lnversion Table Reviews – Best lnversion Tables 2019
lnversion Table Reviews – Best lnversion Tables 2019

Best Inversion Table Reviews 2019

We don’t just provide you information based on what the company says but try and test each and every equipment. We review them so that we can help you easily weigh out the pros and cons of every inversion table and make a learned decision. We have tried to speak in depth about the inversion tables and will help you make an intelligent decision as you will be able to know about the features and brands that are worth buying.

Best Inversion Table for Sciatica Pain

Best Inversion Table Over 400$
Best Inversion Table Under 400$
Best Inversion table Under 200$

Best Inversion Table – Top 3 Favorites for 2019

Your choice doesn’t necessarily have to depend on the budget or the brand. The important thing is that the table you choose meets all your needs and requirements. One question that we’re answering almost all the time is “does Inversion Therapy help?” Our answers remain personalized according to the patient and their problems. Although it is largely true that inversion therapy offers several health benefits, each inversion therapy table is unique and offers varying features and benefits.

Moreover, while people may suffer similar pains and tensions in their bodies, no two people are alike. Each person must work with their bodies in different ways. However, the inversion therapy table does offer something for everyone. Our inversion table reviews have detailed descriptions of the various features that are offered by best inversion tables to give help make choosing the right table.

With the number of desk jobs increasing every single day it is no wonder that the majority of the people are suffering from back pain throughout their life. Things get worse if you are caught with sciatica. As the name sounds it makes things get complicated. With the sciatic nerve inflammation, the pain will haunt you from your lower back right up to your legs. An inversion therapy using inversion table is one of the easiest home remedies you could do to get relaxed from sciatica. The small inversions powered by gravity can help a lot in relaxing your body relieving you from the body pain.

An inversion table is a lot similar to a normal table with a plank having a small incline where you will be laying your back. Full inversion is suggested by many people as very useful in getting rid of back pain.  Proper stretching of your spine can help a lot in relaxing your body. Inversion tables available over $400 have a lot of features to ensure that you are having a proper inversion. This guide made by our experts aims at helping you find the best inversion table in your budget and also to give you an idea on how you must be using the inversion tables efficiently to get the best out of it.

Since you are new into this you should be confused. If you prefer the mid-range section, then inversion tables under $400 are a good buy. With good enough features, they will help you stay relaxed. The lists given in this article are based on the findings made from our experts who reviewed every single one of the popular inversion tables available in the market right now. We just needed to ensure that you are getting the best inversion tables of 2019. Inversion tables are good equipment and it is much better to have one in your home. All the inversion tables look similar so the choice might be hard. So read our guide well to make the selection easier.

If you are tight on budget, you will still be able to get good inversion tables at a cheap price. With us, you can easily get the best inversion tables under $200 which does not require make many sacrifices. The inversion tables that we suggested are based on the reviews given by actual people who have used this product so they are trustworthy. It is true that the more you pay the more you get but still, you will be getting good features in this price tag.

Inversion Table Benefits

1. Alleviates Back Pain: People have experienced the benefits of inversion therapy for ages. While it might not have been known as such before, different cultures throughout history were aware of the benefits of inversion on the spine. However, modern man believes little on insufficient evidence and the advice of his elders.

Things need proving and the attestation of the scientific community to be considered valid alternative treatments. Today, Inversion therapy has qualified as a viable, alternative treatment for alleviating various back problems through rigorous clinical trials.

2. Corrects Posture: Today, more and more people are falling prey to the ill effects of poor posture. This is no surprise since most people spend most of their time sitting at a desk, working on computers or watching movies and participating in a sedentary lifestyle. Long hours of assuming any given posture and in particular sitting can have an adverse effect on several systems in the body, including the all-important lymphatic system.

Inversion therapy works by counteracting the various tensions that may have developed in the spine by gradually stretching and strengthening the spine. This invariably helps to correct posture as well as they generate greater health in the body.

3. Improves Blood Circulation: Inversion therapy uses gravity to boost blood circulation in the body. The method is pretty simple but effective nonetheless. When the body is lying inverted, blood can flow smoothly to all the parts of the body including the head which can suffer the effects of not insufficient blood flow. Inversion Therapy aids to revert the effects of poor blood circulation and works to improve overall circulation so that all the different body parts benefit from receiving the proper supply of vitamins and minerals.

4. Deep Relaxation: Although most of us think that getting 8 hours of sleep is enough for the body to recuperate, it often is not. We live hectic lives, work late into the night and often get out of bed not feeling completely rested. And, even when we think we’re resting while watching TV or just laying down, our minds are racing and our bodies don’t get the rest they deserve to function at optimum levels. Inversion therapy tables not only help with circulation but allow the muscles of the body to experience deep relaxation.

5. Disc Rejuvenation:  Staying in any posture for long periods of time can be harmful to the body. When we’re sitting for most of the day, either leaning forward or extending backward, our spines develop abnormalities in their natural curvature. Over time, sitting in unnatural positions without the proper lumbar support can adversely affect the vertebrae which are the building blocks of the spine.

Prolonged pressure can cause disc degeneration where the discs can bulge or rupture and press on a nearby nerve (as in sciatica). Such herniated discs can be the cause of a lot of pain and discomfort if left untreated. Regular Inversion therapy on an inversion therapy table helps to stretch the spine and creates distance between the vertebrae, thereby providing much-needed relief and spinal decompression

6. Prevention: The greatest boon of inversion tables lies in preventing the development of back problems and keeping the spine healthy. Moderate and consistent use of the best inversion tables can counteract the adverse effects of prolonged sitting, standing, and inactivity on the spine. However, it is always a good idea to consult a health professional or doctor before implementing any new treatment. Check our inversion table reviews to find the perfect table today

7. Remember to Start Slow: Several studies show that inversion therapy is a viable and effective treatment for the spine. However, inversion is not advised for those suffering from high blood pressure, glaucoma or heart disease. As a general rule when you start inverting you should always go slow with a small degree of inversion and gradually get into inverting at higher angles. Also, make sure to start with no more than 5-10 mins at a time.

Do Inversion Tables work? The Consensus

In a word, Yes. These techniques have been around for a long time. Only recently, with the advent of the inversion therapy table, have people begun asking whether hanging upside down is good for the spine and body. If you look at various tradition in the east, you will find examples of inversion everywhere. In India, in the yogic system of asana, Sarvangasana (or the shoulder stand) and sirs asana (the headstand) is greatly accredited for their invigorating and rejuvenating benefits.

These, as well as other poses from Shaolin, Kairi, and Zen that require considerable practice and strengthening of the system in order to perform. The effort required to achieve the postures gives the practitioner an understanding and respect of each pose. With inversion therapy, no position is earned through physical labor, so it easy to take advantage of.

It is always advised to start slow and easy, giving the body enough time to get used to the effects of gravity. Too much inversion too soon can be much more detrimental than helpful. By starting with a few degrees of inversion for a few minutes at a time, the body gets used to the inverted position and begins to reap the benefits of hanging upside down.

While most medical practitioners recommend inversion therapy as a short-term treatment to counteract spine related issues, few recognize the value of inversion therapy for back pain in the long run. It is obvious that inversion therapy is insufficient for treating advanced back problems that need surgery and medication, but it is capable of preventing back problems and even correcting minor imbalances as well as improving posture.

Buying Guide

As we have already told there are a plethora of options to choose from. So getting the best inversion table out of them is a daunting task for you unless you really know about the inversion tables that you are looking for. This short guide will surely get you educated on the benefits and the features of the inversion tables. The best inversion table doesn’t really have to be the most expensive one. It is all about finding the right one that will fit your needs.

The purpose of selecting the inversion table also matters because there are people who specifically buy it for the therapy and people who just want to relax their body after a tight schedule of work. We know this is a tiring task to check different options available for you but being patient enough to read through our inversion table review 2019 can help you in selecting the best inversion table.

Part 1: How are you going to be using it?

The purpose of your purchase will help a lot in narrowing down your options. If you are a person suffering from lower back pain or upper body pain, then your need is to find medical equipment. If you just want to relax your body and have good body postures, you want comforting equipment. The best inversion tables for different categories of people are a lot different.

While doing inversion therapy your whole body will be in an upside-down posture which may look awkward but trust us, doing this for a while can help you relax your body a lot. After the therapy, you will feel relaxed and will surely enjoy the therapeutic effects of the inversion. So analyze your need and find the best inversion table specifically for your purpose.

What Kind Of Backrest Would Be Better For You?

Majority of the people will be reading this article out of the back pain they suffered for a while. So, getting a comfy back is necessary when you buy an inversion table. We found that inversion tables that have thick backrests tend to be a lot more comfortable for the people who are having back pain. But that’s not all there are inversion tables with backrests which can give you additional therapy on the back. Some of the inversion tables will give you the ability to remove the backrest if you don’t need it.

What Positioning and Operating Angles suit you the most?

The weight of the inversion tables must also be taken into consideration before making the purchase. There are many lightweight inversion tables and heavy ones available in the market right now. Generally, the heavier ones tend to be much more stable and sturdy but only that if you can afford the space that you might sacrifice to place them properly in your home. If you live in a small apartment, you can go for the light inversion tables as they are space conservative and sturdy enough to hold your weight.

Make sure never to put the inversion table in a cramped up space. Inversion tables are also having the ability to swivel giving you the flexibility to do more with the tables. Without the swivel capacity, the ability to do intense workouts is a bare minimum. So, unless you are planning to stock with limited exercises it will be a good choice to always go for the inversion tables with 180-degree swivel capacity.

Part 2:  What are the Checkpoints for the Best Inversion Table?

1. Durability: Nobody wants their equipment to be broken in a month of usage so durability of the inversion tables matters a lot. It is really easy to understand the durability of inversion tables. The material used for making the body can tell you a lot about the physical endurance capacity of the inversion table. If the inversion table is made of a hard metal like steel, then you can expect it to last long.

Always check out the customer reviews to know how the inversion tables last. And also make sure that the table you get is having a good finishing without that the table may not last for a long period.

2. Features: Inversion tables come with a lot of features, some of them which are a necessity while some are a mere luxury.  There are inversion tables that come with multiple inversion angles which are good if you wish to have that extra stretching for your muscles. But, most of the tables just provide a particular angle. The best inversion tables have ankle boots. These will make sure that you don’t fall off from it during inversion.

Having a head pad will increase comfort and is always present on the premium ones. There are cheap inversion tables with head pads but it is not that common in that price segment. So, before buying the inversion tables check whether they have the features that we suggested and you want in them.

3. Smooth Motion: Good inversion therapy requires an inversion table that provides smooth motion while changing the inclination angle. Some of the best inversion tables come with the ability to do inversion at various angles. With this ability as a beginner, you can try out the first few weeks with angles like 20 or 30 degrees and slowly go on increasing it.

An inversion table that provides steady and smooth motion without any jerks is necessary for something like that. To understand this, use the inversion table for a while and find out whether they are offering smooth angle shifts. If they don’t just avoid them as it can cause a lot of discomfort in the long run.

4. Weight Limit: If your weight goes beyond the maximum weight capacity of the inversion table, then you will break it so be careful while checking the maximum weight capacity of the inversion table before getting on top of it. Every model has different weight capacity. There are tables that can hold up to the weight of 300 or 350 pounds but let’s say it averages around 250 pounds.

5. Comfort: Inversion tables are mostly used for getting a comfortable time on it and if you don’t have a comfortable seating the whole joy will be ruined. So, the seating of the inversion table must be carefully selected. The material of the seat should be made of a comfortable material because only that can ensure proper seating. As we have already told head pads and ankle pads can help in adding more comfort to the inversion tables.

Just try it out and find whether it is comforting if it is, then confidently buy the product. Again we advise you to check out the customer reviews to make the selection easier because they will have the first-hand experience in this. They will be subjective and more trustworthy than advertisements.

6. Ease of Use: An inversion table is a simple equipment but cheap ones come with a complicated structure. They will sometimes be heavy making it really hard to transport them and will require a lot more space than usually required. Select a table that has a simple mechanism and good features

7. Model and Brands: Brands are important while choosing the best inversion tables. The more reputed the brand the more easily you can choose them because of their credibility. Get the newest model from, a well-reputed brand as this choice rarely gives bad results.

8. Price: Money always matters. Don’t go for an inversion table with an inflated price and no additional features. Compare each of the inversion tables and find out which will give you the best value for the money you invest in them. You can get to know about the best ones by reading our articles.

Manual vs. Motor Driven Units

Manual conversion tables work a lot differently than motor driven ones.

1. Motor-driven units are the easiest to operate. They have a system controlled unit where you press a few buttons to adjust the whole unit’s angle and position. This is unlike manual units that have to be adjusted manually (which can be tiring for some people).

2. Manual units do have one advantage in that they require little to no maintenance at all, while motorized ones need to be serviced frequently since they have motorized parts.

3. Weigh up the two options wisely before deciding what unit to buy or use. Some people will find manual units good, while others will just prefer motorized ones.

Part 3: Additional Features Worth Considering

As we have already told the inversion tables for back pain do come with lots of additional features, some of them will be quite helpful in improving the security and may even improve the productivity of your workouts. So, check them out before going on with the purchase. We have listed down some inversion table features to let you gain more insight into them.

1. A well-designed bed for a comfortable inversion and a really sturdy frame is a good feature to have in an inversion table. Some of the tables often have extra extensions that will make it easier for you to do stretching.

2. Ankle systems are only looked for comfort but they can do much more than that. A long handle can make your ankles secure easily on to the table.

3. A place to hold extra accessories can again improve your workout experience.

4. Usage of sturdy materials like the hard treated steel will ensure that your tables will last long.

5. Availability of auto-locking hinges is quite useful in preventing accidents that may occur while you are engaging in body stretching. The frames can be foldable or a single static piece depending on the place you would like to use them.

6. Specification of maximum weight and height is useful as a guide to know whether the table is suitable for you.

Part 4: Safety and Maintenance

Safety comes first. There is no point in breaking your body trying to get fit. Ensure that the inversion table is coming with all the facilities to protect your family and all the users who will get on top of this table. Check out some of the factors that you may want to consider before buying the inversion table.

1. FDA-Registered: It is always good to have a guarantee on a product that you buy for improving your health. It will make you much more confident when you make the purchase. This is where an organization like the FDA comes to play. The reviews made by them are genuine and are expert opinions so you can easily depend on them to get validation on your inversion table. Getting your inversion table approved by FDFA means it has undergone high-quality standard tests.

Only the inversion tables made by Teeter have been certified by the FDA until now. From their approval, we can see that Teeter inversion tables are suggested as good equipment for people suffering from Back Pain, Sciatica pain, Spinal Degenerative Joint Disease, Spinal Curvature, Muscle Tension, Herniated Disc, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Facet Syndrome and Muscle Spasm.

2. Third Party Certification: Third-party certifications can be quite useful when the market is flooded with a lot of products and you don’t know which one to select. Unlike many other products in the markets, inversion tables are not so well studied and there is no government agency to check its quality standards. So, third-party certification is the only thing that remains reliable for people. Only the inversion tables made by Teeters have UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification.

They are an independent agency for checking the quality standards of an inversion table. A lot of tests are made on the inversion table to check their endurance capacity. They make the inversion tables undergo a cycle of 30,000 simulated tests with the maximum weight capacity to check whether they perform as advertised. Even the ankle closure is checked in the same manner to ensure that they can survive 30,000 rotations and locks.

The major advantage of UL is that it is not a one-time certification they do it once in a while to ensure that the quality standard is maintained. If the product fails, the test they are requested to remove the product quality certification. This is a very reliable method for people to identify the right product form the wrong one.

3. Ease of Assembly: Most of us will find it difficult to assemble the inversion table initially so it will be better for you to buy a pre-installed inversion table. This way you will save your time and the hassle of doing something that you are totally ignorant about. Moreover, you can start using it just after bringing it home. There are inversion tables that come with third-party support for the initial assembly which is again a good thing to look out for.

Some even use apps like BILT which provide you with a 3D guide to assemble your inversion table properly. With that, the assembly will be child’s play. People have even tested out the Teeter and found out that with proper assistance you can finish the assembly 2 1/2 times faster than others.

4. Warranty: Warranty actually stands as an indication of the trust every manufacturer puts on their product. The longer the warranty the longer the product is expected to work without any repairs. A year or 2 is a bad warranty period for an inversion table. You can expect it to die really fast. The best inversion tables will have a warranty of at least 5 years with customer service assistance that will be provided at your home.

Part 5: Finally Shopping the Equipment

You might have already understood why we keep warning you regarding the similarity of the inversion tables. It is really difficult to find the best inversion tables from the plethora of bad ones. You will need to look up close to succeed in this task. The outside appearances are always deceiving so you might easily get cheated. And the problem becomes more severe if you are planning to purchase the inversion table online.

Don’t jump into selecting the cheapest ones because they will obviously be made of cheap quality materials and will pose a risk to your health in the long run.  Cost cutting literally means quality cutting in most of the cases. And one important thing to look for is the roller hinge that connects the A-frame to the rotating bed. Make sure that you only buy the ones that are made out of heat treated steel to ensure stability and durability.

Heat treated steel has a strength which is 10 times more than that of normal steel. Also, make sure that the hinges can take 4 times the prescribed weight on the inversion tables to prevent unexpected accidents and also 30,000 cycles of spinning. If they can’t meet this mark, then avoid them at all costs. We made sure to save a lot of your time by creating an expert inversion table guide which will help you choose the right inversion table.

Buy From us with 100% confidence

We are good at what we do so you can easily expect the best inversion table listed here to top all the inversion tables available on the market. We have listed down 6 options and they are good in their own ways. If you are again skeptical, then check out the ratings given by our buyers and you will know why we keep recommending these inversion tables. We can guarantee you that you won’t ever regret the decision of buying the best inversion tables from us.

Select the inversion table you liked the most but keep in mind about all the things that we have told you until now. Before making the purchase, go through the customer reviews of each of these inversion tables and make yourself satisfied with your decision and get the best inversion table that way.


Appearances can be deceiving so don’t just select an inversion table because of its attractive design or color. A lot of other things have to be considered too. Primarily, know that you need to relax and get rid of a backache. So, it must be really good for doing inversion therapy. The best inversion table will be sturdy, easy to use and durable. A comfortable inversion is a key to good relaxation. So, check the back support and other features which will enhance your stay on the bed.

The table must be strong enough to take your weight on at any angle that you want to use. We expect that you have got well educated regarding the inversion tables with our inversion table review and you will be able to choose the best inversion table for your home.

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