Body Champ IT 8070 Inversion Table Review

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Body Champ IT 8070 Inversion Table Review

The Body Champ IT 8070 Inversion Table is here to make your regular workout even more efficient and easier.

I know by now you must have heard how it helps you cure your back pain. But did you know it also relieves your muscle pain and stress? Just a few inversion routines that you have to do and you will feel rejuvenated.

In inversion therapy, one inverts his body in such a manner that he goes against the gravity that usually is the primary cause of back pain. During inversion, your spine gets decompressed and elongates this reduces the pressure on the spinal cord and never roots. After using the IT8070, you see improvement in your posture also.


Body Champ IT8070 is as simple as it sounds. It won’t take you long and or genius brains to put it all together. Once assembled the measurements are 77.4 x 28.5 x 52.4 inches ; length x breadth x height. The table weighs 50 pounds. Thus for the people who want something that is easy to assemble, you are reading what you should buy immediately.


Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table Review

The inversion table from Body Champ is designed in a way that you have no troubles when you hang upside down from it.

The high-density foam cushion is provided for increased comfort. The Body Champ has equipped the table with cushion backrest pad that gives the extra user comfort when you insert it. Thus, get rid of the backaches, without giving any discomfort to your body.


The main features of the inversion table from Body Champ are:

Ankle Support

Ankles of the table are well cushioned with four foam rollers. The lower spring pulls pin is provided to adjust the ankles without any issues.

CapacityBody Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

The inversion table from Body Champ can accommodate up to 250 pounds. It is easily foldable and easy to store. Thus, even if you stay in a small apartment, you can easily fold it and store it when not in use. It comes equipped with the deluxe pull pin to make it easily adjustable to the desire of the user. Users of the height

4 feet 7 inches – 6 feet 8 inches can easily invert on it without any problems.


Inversion of angle can be well controlled via safety straps. Safety locks are provided to keep the table securely. Rest your body against the table and secure your feet in ankle supports, stretch arms over your head and slowly start investing. U-shaped handrails are provided for the relaxed upright position.

Inversion is possible up to full 90 degrees, not very commonly seen in other models.


The table is lightweight and easily foldable. The measurements when the table is folded are 13 x 29 x 75 inches. Thus, it is easily manageable even in one bedroom apartment.


IT8070 is very safe and stable. The 250 pounds accommodation of weight and provision of U – shaped handrails makes it even more secure to use.

Technical Details

  • Height range – 4’7 ” up to 6 ‘ 8 “
  • Measures 55.5×29.5×57 “(Lx Wx H) (assembled )
  • Measures 13x29x75″ (folded)
  • Maximum capacity -250-pounds
  • U-shaped padded bars for extra stability
  • Uses pull-pin adjustment – features a spring-loaded pull pin for the ankle lock (foam rollers)
  • Safety secure during storage
  • Durable safety strap to prevent falls


The pads provided for the ankle are not enough as they tend to become slightly uncomfortable if you invert for more few minutes. You can solve this issue by adding ankle padding and wearing socks. Though, it will turn little annoying when you invert every day.

As the table weighs light, it is better off for users with average weight and height.

The table has no angle supports. Though, many of its counterparts include this feature.  This is a common issue faced by many users including me.


It is an excellent option for the ones who are looking for something effective but in a limited price range. It’s an excellent choice as it relieves your back pain as you have to spend a few minutes on it plus you don’t need to spend much.

If you aren’t a “pills” fan like me and want more natural and useful way, then IT8070 is designed for you. Free yourself from all that back, muscle, joint and ligament pains. Just a few workout routines and-and are living again but this time in a healthy way.