Interview with Conor

Interview with Conor

conorWe Welcome Conor from to Aim Workout. Physicalculturestudy is indeed a unique endeavor; their efforts are primarily concerned with exploring the various activities undertaken by people throughout the ages to strengthen their bodies and develop superior physiques. So, if you’re intrigued by the ‘why’ behind current training protocols or the origin and effectiveness of various diets or the very early stages of progress in physical fitness, you’re guaranteed to get your curiosity quenched.

What Inspired you to start your Blog?

The decision to create my blog was in part driven by my interest in the history of health and fitness and also by my boredom! I have a terrible habit of looking up random bits of fitness history online whenever I have a moment. One day I was looking up the history of bodybuilding competitions or something similar and decided to write my articles on the subject.

Before that, I had mainly been contributing articles to other websites, journals and magazines. The beauty of having your blog is that no one can tell you what to write or tell you it’s terrible!

What makes you unique in the Fitness and Health Space?

So much of the internet is dedicated to the latest trend in exercise and eating. What makes my site different is its focus on the past. How did people keep in shape one hundred years ago and what lessons can we learn from that?

Similarly, why do we exercise the way we do? We have to remember that although commonplace, gymnasiums are a relatively new invention, as are the dumbbells and machines which litter our gym floors. My site looks back in history to learn more about health and more about our exercise patterns. That’s what makes the site unique and hopefully interesting.

What Diet/Nutrition Practices do you Advocate?

Although I pursue a diet that is high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates (‘the Keto diet’), I am a firm believer that you have to figure out what works for you. I spent several years switching between eating regimes (high carb, vegetarianism, mixed diets, etc.) before landing on the Keto approach.

If what you’re eating makes you feel lively, energetic and pumped for your next training session its the right approach.

What Exercise advice would you share with the average Joe looking to add muscle and get fit?

Having recently helped my father lose forty pounds in six months, I have some experience in this area. The two biggest things for anyone looking to get fit are to create a healthy environment and to schedule some form of physical activity.

Creating a healthy environment means removing junk food from your home as you can’t eat what’s not there. Similarly putting your workout clothes somewhere that reminds you to exercise is another ‘life hack’. We all struggle to work out sometimes but creating an environment geared towards health can help you overcome barriers.

Similarly scheduling exercise in your daily life is great. My friends, family, and another half all know that I workout from 9 am – 11 am most mornings. This means I’ll be away from my phone, emails, and car during that period. This is my ‘me time’ and it helps with the rest of the day. For others, it could be a half hour walk at lunch or pilates class twice a week. While you won’t always make your workout, you will 90% of the time, and that’s the point!

What is your all time favorite post that you would love people to read?

Without a doubt, my history of the treadmill article posted last year. Although relatively short, the article encapsulates the site. Fun, short and interesting histories about the world of fitness. Many people had no idea that the treadmill was a former torture device, though they had their suspicions!


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