lnversion Table Reviews – Best lnversion Tables 2019

lnversion Table Reviews – Best lnversion Tables 2019

lnversion Table Reviews – Best lnversion Tables 2019

We don’t just provide you information based on what the company says but try and test each and every equipment. We review them so that we can help you easily weigh out the pros and cons of every inversion table and make a learned decision. I have tried to speak in depth about the inversion tables and will help you make an intelligent decision as you will be able to know about the features and brands that are worth buying.

If you’re looking for a top of the line Inversion Table, our recommendation for 2019 is the TeeTer Hang Inversion Table Ups Ep-950. The teeter hang-ups inversion table has proven to be one the most advanced inversion tables available in the market.

If you’re on a budget, and you’re looking for an economical solution to your back problems, the Innovate Fitness ITX 9600 Therapy Table is a good option. In this article, we have put together put together all the necessary information for buying Inversion tables.

Your choice doesn’t necessarily have to depend on the budget or the brand. The important thing is that the table to choose meets all your needs and requirements. One question that we’re answering almost all the time is “does Inversion Therapy help?” Our answers remain personalized according to the patient and their problems. Although it is largely true that inversion therapy offers several health benefits, each inversion therapy table is unique and offers varying features and benefits. Moreover, while people may suffer similar pains and tensions in their bodies, no two people are alike. Each person must work with their bodies in different ways. However, the inversion therapy table does offer something for everyone. Our inversion table reviews have detailed descriptions of the various features that are offered by best inversion tables to give help make choosing the right table.

Inversion Table Benefits:

Alleviates Back Pain: People have experienced the benefits of inversion therapy for ages. While it might not have been known as such before, different cultures throughout history were aware of the benefits of inversion on the spine. However, modern man believes little on insufficient evidence and the advice of his elders. Things need proving and the attestation of the scientific community to be considered valid alternative treatments. Today, Inversion therapy has qualified as a viable, alternative treatment for alleviating various back problems through rigorous clinical trials.

Corrects Posture: Today, more and more people are falling prey to the ill effects of poor posture. This is no surprise since most people spend most of their time sitting at a desk, working on computers or watching movies and participating in a sedentary lifestyle. Long hours of assuming any given posture and in particular sitting can have an adverse effect on several systems in the body, including the all important lymphatic system. Inversion therapy works by counteracting the various tensions that may have developed in the spine by gradually stretching and strengthening the spine. This invariably helps to correct posture as well as the generate greater health in the body.

Improves Blood Circulation: Inversion therapy uses gravity to boost blood circulation in the body. The method is pretty simple but effective nonetheless. When the body is lying inverted, blood can flow smoothly to all the parts of the body including the head which can suffer the effects of not insufficient blood flow. Inversion Therapy aids to revert the effects of poor blood circulation and works to improve overall circulation so that all the different body parts benefit from receiving the proper supply of vitamins and minerals.

Deep Relaxation: Although most of us think that getting 8 hours of sleep is enough for the body to recuperate, it often is not. We live hectic lives, work late into the night and often get out of bed not feeling completely rested. And, even when we think we’re resting while watching tv or just laying down, our minds our racing and our bodies don’t get the rest they deserve to function at optimum levels. Inversion therapy tables not only helps with circulation but allows the muscles of the body to experience deep relaxation.

Disc Rejuvenation: Staying in any posture for long periods of time can is harmful to the body. When we’re sitting for most of the day, either leaning forward or extending backwards, our spines develop abnormalities in their natural curvature. Over time, sitting in unnatural positions without the proper lumbar support can adversely affect the vertebrae which are the building blocks of the spine. Prolonged pressure can cause disc degeneration where the discs can bulge or rupture and press on a nearby nerve (as in sciatica). Such herniated discs can be the cause of a lot of pain and discomfort if left untreated. Regular Inversion therapy on an inversion therapy table helps to stretch the spine and creates distance between the vertebrae, thereby providing much-needed relief and spinal decompression.

Prevention:  The greatest boon of inversion tables lies in preventing the development of back problems and keeping the spine healthy. A moderate and consistent use of the best inversion tables can counteract the adverse effects of prolonged sitting, standing and inactivity on the spine. However, it is always a good idea to consult a health professional or doctor before implementing any new treatment. Check our inversion table reviews to find the perfect table today.

Remember to Start Slow: Several studies show that inversion therapy is a viable and effective treatment for the spine. However, inversion is not advised for those suffering from high blood pressure, glaucoma or heart disease. As a general rule when you start inverting you should always go slow with a small degree of inversion and gradually get into inverting at higher angles. Also, make sure to start with no more than 5-10 mins at a time.

Do Inversion Tables work? The Consensus

In a word, Yes. These techniques have been around for a long time. Only recently, with the advent of the inversion therapy table, have people begun asking whether hanging upside down is good for the spine and body. If you look at various tradition in the east, you will find examples of inversion everywhere. In India, in the yogic system of asana, Sarvangasana (or the shoulder stand) and sirs asana (the head stand) are greatly accredited for their invigorating and rejuvenating benefits. These as well as other poses from Shaolin, Kairi and Zen require considerable practice and strengthening of the system in order to perform. The effort required to achieve the postures gives the practitioner an understanding and respect of each pose.

With inversion therapy, no position is earned through physical labour, so it easy to take advantage of. It is always advised to start to slow an easy, giving the body enough time to get used to the effects of gravity. Too much inversion too soon can be much more detrimental than helpful. By starting with a few degrees of inversion for a few minutes at a time, the body gets used to the inverted position and begins to reap the benefits of hanging upside down.

While most medical practitioners recommend inversion therapy as a short-term treatment to counteract spine related issues, few recognize the value of inversion therapy in the long run. It is obvious that inversion therapy is insufficient for treating advanced back problems that need surgery and medication, but it is capable of preventing back problems and even correcting minor imbalances as well as improving posture.

Things to Consider Before you Buy an Inversion Table

Listed below are few things that you should consider before buying the best inversion table for your home.

Durability: There is no point in spending money on a product that lasts for few months. Therefore, it is very vital to check the durability of the product. You can check it by looking at the material used in the body or frame. If it is steel or other hard material, then it suggests the table is highly durable. Inversion table reviews can be important in this regard. Some inversion tables do not have great finishing owing to which their body gets degraded very quickly so always check the body and finishing as these two things make the table strong.

Features: There are many types of inversion tables having various features. Some inversion tables offer multiple inversion angles. These tables are better as they offer extra stretching exercises. On the other hand, some tables just provide particular angle. In the same way, good quality tables all the time have ankle boots that give added security. Low-Priced tables come with the head pad though high-quality tables always have a head pad that adds to the comfort. You must check these and many other features before getting inversion tables. The best inversion table comes with added features.

 Smooth Motion: The leading best inversion tables allow you to arrange them at different angles. For instance, you may begin with 20 to 30 degrees during the first week and then slowly move towards greater inversion and stretching, but this is entirely possible if the table has steady motion. A table should be easily movable and angle smoothly without creating shakes. Check the table for a few minutes before getting it so that you know how smooth it is. If table easily moves to different angles, then you can buy it.

Weight Limit: The maximum weight limit is different for different models. Some tables can carry the weight up to 300 or 350 pounds while average tables have the capacity up to 250 pounds. You must inquire about the maximum weight limit of the table before purchasing it.

Comfort: You must examine the comfort it provides. The best inversion tables always have comfortable seats. Check the material used. If foam or other similar material then it indicates the table will be comfortable. Head pad and ankle locks add to comfort as well. Overall, if the inversion table is running smoothly, and it is comfortable to rest on, and then it means it is worth purchasing. Reading customer reviews is helpful in finding out the comfort of the table. People are normally candid in reviewing the product. Thus, considering the experience of others, you can make a wise choice always.

 Ease of Use: There are a few inexpensive models of inversion tables that have a complicated mechanism. They are hard to move, and they are also heavy weighted. Also, they need additional space. Buy the one that is simple to use due to its uncomplicated mechanism and exceptional features.

Model and Brands: It is important that you buy the best inversion tables from well-reputed companies. These are the two most important things to check before purchasing any commodity. Always prefer that table relates to a good brand and has a new model. Avoid getting older models of inversion table as they are less efficient.

Price: You must also match the price of different inversion tables before ordering. Always go to the table having added features at the lesser price. Do not take purchasing judgement on the price tag. For for the latest information on the best inversion tables, read our inversion table reviews.


Price Range: Under $100


Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Inversion Table

Do you constantly have back pain or/and neck pain? Chronic pain gets people on their toes to try just anything and everything to get rid of that pain. Well, many people do come up with their secret remedy but how long will they last? They might reduce the pain but doesn’t get rid of the cause. Chiropractors have proven to be helpful and effective, but these visits cost and lost and insurance coverage is less likely an option. But, like every problem this too comes with a solution- inversion table, permanent, cost-effective and healthy safe solution for your back problems.

The comfort of the ankle holders: one of the important concerns of customers.

Ever Deluxe won’t be able to cast its charm when it comes to ankle holder comfort as it doesn’t provide much.

The ankle locking system comes with a foot rest that is unadjustable, front foam rollers, rear cups and smart spring loading system that comes with a longer lever. The footrest isn’t completely unadjustable can be adjusted up to some levels but just and inch backwards or forwards. Inches or two that too just forward or backward isn’t very helpful. You won’t be able to reduce any difference between your instep and front rollers. If you are tall with thin ankles, it’s quite possible your head will fall off the backrest, and you might as well slide down. Though your legs will be held in one position back, heel holder cups are very well padded with rubber.

Price Range: Under $200

Innovate Fitness ITX 9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table:Innovate Fitness ITX 9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

Innovate has gained a very good reputation in the industry for its good work and products they supply. You will get inversion tables at a very reasonable range plus a wide range. I recommend inversion therapy to so many patients of mine. Back problems will just deteriorate your life, but if you work on it, you can get rid of it and live free and happy.

Because of Innova’s high quietly and low prices, it is very popular amongst consumers and my clients. One of my client has been using ITX9600 and has given and outstanding performance along with quality – for life guarantee.

Inversion therapy has proven to be a safe alternative to drugs that eventually stop having any feet on the body. ITX9300 is a great product to opt for rejuvenation and getting rid of annoying back pain all at the same time. To come to a final decision, please make sure you read about ITX9300 reviews.

Price Range: Under $500



This teeter inversion table has proven to be one the most advanced inversion tables available on the market. EP 950 its processor was regarded as the inversion table with maximum features. Well EP 950 hasn’t changed even a bit, for the matter of fact, EP 950 seems to be doing a great business and has many satisfied customers.

The Teeter Hang-ups inversion table EP950 is known as the premium version that is designed especially to get rid of that back pain you complain about. It also helps in improving body posture and the blood circulation. Core exercises can also be performed that are very effective. This teeter hang-ups inversion table comes with a Patented flex technology that helps to increase the range of motion and degree angles along with low friction surface for optimal stretching. The ankle lock system will make sure your feet are firm and secure with added padding for good comfort. This Teeter inversion table 950 also comes with EZ Angle tether strap that allows you to invert at multiple preset rotation angles like 20, 30 and 60 degrees.

300 pounds weight capacity plus 5-year warranty, you cannot go on with EP 950 and at $ 400 it’s a must buy a product!


In our inversion table reviews, you find all the information that is vital for purchasing the best inversion table. It will be unfair to talk about just one model as every inversion table has something new to offer. My suggestion would be to keep in mind all the points that have been mentioned above and-and make the best purchase. We take this a small effort and contribution from our side to spread awareness regarding the leading, best inversion tables.