Interview with Allison

Interview with Allison

allisonWe Welcome Allison to Aim Workout to share her story. Allison Hardy is the real deal. Her story is testament to her courage and insight into the practice of self-care. On her website,, she shares real world advice on self care for moms everywhere who neglect their own health and well being for their families.

What inspired you to start your Blog?

My own experience inspired me to start my business.  I had terrible postpartum depression after my son was born and really put myself on the back burner during that time to try to “fix” myself.  After some serious soul-searching, a couple of breakdowns, and a advice from a supportive husband I started to practice self-care and it immediately made a world of a difference.  Now, almost 3 years later, I’ve become completely unapologetic about self-care for moms and the need for it.

What makes you unique in the Self-care/ Health Space?

I’ve been there.  I’ve been through the trenches, and I “get it”.  I think women are amazing creatures, sometimes we just need someone to help us see that.

What Nutritional practices do you advocate?

I’m a big fan of smoothies.  I make myself one daily (it also serves as a self-care ritual).  I absolutely hate calorie counting and tracking.  I think you should eat clean, whole foods when you are hungry.  I think your plate should be half veggies, a quarter lean protein, and a quarter carbs.  Love your body by fueling it with real food.

What advice would you share with someone looking to feel more alive?

Try anything and everything.  If you’re terrified of going skydiving, do it.  If you’re terrified of public speaking, apply to present at a conference.  If you’re afraid of telling someone exactly how you feel about them, do it.  It’s only going to grow you as a person.  Do what terrifies you every single day.

What is your all time favorite post that you would love people to read?

Hmm….that’s a hard one! This one is a more recent one that I loved writing:


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