars are padded with foam which gives excellent support to the user. The headrest can be set in two positions and has a stretch bar for positioning the body comfortably.

2. Ankle System: This machine comes with the Patent Pending Airsoft Ankle holders. These are auto-fitting and give unmatched ease and comfort while doing the inversion. It does not pinch or pain the ankles during a reversal, and it fits the shape of your legs and ankles perfectly.

3. Accessories: This inversion table is loaded with so many features like the stretch bar, headrest, backrest, accessory tray where the user can keep his water bottle or phone.

4. Heat-Treated Steel: The frame of this Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table with AIRSOFT Ankle Holders & SURELOCK Ratchet System is very sturdy. It is made up of heavy-duty 1.6” square steel frame.

It is so robust that it can take weights up to 300 lbs. This durable machine does not get unstable while doing inversion exercises.

5. Auto-Locking Hinges: The Double Lock Ratchet Tooth System makes this table more safe and secure while inverting. This double tooth feature is not present in every model.

It has a solid two-piece ratchet design for added safety and security. This feature works well in the user’s favor and keeps him safe while he is performing inverting exercises.

6. Safety Features: This model is UL Safety Certified which is backed by an Internationally recognized testing laboratory. Apart from this, it has safety features like the 4-angle position control pin, double lock ratchet tooth mechanism, etc. It is also one of the safest inversion tables.

7. Foldable/Non-Foldable: The Exerpeutic 475SL inversion table is foldable and can easily be folded up for storage. It does not take much space and has a space-saver design.

8. Accommodates Users of Weight and Height: This inversion table with AIRSOFT Ankle Holders & SURELOCK Ratchet System is solidly built and can take weights up to 300 lbs.

It can also accommodate the user’s in the height range of 4’9” to 6’6”. This machine lets the user make adjustments for the height.

9. Backboard: The backrest of this inversion table is large and padded with 1.8” thick and soft foam which gives terrific comfort and support when the user is inverting. It is feasible for people with back pains as it does not exert any pressure on the back and keeps it comfortable while exercising.

Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table Airsoft Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The 475LS Inversion Table lets you perform inversion very easily and comfortably. The user can also perform stretching exercises on it without hurting the back. The full loop foam handlebars help in returning gracefully to the upright position.

The user can invert into complete 180-degree vertical inversion and try a variety of exercises on each. It does not hurt your ankles and back in any way and is perfect for carrying out a fantastic exercise session. It strengthens the back muscles and keeps them in shape.

Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table Warranty

The warranty by Exerpeutic on its products is outstanding as compared to the price of the products. The 475LS inversion table has a 1-year limited warranty. The user can extend this warranty to 5-years if you buy the product from paradigmhw.com, which is their official website.

The Customer Service department of Exerpeutic is also efficient and is reachable at +16268102100 or their Toll-Free number +18669241688. The user can also request for the replacement of parts, and within 24-48 hours their representative will reach your house.

The Return Policy of Exerpeutic is simple. It believes in keeping the user comfortable by giving them a trial period of 30 days. If the user is not satisfied with the machine, he can ask for a full refund within these days. If some part is damaged, he can also ask for an exchange.

This department is reachable at +18669241688 between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday or email them at service@paradigmhw.com.

Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table Pros and Cons


  • 1.6” Square steel frame gives excellent stability.
  • AirSoft Technology keeps the feet and ankles comfortable.
  • 4-Angle position control pin gives easy inversion adjustments.
  • The backrest is well-padded and eases back pain.
  • It is foldable and can be stored easily.
  • The locking system is superb.


  • No cooling fans.
  • No Bluetooth Connectivity.


From the above judgment, it is evident that the Exerpeutic 475LS Inversion Table is one of the best inversion tables for home use. It has a foldable design and can be stored away easily. It also comes with heavily loaded features that add on to the user’s comfort and gives efficient results.

By using this machine, the user will get a feeling of being fit. Using it every day will increase the flexibility and improve the back muscles. This inversion table is affordable as well as ideal and thus is amazingly worth. It is one of the best inversion tables under $400.

If one weighs the benefits of owning this machine and the cost, it will surely be luring. It is something that one would love to have at home.